I'm 16 years old, and I love my country. I am planning to go into the Marines once I graduate high school in order to protect and defend it and its people. And also get to shoot awesome guns and run around and look badass in the uniform😂 those are added bonuses😂
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Is it a family legacy in joining up? Do you already have family in the army?

Yea it partly is. My great grandparents on my mom's side fought for America in WW1, while on my dad's side one great-great uncle was a Calvary officer for the Austro-Hungarians and another was infantry. In WW2 one grandfather was a navy sonar tech, the other was a signal intelligence officer who ended up third in battalion during rifle qualification and there was a great uncle who flew B-24 bombers. Plus if you go back far enough on my mom's side you'll probably find Prussian infantry.

Hey kid, follow your heart and dreams. I enlisted straight out of high school, and went in as infantry with a 92 on the ASVAB. I also wanted to shoot the cool guns and blow **** up. These douche bags who will tell you otherwise or give you a stern lecture have no right to do so if they haven't served. Serve your country, do it with honor and pride, and enjoy the fact that women love a man in uniform. Good luck my brother in the making from one Army puke to a future jar head.

Thank you very much sir, and thank you for your service

That is not a real good reason to go into the Military. To shoot awesome guns and look badass in a uniform. I worked in a multi billion dollar weapons system. My main job if so ordered By national command authority ( the President ) was to launch missiles that could destroy a third of the world with more fire power than used in WW1 and WW2.
When you wear the uniform its a responsibility. Not only to the people of this nation. but to do what's right, looking good is not the indicator of a man.
You will even be taught that even if someone is appointed over you in command that under the UCMJ, uniform code of military justice. They can give you an order, but in certain situations you have a decision to make weather or not its legal and right to obey that order.
When you deal with the weapons system I did you realize once they are off the boat and flying you will be glad that you have about less than two minutes to live as your life is taken by the same kind of fireball you just launched. Because there would be nothing to come back to.
In Viet Nam the was a Lt. that went more than a little crazy. His name was LT William Cally if memory serves right. He ordered the killing of an entire Village, called Mie Lai. I don't remember if he is still in prison or what happened to him. but his men were held just as culpable as he was.
The shooting as you say of awesome guns is not the reason for joining the military. Learn something. learn you have a life that's responsible to humanity s well as the military, but also to the people of this nation. You might have to fight, be asked to die in the service of your oath. but remember the reasons you stated above are not the best, You are there to preserve the freedoms gained by the shedding of generations of our nations blood for the idea that we are a free and democratic people. We have a responsibility to lead by example.

Lt. Calley was pardoned for Mai Lai. My main reason for joining is to defend my family friends and country, but I'm not gonna lie and say the other things aren't a factor

The only thing I can tell you is its going to suck. A lot. And it's not always worth it. And you won't always understand it... And if you waste around trying to figure it out, you're only going to grow bitter and resent the Marine Corps. So just stick it out. It's going to suck, just do it. You already moved that pile of **** all the way to the top of the mountain? They want you to move it down the mountain now? Just do it. Find the bright side in everything cause there's going to be a lot that sucks. But life sucks. In the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, working at McDonalds, working at Walmart, going to college, working period... Everything sucks.. So find the humor, laugh (except during recruit training) and just do it. Semper Fi and good luck.

Thank you for the advice sir

America is a great country, but are you sure joining the marines is the career path you want to take? Being a protector of your country is a very noble thing to do, but someday when you're older I think you might regret wanting to run around looking like a badass. I don't think being a marine works exactly like that. Then again, those kinda jobs are good for us young people with the spirit to stay sane in them for a while.

Thank you for the advice, but this is something I feel I need to do.

Marine corps is a great branch, are you doing infantry?

I'm planning to be a tanker, but infantry's always a possibility

you are a liar. your true intentions are to shoot awesome guns and run around and look badass in the uniform and you are just so ******* glad that this thing called the Marines exists to give you the excuse to go do that. i hope you mature more before you make any life altering decisions.

