Donald Trump reminds me of the bully in elementary school who kept calling me a loser. But Donald Trump is a millionaire so I don't know what that says about bullies. I wonder what that kid from elementary school is doing now. If he's a millionaire too, I'm just going to be done with life and move into a comfy hole somewhere.
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I like BULLY

Your side of the aisle has more than your share of bullies.

Lol if he wins I'm sure he will deport all the black and brown people far away from "his America " as they love to say we're taking our country back ... So no comfy hole for you πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

he only is against the people that come here illegally. All the other countries have laws to follow to live there Why shouldn't we? P.S. doesnt mean i am for Trump, and i dont care for his arrogance. However, I have to look at what good a candidate can do, so I may not like him but my vote has to go for the elect with the best plan to fix us. Sadly it just might be Trump.

Sadly that's not true he's a racist man and after he gets The brown people out of here blacks are next believe that ..this whole party is stupid wealthy with old filthy money from the blood and sweat of slavery , that's why they have utter contempt for the president ... Because he has the nerve to be black !!! Omg !!! The nerve ... But trump wants his white america back and so does his followers ... And any one who's not in that blue print you're in trouble and that's what God loves the truth ... And I'm brown so I best be moving on ...

his wife is an immigrant silly.. He probably just as soon not have all the law breakers here. All he is saying just because you or your parent snuck into this country and did not think it necessary to come legally, doesnt mean we should reward you with all the benefits of being a citizen.

Good lord ... I said black and brown people .. His wife is foreign but she is very much white in nationality and will blend right in with his vision of his America .... Well if that's how he feels then most people in America will need to leave this country...this isn't their country either .... Someone rewarded their immigrant parents with citizenship .... I get what you're saying but I hear loud , and clear what he's saying , when you start screaming about taking our country back ... To a sea full of people who looks just like you ... Come on man it's not hard , to figure out what he's talking about ... America is made of law breakers and immigrants ... Help them get citizenship so they can get taxed , that's what' it's about not paying their fair share ... Not my words but his...

i beg to differ that "most" americans are here illegally, and if that is the case I am sorry. From early on people have been processed to become legal citizens. And you say all of this so they can collect taxes..... what is wrong with that to run a country as great as this it requires money, which everyone should contribute to. I have been thinking today of how those of us for imigration crackdown can explain how/why we feel this way. Simplyfying the whole thing.......Lets say you have your house and your family. You have worked hard lots of years.. One day you come home..strangers are in your house, eating at your table, helping themselves to everything, using your yard as its there, they even complained when you treated them nice, You fed them because you are polite, then gave them money from your stash. .. they only wanted more. It got worse you cont to get up and work everyday they slept, sometimes things were missing. .. get the picture .our country isnt any different. Come one come all, but apply ,come, and work for the American Dream that our ancestors did whether they came voluntarily or were released from the shackles of slavery.

I promise you those brought over here in shackles , would have preferred to stay right where they were

I dont think anyone can disagree with that. None of us can undo history.

Ok lets agree to disagree ✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻 peace......

On the other things I meanπŸ’πŸ’

Maybe, but I don't see any of their progenitor begging to go back.

Who would beg to back to a country you know nothing about ... And to a country just 10 years ago a parthied was alive and well ... But my statement remains the same had they been left alone ,They would have been fine ....

Doesn't matter what you "say", you are wrong. Trump only wants to deport those who illegally come to this country and then arrogantly demand that the country change to fit their idea of the shithole they came from. Another two illegals in the news today, contract killers, escaped back into Mexico beyond the reach of the law. Do we really need MORE of that?

Doesn't matter what you say trump is racist , and he shows it every time he talks ... And I stand behind my statement ... First the brown people then the blacks .... Period ...he's just screaming racist statements about Mexican ... To make them look less than human so the villagers with the torches ... Will run them out of town ... And pointing out a few bad apples ... When most just want to work and want a better life is sad should be a better way for them to become citizens ..... So when they find a better way then I will take them seriously .. Until then screaming they are killers and rapist won't wash with me .....

i just watched a friend get citizenship in Canada. It took a while plus he already had an occupation / job over there, a wife and a sponsor it still took awhile. no reason why we shouldnt request any one coming here to do the same!

