They should keep the confederate flag up In SC. After all its part of our american heritage!
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You're joking...right? Please tell me you're joking.

Yeah and let's have the German Nazi flag fly again as well

So is slavery, but it shouldn't be reinstated.

I agree. We assign meaning to the flags we produce. It is now more associated with southern pride than it is with the racist past. Trying to take it down will only make the people who display pride in it fight harder.

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Is this OJIEFOE an African?

Relax guys. This "girl" is a total faker. Every other week this persona is up w/a new account and trolling bs

Symbolizes secession and traitors. Take it down

In my opinion, hang the flag in a museum or something. The flag represents the past not the future...



I think some people are extremely ignorant as to what that flag originally represents, and who actually fought for the freedom of slaves.

Read some history,It was raised in 1960 as a "One Finger Salute" to the feds for forcing desegregation. Dumb Generation X people!

I don't have a problem with it personally. But, I think if it goes bye bye, the agitators will find something else to dwell upon until we get rid of that thing. Like freedom of speech. However, it goes bye bye, I'm not going to worry about it. I don't own one. My family didn't fight in the South and I have no personal connection to it.

Then we should raise the brittish flag

Maybe your heritage but not mine

i think its funny people believe slavery ended with the civil war. the civil war was the old agricultural system vs. the new corporation. we have more slaves today that ever before in history. we just don't call them what they are.

That's true ! It's called government hand outs.

men have become slaves to women in the western world. gotta love the daddy day care state. men put more into governments, women take more from governments.

If you don't like the south, then go back north'!


It's part of our heritage indeed, to remember our history and background. But I don't think they should be sported around like they are by white supremacists, etc.

I can see that

True to that. The Germans should also keep the Nazi flag.

Heritage of that type below in the museum only

I couldn't agree more, I sent you a message you're welcome to forward it. Thanks for being a southern girl!

Maybe we could also erect a nice statue of Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose next the SC's flagpole.

Are u from Maryland? Dumb rednecks love that flag here.

No it's symbol of racism and has no place in a civilized workd


I believe too it is part of our history,and our heritage.Taking down the Confederate flag will not change anything.It has no bearing on who kills who,and why.It is mental illness,and peoples odd associative disorders that connect them to certain memes and symbols.

What would be the purpose?

Heritage my ***! Bullshit! It is a symbol of hatred, oppression, slavery, and white supremacy! By South Carolina still flying it at this time, while lowering the U.S. and state flag to half staff, South Carolina is basically saying, "We applaud the actions of that guy. We are still racist and bigoted. Blacks don't matter." The Confederacy lost! It's history now! That flag has no place on anyone's flagpole!

Yes it should it was the confederate flag way before the kkk used it as a symbol of racism and it should stay up because it shows our nations history and South Carolina was one of if not the most loyal states to the confederacy

It was a battle flag for uppity traitors who were put down. :) Who would want to fly a flag of failure anyway?

Something's are meant to fade along with history

doesn't it bother you that hate groups use it as their marching banner though?

If your father kept a belt on the wall where everyone could see it, and you knew it was there to punish you with when ever he felt like it, and you knew it had been used to control your mother and kill your brother, do you think you would leave it up there after he moved on? Show some respect for the victems of slavery, take it down for ever.

Go **** yourself you ugly white ***** racist

What does that heritage entails and represent to the people...?

They should keep it.. All American historic flags should be used,,, I am from New Hampshire and a lot of people here fly the "don't tread on me" flag,,,, flags don't hate people do,,,

I don't know about you but I wouldn't want America to be remembered as a bunch of confederate backwards racists.

Ummmmm you're racist Heritage?


You're annoying

Yes, because enslaving black people is part of our heritage.

I suppose if we must put up with freedom of speech as the only reason, it could be allowed on one day out of the year, over a government building. But it would have to lowered to half mast like any other flag...oh yeah, one more thing. It must not be any larger than nine square inches in total demension, to represent the small minded perspective of the supporters of a failed ungodly concept of human repression by design.

I agree too bad it's "racist" now.

Did I ask you :)?

I have never known of it to be racist. I was aware that the flag represented southern pride. Which I would assume just meant pride against the northerners. I don't see why someone would fly one now considering we're one country and we all get along now. And civil wars are pretty pointless considering it just hurts brother and brother. But with that being said I don't see how it's racist.

It represented a government that believed in owning other humans based primarily on the race of the slave..... How can that not represent racism?

No it didn't. Go back to school

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What's American about rebels who tried to break up America and who were defeated by America? By that right, should we also fly the flag of every other country or pirate that we ever defeated?

