Hey Madison18 that posted about guns. You didn't like my answer so you had to block me?? Shows your an immature liberal that cannot hold a conversation. Get a few years under your belt sweetheart, and pray you never need to protect yourself. Just because I refuse to be a sheepal and drink the liberal kool aid does not make me a whiny baby. It makes me an adult with a brain that I can use to make my own decisions.
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Death is the number one killer in this country and it should be stopped in our lifetime! I have lost countless loved ones to death and I say, "NO MORE!"

Yes...you know why the Russians and Japanese are afraid to invade us in the past? Because they know we have the right to bare arms and that scares the crap out of them to know that any and all Americans can freely buy and arm themselves if they so chose. If you are one of those people who are looking for gun control...then this is not the right country for that. Just because of a few wack-jobs who shoot up schools or movie theaters doesn't mean that will stop them. You take the guns out of everyone's hands...you know who will have guns? The criminals...because they will buy them off the back of a truck or illegally. The law biding citizen will not be able to get them or defend their selves. Also...you can kill people with your car or a golf club. Should we put a ban on those too? Sorry..off on another rant. If you don't agree with me or you just don't believe what I believe then you can block me too. God Bless America.

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She thinks she's lived so long on this earth that she knows it all. Like she is still a baby in training compared to older people like you with like experiences and knowledge.

I was just about to make a post about her silly ***

Exactly that girl hates the truth which is why she blocked me

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I think we all need lasers

Yes, I agree we do indeed all need lasers and jet packs!

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Well said sweetie!!

Stop arguing with a teenage girl you moron, you don't look like the adult, you look like the stereotypical idiot who's biased opinion on gun ownership blinds you from even acknowledging the possible plausibility of any of the points the young girl was making.

Why does everyone always talk about guns? Why don't we talk about what's really killing our children? Unintentional motor vehicle accidents kill 3-4x as many kids each year as guns do. I've petitioned my local legislature to outlaw these killing machines and bring back horses!

I tell you, another terrible problem killing folks? Old age. I have started a GoFundMe page to start research on eliminating death by old age....the slow, inevitable killer.

Nevadagurl (great state) TIP: if you see a post by a person who uses the term "butthurt" when broaching a topic so passionately charged as guns, save you're breath....you're dealing with someone who is a dipsh!t....like OMGeeee ;-)

Amen to that!

I blocked you because you're an idiot and I'm not wasting my time on you. Funny how you call me immature and then you go and make a post about me.

So, anyone with a different point of view than yours is an idiot, haha

"I'm not wasting my time on you".... that's funny, then why did you reply to her post? Sorry Maddy, you lose.

I love how everyone arguing with her is over 45 ! Why don't you just enjoy your twilight years and stop trying to one up a teen

I'm not over 45, but I think it's the epitome of "time wasting" to comment on someone's post whom you've blocked. Can the OP even see Madison's reply, since she's blocked? A *real* Waste. Of. Time.

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Between 1999 and 2010 2400 children died from unintentional shootings. Should gun owners be required to buy a safe (or some sort of child proof locking mechanism for their gun) or is that just the 'cost of freedumb' in your opinion.

Guns do have safeties...and at least in Canada you have to have your gun locked up and unloaded

I know guns have safeties, but that doesn't stop dumbass gun owners from allowing their children to play with their guns and kill themselves. A child shouldn't be handling a gun without supervision, so if you aren't 'defending yourself' your gun should be locked up in a safe or at least have a child proof lock around the trigger guard. This is common sense, not 'government overreach.' The only state that enforces such a law is Massachusetts.

How many of these kids have found these guns and done things with them when their parents were not home, your ignorance of thinking that parents just allow their kids to play with loaded weapons astounds me, you are part of the problem, just talking out of the lefts talking point book instead of educating yourself, ignorance is bliss, so you must be extremely happy

That's why they should be locked in a safe you ******* moron. If the parents aren't supervising their kids, and they leave their guns out they are de facto allowing their kids to play with loaded guns. You have no policy suggestions.

Mine are licked up, and most of these that you speak of douchebag, since you can't seem to debate without name calling are put up in places the kids shouldn't be in the first place, and they have not been properly educated in the use and handling of a weapon, my daughter started shooting at age 5 and was taught to never touch a gun when no one was around, and so was my granddaughter, it's not about the guns, it's about the proper education and handling, so like I said earlier, education goes a long way, even in a young child

You have no policy suggestions. What is there to debate?

The great countries that support your no regulations on guns non- policies: Somalia, Rwanda, Darfur.

Yeah that's what I said. You have to have a trigger guard lock on your gun, have it unloaded, and locked away. People don't just hand a gun to a child like "here play with this instead of Lego."

