GAY MARRIAGE IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! Everyone can marry whomever they want in every single state, I'm so overjoyed!
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im not sure how it works, but its probably only with the state, not in a church

Its not a marriage and its not a right, but it does have left wing criminals in black robes.

Can't argue with the law, sonny Jim.

Activist courts who write their own laws on important questions do not settle "the law." They only manage to create decades of angry political divisions.

Well then come on over to the equal side. The only loser is going to be you.

Yes and engaged to my girlfriend now :)

For all of you arguing over the structure of marriage, you need to listen to Miss Betty Bowers, America's finest Christian. She settles the debate once and for all;

It is settled supreme court ruled on now move forward

That one's a funny video, don't worry.

I am sad that there is no longer any legal support for young Americans who want a family and children. I'm sad that millions of children will grow up in homes with parents playing bedroom bingo because marriage no longer exists. Its a human disaster of unprecedented destruction.

What, you think homosexuality and not the destruction of the middle class is to blame? You're hilariously blind, my dear.

ROFLMAO. A teenage twit who spent her whole life in state indoctrination being force fed beliefs by dyke schoolmarms is trying to say something. LOLOL. What a twit.

Pinetreeguy makes you feel big calling people names what some school teachers turned you down so now you call all of them names it can't be your fault because you got an eight grade education like Jethro Bodine

You are crazy marriage still exists just everyone can do it mow. In fact it will be stronger.

Redefining "marriage" to mean something else for left wing agendas does not make two **** playing house into a marriage.

Redefining marriage because you believe Christianity is the start of history makes you an idiot. We have historical documentation of marriage long before Christianity. How does it feel to be beaten down from your soapbox?

ROFLMAO! Your sick *** talking points are ridiculous. Name calling is 3rd grade Marriage has been the biological union that creates children and joins two FAMILIES in blood since long before humans migrated out of Africa. Every successful human clan, tribe, village, city, nation, and empire has always supported real marriage and families. Those who won't support real marriage and children are soon replaced by cultures and people who do. One does not have to read very far to observe idiot western culture being rapidly replaced by people from cultures that support families and children rather than sick perverted rump riding.

Marriage was not around when people were still in African marriage is a binding union. Pagan religions first introduced them. Humans before religion lived in tribes and did whatever they wished. Idiot.

And I keep reading only references to gay men. Gay women are okay though, right? I mean, what else would you ********** to in ***********. You're a hypocrite and a closet homosexual. It's okay, daddy's not controlling your life anymore, it's okay to be homosexual.

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Yup! And reaping the perks of the constitution is but anything that it says that they disagree with is spat on.

That's how it was constructed when they created the constitution. To be modified for future generations

The constitution was laid to be the "spinal column" of law in this country. It's most basic tenets have been changed, modified and distorted to fit certain political whims. When not in line with political agendas it's either ignored or changed to fit those specific. Agendas. Which is precisely what it not meant to be.

The constitution is the law of the land it's true, but it was made so it could evolve alongside society and adapt, Not be stubborn and die.
What basic tenants have changed?
When has it been ignored?
What's wrong with agendas? Everyone has it and the agenda of the founding fathers was to create a document wich would stand the test of time and protect the people and change.

I don't believe I insulted you until now, fancy boy. And the answer to your question is, no I do not live in a cave. I live in a place that respects the right of others to differ in opinion without resorting to childish fits.

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I am not.... I think it is awful..... and so very sad for our country

I am sad that there is no longer any legal support for young Americans who want a family and children. I'm sad that millions of children will grow up in homes with parents playing bedroom bingo because marriage no longer exists. Its a human disaster of unprecedented destruction.

Stop reposting what you type beforehand to try and look smart. There's no one to blame but ourselves for corporations paying next to nothing. But you'd rather blame something you do not understand because it a easier.

Yes, teenage twits should rule the world while they are still young and ignorant and know everything.

Who's a teenager? The only one I see is you. You seem to believe you know everything.

Bigots worst people in the world.

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i thought gay marriage has long been legalized in the USA

Wow! I can't believe how stupid some of these people are. It makes me feel less proud to be an American knowing that they're spewing such inconsistent nonsense.