That's what I said where added bonuses

The main point is defending my country, family and friends

i know what you said. i'm telling you that i know the kind of person you are. the main point for you is definitely not defending your country, family and friends. If the USA was being invaded I might believe you. But you don't care what war the people in power have going on you just want to be part of it. You don't care if the military conflicts and wars we engage in are just or right, you just want to shoot guns and look cool. If your main priority was to defend our country you would use your mind, become very intelligent, get involved in politics and be a true leader who actually changes things. The military will not teach you to lead, it will teach you to follow, and to throw out your own moral compass in exchange for theirs.

Didn't see this until just now. Hate to say it, but going into a profession where the biggest indicator people are lying is because their mouths are moving doesn't strike me as a good idea. And if your referring to the War on Terror....yes, I believe the conflicts are just

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I am still thinking about going into the Army :)
Congrats and best of luck

Thank you and good luck to you as well

Enjoy killing middle easterners, chinese, and russians in world war 3

I don

I don't think we'll be fighting all three at the same time. For one thing, Russia and China don't really like each other

lol go ahead, let me know how it is after one to two years. trust me bro it wears off quick seriously think ahead

I might not stay in for twenty years, but I'm enlisting to serve my country, so I think it'll be pretty cool

my cousin did that

Thank you for his service

What about are presidential problem?

What do you mean?

Kanye west is going to run for president in 2020 and Donald Trump already has 40% of the votes

Ok......I don't see what that has to do with me going into the Marines.....

It means that things are going to change, America isn't going to be what it once was

Ok.....still don't see how that is supposed to affect my going into the Marines....I'm still defending America regardless of who the president is...

It means everything! The world is falling apart!!!! We're all going to die! It's madness

It's not gonna change my decision on going into the marines, so.....

What if the marines don't exist anymore and they create a whole new system!?

Really don't think that's gonna happen....

You never know! All I know is that America is doomed

Eh I don't think so

We'll see who's laughing in 2020

Me either way cause I'll be in the Marines

Trump? Hahahahaha!

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Being a marine is no easy task during and after service! Best of luck!

Thank you very much

Thats great,! Like 90 percent of my family is military.

Thank you

Also why the marines when you have many other opportunitys or did you fail at life ?

It's kinda a long story. I've always wanted to protect my country and friends and family. Part of it was the chance to look cool and shoot awesome guns for a living. Part of it was the fact that I wouldn't have to pay for college, while another part is the fact I don't really want to go to college. The last part was the fact that I really wanted to be a part of the tradition the Marines had

And continue to add to

You're joining for all the wrong reasons, protect your people from what ? There's no threat.

ISIS, for one. Their not likely to leave us alone.

The army don't deal with threats of terror.

Uh.....yeah, they do. That's their job. And I'm going into the Marines, which is a different service branch

No they don't, a countries homeland security deal with threats of terror, the army raid counties, kill civilians and secure oil for rich people, the Devils works, not good

Uh no. Just no. The military protects the country from foreign threats, homeland security from domestic ones. There are no "raids." This is not the Mongol hordes from a bad sixties movie

ISIS is a political problem that can't be solved militarily. The military is a good choice, but your way better off choosing an MOS you can also use in the real world once you get out

They have a lot of options. Right now I'm leaning towards becoming a tanker.

Yeah they did. That was a foreign threat

@carrom22- let him follow his dream everyone have a dream that the want to do and your dream is to make people mad. If he don't them your not being protected he's protecting your family and million more... @matt224 thank you for going to serve our country 😊😘

Thank you very much

Your welcome

There's nothing wrong with following a dream, but it's a misguided one, might save him the wasted time

Personally, I don't think it'd be wasted time at all, seeing as the service of the armed forces has ensured you still have the right to say that

No, don't mistake the valiant efforts of the world war 2 veterans with the jarhead clones that now fight for men of power and wealth, the military of today is just that

No I don't think so. No matter the war all the veterans deserve respect. Besides, don't you think there were men of power and wealth back in the forties? They were politicians

You miss the point, veterans back then fought for freedom now they fight for men of power.