If a parent leaves their gun out and their child finds it and kills him/herself THE PARENT is responsible and should be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

GREAT STATISTICS! Now what is the statistic of how many children have been killed in car accidents? How about those who were poisoned by accident? Or beaten to death by their parents? Or OD'd from prescription or over the counter MED's. In almost all these cases, they could have been prevented my proper safety measures.

your jumping from wanting people to buy locks for their guns(which they do), to having policies in place(which there are), to charging people with manslaughter...glad we agree it's just a people problem :)

Only 11 states have laws that require locking devices on firearms. I live in the retard backwoods of Murica known as 'the south' where there are virtual no gun laws.

Guns are already sold with a lock though. If people fail to use it -especially around children, that's their problem and they will get charged.

Yes all states should have such laws.

What I don't get about this is if your guns in a safe how can your protect your self with it here's a scenario someone breaks into your house and demands you give them your stuff and they've got a gun pointed at your wife or child what are you ganna do go to your safe and be like "oh just give me a minute" then go to your other safe to get the bullets you'd be dead by then

Your hypothetical scenario is just more paranoid right wing delusion, and it doesn't detract from my point which is if your gun isn't on YOUR PERSON it should be locked in a safe or in a night stand with a lock on it. How does having a gun randomly lying around solve this problem? It doesn't obviously and neither does owning a gun guarantee you won't be robbed or murdered.

What you said has no relevance to the discussion. The scenario I was addressing was an adult leaving a child unsupervised with a loaded gun lying around. If you aren't around and you don't have your gun on you then you can't defend your family anyway.

Yeah sure you've won me over with the night stand cause I'm just saying it's stupid to put a gun in a safe

No it isn't. My parents own an arsenal and they have two safes; it's called responsibility: you can't have freedoms without also having responsibilities. Like any right' there are always rules and regulations attached to ensure people take responsibility for their carelessness.

And my family doesn't have a gun XD

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You're such a hardass *sarcasm*

True. No real American can give up their rights.

Tell that to the native American Indian. Roadsterusa.

Agreed. Yet, even as an "adult with a brain" you should realize it is "you're" and "sheeple"

Since she blocked you I'll just post my question in here.
What do you think we should do about all the gun violence?

I don't have that answer. The problem starts way before the person picks up a gun. It from lack of parenting. Beat your kids *** when they act like ***** and then they will know how to behave. This time out crap does not work. Teach our youth to be responsible and respectful as kids and then they will grow up to be responsible respectable adults. You didn't see this type of violence in the 1950's +. Its from lack of morals and values being taught at home for starters.

You didn't hear about this type of violence from the 1950s because there wasn't the media we have now.
And you know, the guy who shot up the Lafayette, Louisiana theatre was a product of the 1960 era and yet he still shot up the theatre so...
I'm not surprised you don't have a real solution. When we talk about gun control, it's because no one can come up with anything better.
And when you say that guns aren't the problem it seems like you're saying you want to protect your guns but not the people they're hurting.

I'm not saying that at all. I am saying though that is that dumb **** president of ours had his way none of us would have guns. You are NEVER going to disarm criminals an those that have it in their head to do wrong and hurt people. It won't happen. So making them illegal does nothing except make us sitting ducks. If more people open carried and concealed carried then this violence would not happen. Would you go into a store knowing you are going to get your *** kicked? No, if these idiots knew that people were armed and would fight back every day and every place they would stop.

I have a meeting I am leaving to, so don't take my silence as you won. It just means I am working

I've heard this argument over and over again. Those people in Lafayette owned guns and yet still two people died and 9 were injured.
Beating your children into submission is also not that answer.
So, again. When you or your gun loving friends can come up with a better solution, gun control is going to be the front runner because people like you can't come up with anything better.

I wanted to kinda jump in here before the name calling started! I think you both make awesome points bad parenting is the root of all of most of our problems today, time out does work, and so does beating a child *** and anyone familiar with child hood development will tell you that there is a place and function to both types of punishment, actually if you really know childhood development you know that a time out is a form of reinforcement and is a behavior modifier, where as an *** beating is a punishment for breaking the rules, get it one is a learning tool and the other a punishment and both are needed.

Please please please people we have to think critically just because they are on tv does not mean that they are truthful, do not allow the major news companies dictate your news and information do the research yourself, the numbers clearly show that there has really been no change in the amount of gun violence, except what would be expected with a rising population, more people equals more incidents that's simple math!

Yes you are almost right, we are trying to protect the guns, we are also trying to protect the rights of those who are hurt to defend themselves, there is no problem with gun control in our country we have a problem with impulse control!

If you make guns illegal you are effectively handing over control to criminals, and yes I am aware of the fact that the UK has very strict gun laws, but they are in a different geographic location with different neighbors and a different criminal network than the United States.