Anyway, I feel great knowing that I now have better chances of getting married than I have beforehand. I can't help whom I fall in love with, and I bet none of those bigots would give two ***** about me being bi if I married a woman instead of a guy. They'd just say oh I don't know "go suck a d!cl fagg0t" and would just say I'm gay without properly knowing how sexuality even work, and it saddens me that I'm a part of that country as well, but I'm still happy for us overall.

Gay marriage isn't a right its a disgrace..... There is nothing genetic as homosexuality, its just made up and against the worldly laws... A man and a woman are made for each other not same genders.

Sexuality is genetic. It's natural

Only with opposite gender

Since when do you dictate what sexuality is and isn't?


Then find me an example and prove me wrong.... Leave behind the religion.
I ain't blind or stupid..... You are the cowards who just can't go and talk to opposite gender. You can't handle breakups,

I told you to prove me wrong cause i know whats right and whats wrong.
I'm telling you i'll leave behind the religion for a moment
Prove me wrong then.

You're just running away cause you know nothing.....

Hey dude i said im putting the religious stuff behind..... I don't need your views just tell me how it's genetic
I ain't an idiot... u are stupid and bloody cowards and are away from the truth that's why whenever u ask a homo they can't prove to u why they are homos.

Since when i came to know

I'm sorry, are you the creator of human sexuality?

Are you? Cause i never heard is there any........just know the facts

Then prove to me what facts you know.... i'm curious to know what knowledge do you have and how can you prove me wrong..... And plz don't put up google links cause they write anything they get hands on.
Prove to me logically, cause i'm a man of logic

That's a scholarly article hosted inside of Google docs. Are you retarded?

What you are stating is an opinion, not a fact.

Its a fact that a man and woman are made for each other.... They can't reproduce if same genders are involved..... Its just a form of theory proposed by homosexuals themselves to prove them right which was rejected by most.

Human sexuality is not morwrely a form of reproduction. Genitals reaffirm that sex is not just for procreation, it's also for recreation as well. The clitoris, the frenulum, and anus are all examples of this, they have evolved beyond simply reproductive genitalia like most of our animal cousins. Human sexuality and what your attracted to is not as simple as enjoying the opposite sex because of logic. The human brain is complex, and attraction has several factors played into it. Predetermined genes, what you believe to be attractive features, and ultimately that gut feeling when trying to pursue either gender all inform someone of their sexuality. I'm sorry you feel threatened by the possibility of a man liking another man, but human sexuality is predetermined. This is the reason why you cannot simply switch to liking men at your will. So tell me, how are you able to know So much about human sexuality when you know nothing of it?

You are telling me as you know everything..... There is nothing called evolution... there the same from start..... If there had been we'll now be like super man or something.
You talk about animals they don't do what homosexuals do.... They have evolved more than us humans but still they make pairs.
Homosexuality is a self made for those who are bloody cowards who don't have the guts to face the person of opposite gender and can't handle breakups.

Animals engage in homosexual behaviors. Dogs, Dolphins, Ducks, and Apes, to name a few, all partake in them. Are they really moreevolved?

Are you out of your mind as you would say anything here and i'd believe you. comon bring up some proofs here your fairytales won't work on me.

Whats this...just an article written by a yale student, and probably he would be a homosexual. i want proof not just lame articles a solid proof that science says that homosexuality is genetic or animals are seen mating with the same sex.
Even if you see in the article no where is written that they mate with the same sex just are seen entwining their necks and vocalizing to each other..... Well maybe that student has some super powers and he knows the language of animals and thus translated it that they were flirting, thus this supports homosexuality in animals.

Scholarly articles are proof. Bibles are not. Get over yourself, I'm done with you. That's how much of a time waster you are. At least I get the last laugh.

Who says this article is a proof.... I was talking about a proper proof on a high level saying homosexuality is genetic.... Well i am a time waster but u aren't good too, u couldn't made me accept what u believed as true...... u will be done with me cause u couldn't give me any clear proof and about that laugh thing well after hearing this u won't get that cause i was the person who laughed at u at the start then at the middle and then at the end cause none of u can't disapprove me... And this makes me laugh every time that my belief that homosexuality isn't genetic is strengthening day by day.

I am sad that there is no longer any legal support for young Americans who want a family and children. I'm sad that millions of children will grow up in homes with parents playing bedroom bingo because marriage no longer exists. Its a human disaster of unprecedented destruction.