They probably will never remove it. But honestly when flags are half mass I feel they should take it down at least for that. Since the confederate flag is not allowed to be flown half mass at those times it shouldn't be allowed up. As far as removing it permanently it wont happen. It is a part of history and yes most refer to it as a racist flag but then are you going to ask Mexicans to stop flying the Mexican flag. No. Or any other country. No. We stand on the ground of freedom of speech and expression. Yes idiots take it to far and I wish all racist people would disappear but that wont happen. Plus media pushes to keep racist going. Look at what they broadcast and then do research on it. They twist to make it bigger then what it is. Not being educated and believing everything you see on tv is the down fall of this beautiful country.

Very good point! It hasn't been removed yet, it will never be. If a state. A State of the United States of America uses the flag that represents such a disgusting history as there State Flag and it's been okay and allowed by the government. Shot ain't gonna change! Anyone that thinks otherwise is a simpleton.

Racism just as anything is highly fueled by the media. Don't get me wrong it's alive and flourishing but the media adds fuel to that fire.

but I fear the black trash are going to raise up so much hell you will see the flag go away as few understand what it truly means

Well it's white trash that put it up there, I hope you feel just as comfortable with the Black Panther flag flying next to it, it's part of our history too.

Sure, but as I recall, the "black trash" aren't trying to celebrate treason, racism, and oath breaking.

yes they should

Never mind that it's extremely offensive and racist of course.

I agree!!! Whites didn't invent slavery, the dominant black tribes in Africa captured the weaker black tribes and sold them to whites slave traders bound for the Americas. Those that did not get sold & brought over to Americas where killed. They should feel blessed & lucky that they where allowed to be slaves......rather then killed at the hands of their own people.

There are just too many discrepancies with that statement. You sir are quite an idiot.

Just can't give you enough hearts for that.

Ok so let's analyze this ridiculous statement you just made. We are gonna "flip the script". So me, a black man, buys you from your white neighbor. I then force you to work, picking cotton or whatever physical labor I need for 16-18 hours a day. I barely feed you, barely give you any food so you go malnourished. When you aren't moving fast enough because your physical condition is ****, I tie you to a post and whip you. I then by your wife and your children and do the same to them. Your wife is then used for my personal pleasure and if she doesn't abide I whip her and then whip you because she didn't take care of my need. Your child dies from dehydration in the fields you work and then I whip you because you stop working to try and save him.

Feeling blessed now? Or instead of dealing with such horrific treatment would you have rather your neighbor put a bullet through your head?

Hanging is also part of our heritage should we put a noose on our flag poles

true but so was the KKK and slavery

That's BS! It should be put in a museum where history belongs. It only causes trouble

I can agree on this.

I would change uneducated to close minded...

And you agree with this, old German man...

Ok, I not quite sure what you are trying to express... But good luck...

What are you bothering with and what is it you believe people should can about... ?

Again sounds like a personal problem but good luck... Lol, and the jacket *** said ...

Depends on what I am seeking, but 1 sample is not proof either...

Sounds like your personal issue or preference...

To make that comparison is the height of ignorance and so offensive to Jews everywhere

Oh yeah Frustrateddinny, that flag will never kill again!!

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Even though i don't agree... but its still considered freedom of speech

Slaves were sold not only to the confederates.....The were sold by the Zulu tribe.By there own people.

well dalfalcon let me state this fact and it is 100percent accurate if any Caucasian person a live now or ever lived was to shake their ancestry tree I guarantee a nigga would fallout of it

In a lot of places it's still flies, don't agree with what the flag means, but it's still openly flown.

don't worry soon there won't be a United states of America confederate or other wise. you can wave it all you want to. in hell

Sp you are threatening to start a civil war? And people say i am promoting civil war and slavery... These are the people ya'll need to worry about.

no just stating a fact I can careless about a civil war

No, it's part of our American embarrassment! It represents a treasonous series of horrific events and human bondage and it should be burned.

Well so was the genocide of native americans , slavery , wounded knee massacres , countless other massacres against native americans. We are still looking back at it today. In fact their are movies about it.b

Backing you 100%.

Yes what happened to native Americans was horrible but the US flag represents many good things too, like saving Europe from the Nazis and rescueing the islands of the South Pacific from Japan. The flag you are speaking of had only one cause, illegal theft and labor and owerniship of a race of people. What is worth saving in that concept?

So with that logic , The USA Flag should be taken down too because we took over hundreds of native american tribes lands and massacred them , made them sick and die of small pox?