Let us say for a second that the united state banned all guns and they were all taken from everyone and every law abiding citizen turned in their guns. Now let's say that all of the not so law abiding kept ahold of their guns and even used existing smuggling channels to acquire more guns where does this leave us the law abiding citizens?

I hear you NevadaGirl.
Don't worry about gun control. It doesn't work. I mean it doesn't work to remove anyone's guns that wants to keep them. Not from Russians, not from Lithuanians, not from the English. And not in DC or Chicago.
So, they're not taking your guns. And I don't think anyone ANYWHERE with any sense thinks they can.

Lack of good parenting is not a problem that can a fixed shirt term. Hence the action to be taken needs to be one of swift nature.

Answer this one question, billions of people all over the world live happily without the need to carry a gun, why can't America?

The number of accidental gun deaths alone should be the determining factor in the argument, not the mention the rest

Cars, airplanes, smoking, fatty foods, drugs, alcohol, being a fire fighter, pit bulls, alligators, bonfires, fire works, exotic reptiles, bee keeping, these things all have accidental death and a number of risks tied to them, should they all be banned as well? Man I'm glad that you brought this to everyone's attention lets get all of the guns, onion rings, fire fighters and cars off the streets while we are taking away things for no actual reason!

Yeah that is a wonderfully super liberal response quick instant gratification and not taking responsibility, no we can not fix the bad parenting issue, and if you really think about it don't you think that a much more appropriate response would be to arm the law abiding, remember we are not above a civil war in America.

As far as your question goes, we as a culture are violent, we are rugged, we as a society are explorers who are willing to go out and fight for what we want. That is how we became this great nation by fighting and standing up to those who would oppress us, if you liberal types have your disarmament ways and take away the defenses of the individual citizen as well as decreasing the size and effectiveness of the military you are inviting groups who would love to take over what we have and believe me they will not care that you went to a protest for human rights or if you were anti gun because in there country guns are legal, and there country is barren and hot and disgusting so now they want yours so now that we have no guns and we have a weak military they have come, they have killed your family and your friends, with no one to defend your neighborhood it falls quick and easy, most everyone is dead or injured, the survivors do not stick around for long, sounds far fetched doesn't it, ask the people in the Ukraine how far fetched it seems, oh and it was not all that long ago that Russia was our number 1 enemy!

That's a weak argument you can't compare alcohol and bee keeping to guns, guns have one purpose.

Why is everyone on here so quick to throw around that liberal label, it's called common ******* sense, I'm not a liberal, the liberal party in my country have no weight and are not taken seriously.

Because this is not a common sense issue this is something you only understand if you are an American, it is a liberal point of view in the states I understand the word liberal has a different context overseas, but here gun control is a major liberal issue.

It's not really a weak argument , guns have a number of different uses, I can feed my family, defend my home and property, join a militia ( which in America a lot of people don't realize that this is a thing, we forget that not long ago many other nations tried to invade and the citizens did a lot of the fighting) or you can use a gun in the shooting sports, which I do with my 4 yo son and he loves it, it's an incredible way to teach a child discipline and responsibility.

The reason my point is valid is because the gun is incidental if you are going to blame an inanimate object instead of a person then you might as well blame them all'

Maybe an actual discussion about stricter punishment for those who commit gun crimes, or would that also insult your I love everyone and I hate natural selection hippy idealism bullshit?

Also, fighting violence with violence has proven to just have more dead bodies and nothing good coming from it.

"Don't fight violence with violence"? What WOULD you fight it with? What will YOU do when that guy jumps out of the alleyway with a knife and you know you're going to raped?

"More dead bodies"...Yes, his. Because you will have already had your hand on your gun inside your purse when you stepped outside.

You will blow him away and the "good coming from it" is you, alive...YOUR RAPIST, DEAD.

I would disarm him and get away. I know how to disarm both a gun and a knife. And then call the police.
Do you realize I could get charged with is murder? Even if I broke an arm I could be charged with aggravated assault.

I'm very sorry to say this, but you're not going to disarm anyone with a gun standing far enough away from you, which wouldn't be very far...and only if you're INCREDIBLY good at it, can you disarm a knife.

But, we have a problem here, since you would, indeed, be "fighting violence with violence." When used in a REAL situation against a REAL attacker, if your use of martial arts is not violent, you will die.

Great. I'll die. But at least I stuck to my convictions.

If those are your convictions, and you intend to stick to them no matter what, I have to applaud you for that. I respect that.

It was sarcasm to an extent honestly.
I will always avoid violence but if I can use minimal violence then that'll work too.

Wow really you can disarm people, how do you disarm someone from let's say just out of your reach?