Stop reposting the same thing, it's such a sad plea for attention. What are you, fourteen?

The world has changed and its all going according to what satan has planed...... each and every religious scripture forbids intercourse before marriage but nowadays you see a couple gets married after being in a living relationship or partnership for more than a year. Its living a married life without marriage.....the western countries started these rituals and the world is following them, then they legalized gay marriage..... i can't even assume what they'll be legalizing in the coming years.

Homophobic is ugly.

Ahhhh.... another is here
How many more are u there

There thousands you can go back into your cave.

We go in our caves at night.... maybe u people are exposed to the dark, come to the light you'll see whats best for you

Ahan i lack knowledge.... Where is it proven by the homos. It wad just an article by a yale student no proof or law... I don't need anyone to post me links, they argue that its genetic i just ask a proof whats wrong in that. If someone propound something that person should back their statement with a proof.... You talk about high risk of being gay if women's have more than one child, in western countries the average birth rate to parent is 2-3 but uf you see in middle eastern countries and the third world countries its even more than 4-5 but there are no gays there. Everyone is born straight. If homosexuality is genetic why didn't all the countries gave its permission

I'm not stupid like u.... I know a lot about them cause when people like u come and argue that its genetic, so my info helps me a lot and the end is clear. If they are religious i deal with them with religion and if they don't have a religion i deal with science then.

Neither i'm gay nor would i feel ashamed to say if i were...... Secondly i'm not a christian but still i know a lot about them cause it helps me in any argument with a christian.
As i told earlier in order to defeat the enemy a person should know about them.

Now you team up with her and start banging me...... Hehe :)

Only a few countries gave the permission and just a few years back why not from the beginning.... i know what surrogacy is and it does not involve both parents.... You get married and reproduce still from a women... Well i am no disgrace everyone who supports it is a disgrace and that counts you too.

I dont like the word homophobic.Phobic means fear.Im disgusted,not afraid.

My experience people that bass gays turns out there gay.

Well your experience is unacquainted just like your knowledge about gays.... and i'm not gay.

People that scream they aren't gay the loudest tend to be gay.

Comon now you both team up and start banging me...
You can just say that you lost the argument and don't blame me instead😃... There's nothing bad in accepting defeat 😜.... i believe a person becomes more mature and knowledgeable after losing.
Hey and sorry in advance if i offended you in any matter.... i'm truely sorry to all of you. my intentions were never to hurt's just when an argument begins it goes in every direction and sometimes its hard to consume at a well mannered place.
So just good bye and good luck for the next time.

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It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

So? That's just a made up story

I'm just so happy for the men and women who have been waiting their whole lives for this!!

150 hearts! Take that you party poopers!!!💗

Says the minority.

Of course you're entitled to your opinion (although name-calling is unnecessary, not to mention immature). In my book, it's 150 progressive, more enlightened EPeeps.

190 and counting!💗

So where toothbrush mustache.

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I think it's great. Why should any of us care what anyone else does if it doesn't effect us? It doesn't hurt me or anyone else if two men or two women fall in love and decide to get married. They should have the right to just as much as a heterosexual couple does. I think it's a step in the right direction.

YAY AIDS! I hope they enjoy

Yay misconceptions!


Thanks ;)

Thought I'd point out your stupidity.

I hope you experience hate.

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I wish more people thought like us

I agree

1. "Marriage" wasn't invented by the government, they should have no ruling over it. It's a Christian doctrine between a man, woman and God. It has nothing to do with the government. Don't believe me? No real pastor will ever marry two gays. They'll have to wait for business hours at the court house to marry. Or find a crooked pastor.

2. I don't care what you shove up your *** or who you lick, don't bring my religion into your perversion. But that's ok because a real pastor STILL won't marry two queers.

3. No one is a hero for ******* the same sex or crossing genders. This is a fad. Just like voting for Obama because he's black.

4. This isn't the last anyone has heard of this.

I'm married and there is no religion involved.
Religion will lose this one.

wait so is now gay people a yes

IKR SOOOOOO HAPPY SCREW TEXAS!!!!!! No offense to those who live in Texas

I am not very happy about it. Sad day for this nation

So don't get married to a gay person. Simple. Get over it.