No one intended for the natives to die from disease, that't just wierd logic. I am referancing all the good that is done inder the US flag. Now can you tell me one thing good that was done under the Confederate flag???

Nothing because the USA was too scared for diversity in north america and the confederate states did not have a chance to even do anything.

Not sure what that means...but the north had decided that the idea of liberty and human rights included all races. The south belived that blacks were not fully human and could be bought and sold, big males bread to strong women like animals, famlies devided or if need be killed like a rabid dog, you agree with that too?

"...the USA was too scared for diversity in North America and the confederate "states" 😳 did not have a chance to even do anything." 😳

That MIGHT BE one of the absolute CRAZIEST things I have EVER seen anyone post here. Just to be clear, so in the event that the confederate "states" 😳 had been successful in committing treason and winning the "struggle" (let's not use politically incorrect words like "war" 😱) then your premise is that the USA would have ended up being MORE DIVERSE under the guidance of the confederates. 😧

Waiter!! I'll have some of whatever it is that SHE'S having! 😨

If you look at slavery, at some point in time all Races have been enslaved. Not just blacks. Who did Moses free? He freed the Hebrews. The Irish were enslaved and put on ships. Actually, free black slaves own slaves in the south.

now I will argue against you on that point. the confederate was formed out of not wanting to abide by The Union U.S. it was about keeping the rights they had. it was faulty because that obviously included the idea of keeping slaves.

you do have many good points. U.S. is not clean by any means. but the point is that the north won. spoils of war.

The Native Americans consider the current American flag a symbol of hatred, and they were slaughtered by the thousands, how ever, they have never asked for it to be brought down and put away.

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Yup. if you want slavery to have remained legal and want to break off from the rest of the country (with most likely starting a war to do it) then you should fly that confederate flag again.

O k. Last i checked i didn't say anything about slavery or breaking off the country.

now, I do agree that it is a part of our history. heritage means something we pass down to the next generation. let's not bury our history. it needs to be taught so it can be shown how it was wrong. but let us not fly that flag like we are proud of how we were.

But you did. Implied it by defending that evil flag.

Well, it is part of the Confederate hertitage, which was an enemy to the United States. Folks down there are still enemies to the United States.

Natives american had their land taken away , should we take down their tribal flags too because it doesn't represent the USA?

In case you aren't a historian let me inform you that many tribes still reside on their home land in this country and some states, like mine actually followed through with the treaties, and paid for every acre of land they bought from the natives, not a bit was stolen.
Down south, we lost many fine men and much expense defeating an ungodly use of humans. Put the flag in a museum and prove you aren't racists.

Yea but they do not have the freedom they once had , the population they had once , the extent of tribal lands they once had. Natives have lost many men too. Both from war and diseases. Maybe you need a another history class?

I am a Native American Historian, you aren't telling me anything I have not already studied in depth. Today Native Americans can reside in sovereign tribal lands with much more freedom than you and I. Check it out some time, all be it most of you, won't allow them the schools and jobs to succeed that they deserve.
Please note the fear and repression that hatred that confederate flag represents to blacks in our country and retire it out of respect toward them. I wish you a good day!

Right you are, and practically every single treaty in the US was broken by the whites. Native American broke treaties too, but there were more of the whites and they were better equiped. So today we see reservations with 75% unemployment, vastly undereducated residents. But to my point, on the res. there is a 'bit' of freedom the rest of the US does not have. ie; gambling, no tobacco tax, local cops have no jurisdiction, etc.

I agree with you to an extent. Are those freedoms justice for what their ancestors endured? The treaties that have been honored, justification for the massacres?

I had heard, and it shocked me, that the federal government has set aside more than a billion dollars to pay for the black hills but that the Lakota nation will not accept it.....

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So is the Nazi flag (WW II vets knew it well) ... should we fly that too?
And the Union Jack! and the Spanish and Mexican flags, and the Vietnamese and Korean flags.

They lost. It's time to put it away.

Yeah sure why not? Its all part of our history. We gonna remember them for centuries like Columbus and Vlad the impaler if you like it or not.

OK, so you want to put a Nazi flag right next to you SC Confederate flag? That should raise a few eyebrows!

I think you said we should fly them , not exactly next too each other . But you can think what you think.

Those two flags of hate and aggression and white supremacy belong together the way white sheets and brown shirts do.

Lol hey if you wanna put em next to each oter that's you she's saying remember where we came from you ignorant ****

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Not if it just to remind people of hatred