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Trump is a fast draw, a student of human behavior . His situation in life, allows him to speak the truth, that career politicians and political pundits fear, encase the mass manipulators are enraged. Trump can beat them at their own game. That is why they fear him. Let. the fresh air in. GO! TRUMP?

Trumps has nor political debts, isn't a socialist, doesn't hate America. His philosophy resonates with us real Americans who have been paying the bills. You worthless people had better find a means of support other than sucking the blood out of the working class 'cause your meal ticket is about to end!!

Please do

Crooks make a killing in our current day society because that's the way the monetary system was designed. I'm not saying that's the way it has to be, It's just the way it is. There is a solution though. A better way of life for the entire world with a resource based economy.

I'm very conservative and even I think we should dump the Trump

If he comes across as a bully, try and find out why!
Is this how he thinks world leaders are supposed to behave?
Is this his idea of being strong?
Is he even aware he comes across like this?
Doubtless his election team would answer these questions if you put them to them.

I have never know a rich bully and Donald Trump is one.

and he calls the whole world a loser

I know many millionaires and a few billionaires. You never know for certain, I am confident most of them either actively did bad things to make their money; or they protected people who did the bad things through intentionally looking the other way or making excuses for them.
The thing I find interesting about Donald Trump is how many times he went Bankrupt, or failed, only to reinvent himself. Some people view that as resiliency, but it's possible that we elect who we want to be rich and powerful. Despite all the evidence that certain people only cause waste and destruction wherever they go; we still want them to be in charge.

Trump has never "gone" bankrupt.

Technically correct. He has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times.

Technically, and every other way correct. If you were to look at the business-plan for EACH of the purchases, you would see that bankruptcy and sell-off was the intention all along. But you gloss over that fact. And "corporate" bankruptcy is just bankruptcy. If I am a ONE-MAN business, and file for incorporation, then file for bankruptcy, it's called "corporate bankruptcy".

So is it still the thing you find interesting about Trump?

I didn't gloss over anything you are making false assumptions. I am aware that the bankruptcies were deliberate tactics.

No, I don't think you are aware. Your entire second paragraph is based off your lie about how many times Trump filed for bankruptcy.
Your pathetic attempt to lie your way out this makes you a liar. That's not my problem. No assumption is needed.

Trump did file for bankruptcy that is not a lie. He filed for corporate bankruptcy four times that is fact.

He rented his name to shady people and they screwed hundreds of people out of millions of dollars using his name here in Baja California, Mexico and he laughed and said, " I just rented them my name, I didn't have anything to do with the project". He has no scruples whatsoever ! Ask the mother of his child.

fred, I learned a long time ago to never form an opinion with only one side of the story. Show me a politician with scruples and I'll show you the runner-up.

Hillary Clinton........she has lots of scruples


His airline went bankrupt, but the airline industry is very competitive.
And his casino shut down because Atlantic City is declining and it's not a function of the casino or its management. Trump has thousands of employees. He does more for society than any politician.

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All he is doing is making a show. Don't understand how people can agree with all this hate. I guess that's what happens when people have fear of change and don't want to adapt. The blacks went through it now out brown people are feeling the hate . Always quick to put the blame on other people. How about the millions we spent on wars over seas, we sent billions to Israel to create a strong army to bully other countries. But no the Latinos are the problem. Lol. We still have an embargo on Cuba that hasn't worked in years. But either way he WILL NOT WIN. Hillary 2016.

I don't know if Trump will get elected but he's saying things nobody else in either party has the back bone to talk about. Good to hear him speak in non politicly correct talk. And he doesn't give a damn what the media says about him.

I don't think bullies become millionaires. Look at Richard Branson, or bill gates. Don't focus on one person. It's all relative.

I like Donald Trump.......Unlike all the other faces he has a track record of success in the private sector. He's a winner. And a rebel.

The Donald is playing a game. He likes being the center of attention.

My kids used to behave like him--when they were very young.