And no you will not be charged with murder for killing a rapist in self defense, you will not even be charged with assault for breaking an arm, that is just silly, in what world does that make sense a man tries to rape a woman she shoots him lets charge her with murder? Come on! Critical thinking people!

If the person is out of reach, then how are they going to rape me?
And in many states the rapist can sue for custody and win if his victim becomes pregnant.
I live in the real world. I know what happens to victims or potential victims of rape. I've heard stories from these women.
So before you start talking like you know anything, I suggest you do your research.

I have done my research, so let me help you understand what you have read:

1. You have to choices as the person on the wrong end of the gun either do as you are told or die. Simple as that, if it came down to it which would you choose? To be hurt but able to fight back later or to just be killed on the spot?

2. While the fact that 31 states including my own Ohio, do allow rapists to sue for custody, this argument has no place here, I am assuming you have thrown it in for shock value, shame on you for throwing out irrelevant facts!

3. In the real world if your life is being threatened you do indeed have the right to use deadly force, now here is where I am assuming you are having trouble. In order to use this force certain requirements must be met,

a) is the person in legitimate danger that a reasonable person could see as resulting in loss of life or limb

b) was said deadly force applied in a reasonable manner, not in excess, and at the time of the attack.

I am pretty sure that any lawyer, police officer or judge would call that a pretty squared away answer. So basically what that means is if someone is trying to rape you and you shoot them and then alert the police you will be fine, but if you shoot him a month after the attack yes you will be charged with murder, if you skin him alive in the ally you will be charged with murder, but for defending yourself and doing it right you will not be charged. Sure the police will investigate they will make sure that your story ads up but as long as you have done everything by the law they have nothing to arrest you for!

I challenge you to post a name, a news clipping, a website, detailing one of these cases, if there were a woman being charged with murder for killing her attacker then there of course would be news coverage, protests, and a number of mentions in the media. So I challenge you to give up a name an article anything, I bet you can not and you make some excuse.

You should learn how to interpret your research, just because you spit out a statistic does not mean you are using correctly which is what you have done here.

Oh and by the way I can stand behind you, and hold a gun in your back and control your body, it is not a hard technique to learn and is taught to a number of police, military, and others in those capacities, it would also be available online for a freelance nutjob to learn and use, so yes I could hold you at gun point out of your reach and have positive control of your body.

I agree with the problem is with out mental health system to a degree.

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people". Sorry but that is a dumb phrase. People kill people AND guns kill people. Technically speaking.

And you don't agree that guns are used to kill things? Guess I am ignorant to think they do....don't split hairs with the "a knife can't kill someone, etc". I think we ALL know that they of and of themselves (the weapon of choice) needs a force behind it.

But ignorant thinking kills people too, so does lazy thinking like guns kill people, guns are a tool, I can kill you with a hammer, so all hammers should be banned, or you should have to have a license to buy one!

Agree. And cars kill people and cigarettes kill people and drugs kill people and animals kill people and governments kill people and wars kill people and dictators kill people ect. ect. ect. I have traveled to many countries around the world including ones with zero guns allowed and they still have shootings and they still have violence

Neighborhood patrols that are armed, vigilantes, rooftop snipers, inundate bad neighborhoods with the National Guard, force criminals into military service. It's not hard to stop criminals. It's just not politically correct to do so.

That's is single handily the most terrifying solution I've ever heard of.
I would move to Canada in a heartbeat if that ever happened.
That's would just cause mass hysteria and give way more power to the government than it already has. And I'm a fan of the give enemy.

Of the government**

EG, I was bored and what you see is utterly implausible. However, everything you see above has been used to control crime at one time or another - never all at once.

I do not own a gun. You will never stop the NRA. They are too large of a lobby. They are also backed by our laws at the most basic level.

Taking guns from the public doesn't lower crime. It simply de-arms the citizenry and puts them at risk to both crime and government.

Your real issue is eventually you emasculate the police so much that they become an ineffective force against crime crime and terrorism. You reach a point where the rights of the individual are protected so much, that the rights of a group, neighborhood or city lose.

Profiling is a very basic example that can serve as proof that the restrictive usage of probable cause limits crime prevention (and hence control over illegal weapons).

Again, I never said taking guns away will fix everything. I'm simply pointing out that's it's the only option that has real merit. No one else can come up with anything better.

EG, I wasn't criticizing your opinion. I was just highlighting some of my own. As I mentioned, I don't own a gun and can't fathom doing so. I do train weekly in weapons defense. That provides me with more comfort than gun ownership.

By the same token, I'm not bothered by those that choose to arm themselves for the assumption of safety.

I would have issue with it either hit it seems like in the same breathe their invalidating what a gun can do it the death it's called.

Hum ask the exact same question only leave the word gun out

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