Let the gays get married, let the rednecks have guns, let the atheists be atheists and the Christians be Christians.

This is America, America is about freedom.

Freedom to live how you please and be happy about your life, so smoke a bowl, shoot your guns, cuss a lot, praise Jesus, and wish those two fellas next door a happy honeymoon. ^-^
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Tbh in the USA freedom is just an illusion portrayed by the government.

well you say its freedom but all the atheist are almost getting killed everyday!! and if you're saying we want guns but crazy people can't have them so you don't want people dead but you want gun so that stupid

Well ****, your smart with logic and ur cute your well swell I hope your not from hell, there's a place in America near virginia called hell for obviouse reasons so yah

Lol. Nicely put.

Love your attitude!

But you left out those of us who are gender non conforming!


This coming from someone who often swears a little to much. Likes Jesus as a profit, questions the existence of a biblical deity, shoots an AR and a Glock. Doesn't mind being out all day in a sun dress on a tractor getting a red neck who wishes my lesbian BFF would just find a girl friend and get married all ready!

Oh yeah and proudly waves the American flag! And if I have a Dixie flag I'd wave that too!

Yes, but freedom is a responsibility. If you don't continue to defend it, you will lose it.

True dat

I agree.

I still think donald trump should be deported to lala land

What about the Muslims?

I love you for saying that.


But yet so many ppl want to keep us restricted and control us

U might as well put serial killer and child molesters in there to right.we all have are right to b free but it doesn't mean your freedom is the right way

There you go, as I always say "do whatever the **** you wanna do

Them good ole libertarian beliefs

Exactly :) let people be who they are.. It'll all be cool.. As long as they don't hurt others, it's cool :P

Very Good.

America is not about freedom. It's about money

No. It was still about money. They were trying to escape taxes and religious oppression. Maybe it's somewhat about relative freedom, but it's mostly about money.

You specifically said Atheism and Christianity. Are you implying that any other religion isnt allowed?

here you go. Let muslims be muslims and let buddhists be buddhists and let hindus be hindus and let jews be jewish and let everyone else be everyone else. there we are, all better!!:D

Much better

And what happened when those rednecks with guns go and shoots the gays because they don't agree with them?

Yes America is free(~.¥ be very careful!!

Oh wow, very well said!

Have you ever heard of the song, "teenagers kick our butts"? It's a song referencing how our future society will be determined by the youth of today. Although some say that our current youth is so self obsessed and ignorant I believe that this is just silly talk that peeps who hate change spew from generation to generation. With people like you to eventually lead the world I believe there might be hope for us all in terms of equality and freedom. Keep up to good work :)

Dear flowergurl. How could you call this young man, self obsessed and ingnorant, he is the main hope of a future for this world, and he has it all together! Which is what we need from the new generations, I think he has put it so plainly and honestly, let's hope that there are many, many more out there like him!

The young man's name who posted this was Bflyboo 14, and he deserves credit for his remarks,

No but you said youth so your classification is with all of us, you think I'll burn this world to the ground I will after I'm done with my research
ON quantum entanglement, the theory of relativity an anti gravity

On the contrary, I believe in the youth. As far as current American politics go, I won't pretend I know enough to argue about Obama. Frankly he's of little concern to me. The first time I will ever vote in the 14 years I've been of age to do so, it will be here in Australia and only because once I gain citizenship I will be forced to.

Well some adults are also ******** as far as I'm concerned.

Indeed.. As the song says :) let them kick our butts and do as she does, learn :)

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Is there supposed to be a limit on freedom?

Agreed minus the homosexual marriage.



So when will I be able to marry my first cousin? Cause she's a hottie.


And proud of it 😉

You are disgusting bye

Quite possibly. I'm just exercising freedom of speech (or writing in this case). Just because it's legal now doesn't mean I have to support it.

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Please run for president

I certainly would

Full freedom isn't always a good thing; entrusting people with guns indiscriminately obviously can cause some problems. I suggest that guns are given in limitted power and to people who have been psychologically evaluated for it. That should cut down on gun violence. But I agree with the rest of the stuff; we should allow people the freedom of speech and the freedom for adults to marry each other independant of their petty differences.

This won't work because criminals will get guns illegally. That's because they break the laws. Gun laws really only hurt law abiding citizens.

Well said ! It should be like that everywhere ! :))