What, so the people of Europe deserved to be free of Nazi tyranny but the people of Afghanistan and Iraq didn't deserve to be free of Radicalist tyranny?

They did, but now they are free, why are they still there, apart from oil

Last time I checked there wasn't any oil in Afghanistan

Not to mention we did pull out of Iraq and the country fell apart

Also ISIS lacks the resources, financial, and military backing to ever severely threaten the U.S or any First World Nation. Also I kinda agree with ottomatik, ISIS is more the representation of a constant problem afflicting the Middle East which is religious extremism and political destabilization. We need to focus our efforts less on crushing Middle East insurrections and more on fixing the problems that cause such insurrections.



To be honest tho I don't quite agree. ISIS has inspired a number of sack jobs to attack and attempt to attack the West. In my opinion that's an act of war. Plus it se


You delusional bigoted man, Islam is a religion, yes it has its extremists but so does every religion, Christianity has killed more people world wide than any other religion.

Saying that every person who follows Islam is a terrorist is like saying every Christian is in the kkk

Or every Irish Catholic is in the ira. Idiot

No they just idolise child raping priests instead.

Just because that was the biggest genocide doesn't mean Islam has killed more people in all time, Christianity is way more violent and caused the deaths of so many more people than any other religion.

If you knew a single about Islam you would know it's actually a peaceful faith, it is the culture of certain countries and various groups than interpret it in a different way.

Just like the Westboro baptist church believe all gays are going to hell. Many groups interpret it different and so you can't put a generic label on an entire religion.

Also you're not at war with anyone, you're probably sat in your parents house bashing one out every time they leave the house. While your so called "heroes" are targeting innocent villagers in Afghanistan with drone strikes.

It's amazing how your media can plant a thought in your head and you believe it to be your own, isn't that inception ? Is that you Leo?

I don't read the guardian, I never said it meant peace, I said it was peaceful.

Listen we could argue the toss all day, we are not changing anything

Well with Pakistan and some of Saudi Arabia you have to take in to account poverty and politics you're mad if you think these countries issues are down to religion. But Saudi Arabia has some of the prosperous people in the world.

If you want to compare countries look at America, they kill each other everyday, mass shootings every few weeks, it has districts of extreme poverty. Racial intolerance in the south, crazy murderous church denominations and cults, to add to that they are labelled as a civilised nation, and an economic superpower(not sure for how long)

Who is the real danger

In Saudi Arabia women aren't allowed out of the house without a male relative. In Afghanistan and Pakistan the poor Hazara are being squeezed into ghettos by the Taliban and their buddies the ISI. The standard method of execution in Saudi Arabia is chopping your head off with a sword. They've been exporting guerrilla fighters who have promoted atrocities against civilians who either aren't Muslim or the wrong kind of Muslim for years. These guys aren't innocent

I never said they were innocent but it's pot calling the kettle black, he who is without sin and all that jazz.

True, but your argument specifically mentioned how great you thought these places were. You attempted to save away some of the problems under the umbrella of poverty then pointed to the handful of rich people, mainly relatives and friends of the House of Saud, as proof that these countries were set on a higher standard. I get America has commited sins but she's still the greatest country in the world

Looks up the estimated innocent deaths caused by drone strikes. It's astonishing

Also look up the number of civilians killed by ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups. It dwarfs the number of collateral damage kills, which are still unfortunate, but judging from how many major terrorist leaders have been killed and actionable intelligence gathered I'd say the drone program is worth continuing

Uh no, that was standard issue tactics at the time. Generally speaking if a city refused to surrender the inhabitants knew damn well if they fought and lost they could expect no mercy. Every army fought like that during the time period

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There we go again. More violence!!! Then they wonder why rape is so common if war hasnt ended...

Uh....number one,I'm not raping anyone. It's the ISIS ************* who'd come and rape people in America if people didn't stand against them.