But his public utterances are moronic. Truly moronic--utterly devoid of any understanding of how the real world works.

It is instructive that so many people respond positively to him. Apparently complete ignorance is still the default condition of at least a few American voters.

Thank God they have no chance of ever being a majority.

He was born into wealth, he is a bully. Wealth didn't make him a bully. Bullies are cowards and I guess that it where it comes from.

His father was a successful real state manager but he has taken it to a new level. He has earned everything he has. His father did not design and build those skyscrapers or his casino in Atlantic City or his show on tv or his airline company.

He uses very " edgy" tactics. Is a serial bankruptor. Rents his name to shady people and they screwed hundreds of people out of millions of dollars using his name here in Baja California, Mexico and he laughed and said, " I just rented them my name, I didn't have anything to do with the project". He insults the USA's number one customer , MEXICO, with his bully tactics because he thinks he can with impunity.

Trump is worth 8 Billion and 3 Billion of it comes from just his name lol. He was 3 billion in debt not to long ago, but you know how crooked banks are, they let him slide in credit.

He's a billionaire and he's a bully.

That kid from elementary school is probably a loser these days because it takes one to know one.

Thanks....I think

You're obviously not a loser. If nothing else, you let your voice be heard and call Trump for what he is.

Well,he got most of his money from his dad.

So did I, but I worked my tail off anyway, just like Trump did. So what?

He's not a rags to riches guy. He's never had to work for minimum wage. He's never had to worry about putting his kids through college or retirement. He's out of touch with the struggles of most of the American middle class.

This says more about you than it does him.

How so?

What Trump brings to your mind is more a reflection of you than him.
I'll tell you something about me. When I see D. Trump, the first thing I think of is why doesn't he just shave his head? Why lampoon himself with that hair?
Does that make sense?

Right. Our perceptions are often based off of our past experiences but we all have a right to make our own inferences. It doesn't make it any less or more valid.

What is making Trump and Bernie Sanders so popular right now is that they're a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else. The people that own the RNC and DNC aren't about to let either of them win the primaries but it's nice to hear some politicians telling the truth for a change.

We'll see. I'm really not a fan of either. I'm just kind of skeptical of everyone right now. I need to stop reading political blogs. It really makes you loose faith in change

lose ... What sort of change do you wish to occur?

Donald trump really needs to win

Yeah but he might confuse me for an illegal and kick me out of the country :/

if you are here legally and can prove it how can he confuse that. i accept people that come here legally it we supporting so many that are not. we need some one to step up and put a stop to it

He can talk about it but what's his actual plan?

his actual plan is to keep people from coming here illegal. how do you think the people that do it honestly feel about the ones that do not and they get a free ride

The native american tribal council should get together and ask all the white americans descendants to
Apply for citizenship since their ancestors were not and they should have been. Bottom line if you are not a descendant of a native american or a native american yourself you are in this country illegally.


People who don't like Trump are completely missing it. He turns them off personally. TOO BAD! It's NOT a beauty contest! For ONCE, people need to vote for what we NEED instead of "what would be soooooo cool!" HOW STUPID!
Like him or not, this country NEEDS a Trump! Like him or not, I don't think anyone has ever been so much of what this country needs right now! The man is a jobs machine! After an additional 6 million people getting on welfare in the last 7 years, THAT is what we need!

What has he done to provide any evidence that he is a jobs machine besides drive several companies bankrupt? He is a great talker. I'll give him that but I'd love for him to talk more about his credentials and his actual PLAN for creating jobs.

Hum he didn't personally bankrupt him conditions may have happened that caused him to go bankrupt but this president has caused many companies hundreds to go bankrupt with Bad government regulations and policies

Preach it lol!!!!

He has too many people that hate him so it's unlikely that he'll win. I hope he doesn't.

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Well those who are socially dominant and exploitative tend to be successful.

Yeah because morality is super overrated

Please...stay out of that hole. It's not a good place to be. The world out here needs you.

And that bully? At the time, HE was the loser.
Now? He's a much bigger loser...and made unthinkably ugly by all the bullying he did.

Be strong...stay strong, okay?

Gotcha :)