Wohoo! About damn time :D

Hell yea. This is a huge step in the right direction

Please explain

Trust me, I listen. I have strong beliefs about respect and giving people a chance to speak their views. I respect everyone's views and beliefs. I wont try to change you or argue. I just want a healthy discussion

Please feel free to message me if you're willing to accept my offer and are willing to give me a chamce

Marriage is more of a privilege than a right. Also marriage is more of a moral and religious aspect than a civil rights issue. So sad.

No its not

The reason why is a privilege because you don't know of the person your marrying with truly love you and been you till you old. Also it's up to the pastor or priest to decide to marry you or not.

A) everything is a privilege in this world.
B) So you don't know people unless your old?
C) No, its not up to them to marry you. It's up to the courts to declare someone legally married. The only thing priests do is just ceremonial BS that has no effect

Marriage is a legal contract which allows various legal benefits. A religious marriage is not legal until the government issued a marriage license. Those legal benefits are a civil rights issue. Cut out the legal benefits then and make it only a religious marriage. See how well that goes over with married people getting tax breaks.

When government got involved but for thousands of years marriage was a religious act..

Not all people who got married fallow religion. Plus you can get married by justice of peace.

Well these gay couples can marry through justice by peace but not by church

Cause religion nothing but hate that why I don't fallow religion.

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Yay So Awesome 😄 #lovewins

So Am I !!! Now Me And My Fiancé Can Live A Normal Married Life

Wait all of them !? Omg really :D!

Can i marry mu cousin Flo?

That's what I'm afraid of ,others will come forward wanting to marry their brother, sister, daddy, mother uncle !!!
Thiers some idiot who wants to marry his adopted son already!!!


Kim YOU have not kept up with the news!!!

it may of been 12 years but not 12 years legal across the whole nation!

Just a few months ago someone wanted to marry his son !!! Have you not heard???

Here is an article from New York magazine a daughter plans on marrying her Father after dating him for 2 years!!!

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Every person born after today will never know what it's like to not be able to marry the person they love and that's incredible!

Yay! *dances* >w< Let's throw a big party!

I think everyone should have the right to marriage, if that's what they want. Personally, I see marriage as a ridiculous concept, but that's my opinion.

I don't know if I have a solid opinion, on one side, I don't think the government should have a say in who one can marry. Just like you can't tell religion people that they can't worship God.

On the other hand, I don't get gays, it's counter productive to me. You cant reproduce, you can adopt of course but again, from a biological sense, you can't have children of your own which is a human instinct. Maybe not anymore, but still.

Now the other part, this is not about "love" I strongly believe it's about being accepted. Only 3.5 percent of Americans are homosexual or at least make the check mark,( I need to find where I read that, citation available upon request)

With this in mind, the gay culture has completely overtaken the media and T,V shows of our generation. You can't watch a tv show now without seeming soft **** same sex blown into people's faces, on every tv show. Even just regular soft **** to me is annoying and unnecessary.

So I'm conflicted but at the end of the day, I am for equal rights!

If the government has no say in legal marriage then there should be no legal benefit to getting married. But there is; tax breaks for example. This is a legal issue not a religious one. A religious marriage is not legally binding but the government one (a marriage license) is.

But not everyone who get married has children weather your gay or straight. Not everyone want child.

It's not that simple. There is a human instinct that drives us to reproduce.

Being gay is a normal thing in nature even some animals practice it. Btw humans are animals too so... Good for you all do what you will

Being gay isn't normal idiot.

Being gay is like being left handed: less common than the norm, decided by DNA, and occurs in multiple species. You wouldn't accuse a lefty of being not normal, would you?

Fine. If not left handed then ambidextrous. Much rarer. Probably rarer than homosexuality. Doesn't make it unnatural. My point still stands.

Abnormal and unnatural are 2 different things

Ever heard of this thing called a dictionary?

Unnatural is something that is not naturally occurring. Abnormal is something that is outside the norm. Just because there's some overlap that doesn't make them the same exact thing.

Either way, homosexuality is neither abnormal nor unnatural.

"A rarity no matter what species"

Perhaps you should take a second and look up the New Mexico whiptail. This species of reptile, which is exclusively FEMALE, can ONLY reproduce through same sex reproduction. Hmmmm.
"No matter what species?"