That sounds great. Are you in JROTC or any military Auxiliaries?

Unfortunately my high school doesn't offer those programs, oddly enough. If I decide to go in as an officer I will join the programs in the meantime though.

Ok. Cool.

Okay if your planning on joining because you get to shoot cool guns don't sign up I'm really hoping that's just a joke

To be honest ma'am, it's part of the equation. Everybody thinks it. To me, I'm mainly joining up to serve my country, but getting to hang around tanks and use all this neat gear for free? That's a huge part of it

It's not free you sign your whole person to the military they own you remember that

Well yeah of course I'm not gonna try and leave half way through. I may not stay in 20 years, but still

Just saying don't think its fun and games cause it's not

Some parts may not be, but my great grandparents served, so did my grandparents and now it's my turn.

Matt, I love your motivation. But the gear, guns, vehicles, and ships are definitely a huge bonus. There are times when the requirement will be that you cannot bring any ammo back from an exercise. You'll find you can get too much of a good thing!

So you'd have to shoot it all off?

Many times. I've burned my initials in trees with the barrel of an M16. I've shot a 50 caliber machine gun till my head was numb. And we were wearing good ear protection. I've mowed down a small forest with the 12 ga ammo we had to get rid of until my shoulder was sore.
This was in the 80s when we were all sure the Marines would never be deployed again for anything more significant than Grenada or Panama.
Most of the folks here are lost losers. Don't pay any attention to them. It sounds like you'll live a life of meaning and purpose. So many things to do.
Good luck!

Thank you very much sir, both for your service and your advice

You're welcome. PM me if you want any other information. My experience is dated -- 1983-1989 -- but I would definitely recommend it for any young man of substance. Definitely not a place for crybabies.
I just ask that if you're going to do it, do it well.

Sure thing sir. Will do

One more thing. After bootcamp, you'll be weird enough to the civilians -- you'll think everyone else changed (like the whole world went to hell in a hand basket) , but it will be you that's different.
Recognize it and handle it appropriately. Tone it down if you can.

I'll try sir. Once again, thanks for all the advice

that sounds like the largest pile of horse **** that ive ever read. please, tell me about the clean up detail after that.

Nemo, of course! There's cleanup, work in mess halls, running around that seems pointless.
You're not getting away from that -- ever.

Also, I noticed that one of your groups is "I need a Girlfriend".
If you're going into the USMC, you definitely don't need a girlfriend. If you really like her, you'll lay around at night crying for her, and that really sucks. Don't mess with that until you get out. Focus!

I see your point sir. Thank you again

You'll have plenty of girlfriends while you're in, and afterwards. I promise.

Hopefully haha

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Thank you, young man, for wanting to serve our country. Best of luck to you. God bless the U.S.A.

Thanks. My grandparents and great grandparents served, it's my turn now

Wonderful attitude, and I know they'd be proud of you. My dad was Navy, and he was at Pearl Harbor on December 7. I know the Navy and Marines have a kind of rivalry going. But he often spoke with admiration of the bravery of the marines he served with aboard his ships.

Thank you very much for your kind words sir, and I hope so. All members from every rservice branch

are heroes and deserve respect.

You have my highest respect and admiration, as do all who have served do and will serve.

Thank you very much

Oh shut up England's the only country left with a monarchy USA was only founded 200-50 years a go England was styled as early as 25000

Um England has class an Mrs service an old hertsge All USA has got is guys nearly starving to death if it weren't for the Declaration of Independence then USA would be england

Wow that last comment came out of your mouth like it was a movie the USA has big problems and the UK is also but England is a stable country we don't have threats from people or country's hell we bail country's out and what do we get back nothing

The USA everyone is like the best country ever and I just think in your opinion my toungne is tamed maybe you guys should reevaluate yourselves

Yes that is true God loves all but to settle aside our differences I know your national anthem anyway and I hope to go to America one day anyway

Allso sorry

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It's people like you that gives me hope for our country. :)