You said it was a rarity "no matter what species". Clearly you are wrong. That is a species where it is the norm. Again your statement was "it's a rarity no matter what species"

Total there are over 15000 species,mostly mammal too, that engage in same sex relations. If your god hates homosexuality SOOO much, why did he make so many? Not to mention a complete species of them?

So if not religion, then what is the basis for your anti-homosexual attitude?

Do you have a problem with defining it as natural?

Normalcy is a subjective term. So yes I do. Are you going to answer my question now?

There is no shifting goalposts. I've always felt it was normal (after all I am lesbian, it is and always has been normal for me). But again you are avoiding my question. Which in itself gives the answer. So once again, do you have a problem with defining it as natural?

When did we establish it was unnatural? Lol. Clearly it's not. Even you admit that it shows up in 1500 different species. Unnatural. Weird how some that happens regularly is unnatural. Clearly you are NOT basing your anti homosexual bias on facts as you claim. Fact is it IS NATURAL. It's even been shown to be evolutionary advantageous. You are bigoted.

No. Clearly it's unnatural right? Lol.

Like pretending you're not a bigot and you are basing your arguments on facts? Try as you might it has been proven to be a natural occurrence in nature.
Definition of unnatural comes in three parts:
1) Not in accordance with nature. Yet as I have shown it is an evolutionary ADVANTAGE.
2) artificial. Unless you really think someone is building artificial homosexuals in a lab somewhere, this is not applicable.
3) affected or stilted. Which has to do with modes of speech and is again not applicable to this conversation.


So then since left handedness is rare a mere 10% of the population it's unnatural? Those are the actual definitions from the dictionary. You do not seem to understand the word unnatural. Or regularity. It doesn't have to be common to be regular only consistent. Which it is by showing up in every generation. Rare or common it is a regular occurrence.

Again. It doesn't have to be common to be regular. Deny it all you want. You've shown your true colors. I've shown how it's natural and an advantage to species. I've shown species where it is the norm. I've explained how it's regular. You do not base your opinion on facts. You have made that abundantly clear. Enjoy your bigotry. Happily yours is a dying mindset.

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I seriously hope most of the people who are against this are trolling...... If not then, I hope for every kind of disease to infect each and every single one of them. :D

I hope they stick it in a socket.

You are excluding Europe, where it is not allowed. Good job, girl.

Living in Europe, I didn't know that (sarcasm). ******* hilarious, *****.

You don't know English either because you can't even read a simple tense.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize Europe was a part of the American supreme court.

All the rump riders and lolly lickers are dancing in the street proclaiming their perverted sickness while good decent families are destroyed and uncounted millions of children suffer. Way to go *** humpers.


Wooh, what a comeback! Wow!

That is where you are incorrect. I just graduated from ICT and law, missy.

Arguments from a young girl aren't valid. Pass along and make way for the educated.

If you think you can graduate by having your own ideas and thoughts then, well, you probably already failed yours. That's the first thing you learn in freshman year: you get punished for creativity. Ah, many things to learn you have, young one.

That's a good one. You just buried yourself right there because I know perfectly how doctorates are approved and done. What's left now is just my pity for you, really.

Don't worry, I understand you are scared.

Obvious troll is obvious. Either that or you're an old imbecile

Don't worry, woop woop, woop, woop woop, be happy. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WOO WOO WOO

Stupid ******* young guy.

What even makes a good family, the presence of a vagina and penis for both parties? Heterosexual families sexually, verbally, and physically abuse each other. They aren't perfect, and neither are homosexual families. Get over yourself.

Beginning in the 20th century the government really doesn't want marriage. Since long before the Code of Hammurabi was first written down marriage has been the biological union that creates children and joins two families in blood. Marriage has always been about families and children. It was created many, many thousands of years ago, long, long before any modern religions or political states. But good families don't have to depend on the government to survive, so the socialist governments have been working to eliminate them since the days of Marx. We now have a long list of anti-marriage laws from "no fault" divorce to "child support," to welfare regulations that pay single women to make babies only as long as they don't have a husband around, to compulsory government "schools" that block young women of child bearing age from marriage and teach them that marriage harms women. They have created a black culture with only about 1/4 of children born in families, and white culture is almost caught up with probably less than half of white children having a good family. The current generation no longer grew up in a family and no longer has any understanding of what marriage has always been about. All they know is the anti-family hate they've been force fed by lesbian schoolmarms in government indoctrination prisons. Anyone who supports marriage and families is attacked, defamed, and driven off by the socialist government agenda crowd.

It is, of course, the millions of children who suffer most. Mix and match childhood with mother's latest lover is NOT a decent home to raise children. Gangs, prisons, drugs, prostitution, bedroom bingo, and a welfare check is their future. That is the goal of socialist elites because children of welfare queens will be welfare queens and everyone has to keep supporting a socialist government to survive. .

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I am too! I am so happy!!!

I'm not gay but it's cool. Everyone is getting so excited..

It doesn't matter if you're gay.

That's the point. I was stating it first before I put my opinion .

I agree.^ I'm not against it.


People kill in name of religion!

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I remember when laws were passed by elected Representatives in Congress. Now we have appointed Dictators waging war against families and marriage. So many millions of our children suffer. EVIL is loose in America.

What's evil, equal rights?

America supports the separation of Church and state. God is not involved in the law.

I took up law at my university and we discussed the notion called 'overpowered' when discussing contracts and legal agreements. By overpowered we must understand that God (nature, sub article #2) is involved because of things such as natural disasters. This type of problems occurs especially in ICT contracts. What is your source?

Source for what, and what are you interjecting for?

So allstar spews hate on every one of these threads with zero facts? Ok, so I believe in a higher power, I also believe in treating people with respect and understanding. Allstar fails at treating anyone who disagrees win any form of dignity. The things Allstar is saying are so out of bounds, and completely opposite of someone of any sort of faith, I guess Allstar is probably a troll. So just regurgitating some of the points Allstar has stated: God is all mighty, all knowing, all powerful. God created us all, God created everything. So by that logic, God made us, God knew of any possible outcome including the possibility of gay marriage. God still created this life we have. Now, I'm not gay, nor have I ever been. I also don't involve myself in anyone else's personal life. I treat all people with respect, that's how I was raised.

Cool, God just made gay marriage legal, so you gotta listen to him too.

great one Ginko - - that boy is a lunatic

So God is 100 percent law but isn't that one law?

I'm straight and I enjoy seeing couples of any age, race, or gender. Looks like that doesn't hold up.

I am okay with it. I'm also okay with premarital sex, vaccinations, and abortions among other things. I am open minded and understand that no one lives anyone else's life but their own. My children will understand this too.

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I'm so happy I could cry honestly. It gives me great joy each time I think that Louisiana is forced to recognize and allow gay marriage.

Jindals dumbass has already said louisiana won't recognize the order and Orleans parish has already had to turn people away . It's not over yet .

Yeah I saw that bullshit about an hour after I posted this. This is such an embarrassment.

Then arrest them and try them.

This is true .ive already heard more hate and threats against the gay community than I have in years....

Even if it should be

The state itself can't say "nope, no marriage for you."

But i heard some where Ohio to they should be locked.

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Please, marry your dream woman, adopt a child, hang for a few years, get divorced, then come talk to us

I'm sorry, did I state I was homosexual,

Actually it's not a constitutional right. IT's a law decided by an activist court which needs to be taken down.

What does equal rights for all means to you!

Freedom of religion?

Too bad it's now considered unconstitutional to deny anyone the fight to marry

SCOTUS no longer obeys this part of the Constitution: "Article I Section 1.All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States,...."

That's because article 1 applies to the Legislative branch. Not the Judicial, that's article 3.
How stupid can you be? (

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Your are SICK!!!!!!!

I'm sick for what, wanting equal rights?

I'm sick for what, wanting equal rights?

Why do you care so much. Yeah it may not make sense to you but the thing is it doesn't have to. Be respectful of others it is not your place to say such hurtful things and think such things are justified. If you are a Christian ( I don't know if you are) then you should leave the decisions up to God. I am pretty sure he will welcome those who were kind to others no matter their sexuality than those who preached hateful words.

It's funny though how your fan of team that got caught cheating now gay bashing.

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America is dead I'm moving to Argentina

Good bye don't let the door hit your rear on the way out

Please do.

Love, peace, and monkey grease! Later. We won't miss you!

Hey. Some monkeys like being greased. They told me so themselves. They get all slippery and slide along branches. It's a great pastime for them.

The only use such bigoted hatred has is as source material for mockery and ridicule.

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