I'm not a Patriot . Not an Anti-American. I was born here . I live here.
I don't feel American though . Is that a thing? No . There is no such thing as American culture or heritage so how do I feel American? I love my country...to an extent . I don't think my country loves me and my government is taking away my rights everyday . My country idolizes and praises immorality and sin . Our life expectancy is kind of low . Teen pregnancy is entertainment and you can be declared a terrorist, abducted, and killed for anything. It's actually scary that people still want to move here .
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Raven symone apparently took the black genes out of her lol

Speak clearly and directly or not at all .

*symone, there I fixed it

That wasn't even what I meant..smh

It's so sad to think that a whole country is going to waste for greed and hate and power..

People choose what kind of a citizen they want to be. You can stand in the sidelines expressing frustration or you can use the system to change what you think needs to be changed. With all its imperfections, this is the greatest country in the world. Look around at other countries and how people live there, you will learn to appreciate this with all its imperfection.

Opinion vs opinion

1299 stories and 7 friends?!!!! Hahaha. Not a people person.

True. Also not an Internet perv person . I watch Lifetime Movie Network and you seem like one of the people in the internet horror stories

I can't wait to see if you're able to pay your own way in life. Your selfish attitude will cause you trouble!

She's selfish how ?

Go to her home page and read a few stories. You may find a better word to describe what I'm trying to say. But for every 182 stories she had gained 1 friend.
Doesn't that seem odd? This app is about sharing experiences but she never agrees with anyone's ideas, entirely. She seems to have this disassociative behavior. It would seem that 1299 stories to share would take a long time to accumulate but at the age of 18-21 they have accumulated rapidly.
Very odd conversations with people that almost seem flippant. She used menial terms to describe great things that people have accomplished when by herself she has accomplished nothing of substance. At first she came off to me as antagonistic but eventually the ratio of friends vs stories made me think she is unable to have friends.
Selfish would be accurate if she tries to not have friends. If she has a condition of disassociative behavior then its not selfish. Either way I hope help I'd on her way.

It look like you were stalking her a little in my honest opinion

Thank you God. :)

Anytime son anytime lmao

You do know this is the internet right . This is not Real Life . This site/app is like Tumblr but quicker . That is the only reason I use it . You are weird . That's why you use it religiously.

You are creepy . That's why I don't add back . For every experience I add I get 4-10inboxes . For every experience I post, I usually get at least one comment and I gain one of you . Positive or negative leeches.

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Nationalism was made up so young testosterone filled twits would sign up for the military. The USA is a big country with many people and many cultures and cannot be categorized as a single entity cultarily speaking.
The government is not here to like you or to hold your hand, it's here to make and enforce laws/standards for its citizens.
How are they taking your rights away?
Immorality and sin are antiquated ideas that belong in a museum.
Our health is pitiful, but that's because of poor health choices that people make and are not willing to change.
People who live in piles of trash within houses and people who go out in the "wilderness" to survive (where people have already lived in for countless centuries) for a few days is entertainment. Justin beiber for ***** sake has interrupted news stories talking about obamas decision to extend the patriot act.
People being imprisoned for suspicion of acts if terror makes up a small percent of people. It's not something any sane person should worry about

According to the Constitution of the United States, the federal government was established for six specific purposes. These purposes include unity, justice, domestic tranquility, defense, promotion of the general welfare of the citizens and securing liberty for all, not simply to make and enforce laws/standards for its citizens.
-Why would anyone create something with the sole purpose of creating and enforcing laws?

She does not believe the government has lived up to its promises, the government has, on multiple circumstances, infringed upon the rights of the individuals, the bill of rights was written to better ensure that the government would be limited in their power over the activities of the people.

If immorality and sin are antiquated ideas in themselves, then what does it mean to murder someone? Is there nothing wrong in that? To steal? To cheat? The existence of something for a period longer than our own lives does not render them irrelevant, when someone is killed, someone dies, someone is deprived of their life, of their potential; if somebody steals, something is stolen - if immorality is indeed nonexistent, what then, would prevent us from taking everything from one another? And then further still, what incentive would we have to actually work for our own merit? What if we are not allowed to speak our mind? In a world, in a place, where any dissent from one's dogma is reason for murder, or violence at the least, what's to stop people from killing each other? People believe they can kill each other, that they'll profit from it, they don't see the point in valuing another human being.

You gave a lot of fact and even some things to thing about . Claps to you .

A) The constitution is the law of the land. So those are laws and standards made by the fed.
B) People who desire stability and safety
C) The bill of rights was made to expand on people's rights and liberties not specified in the constituion.
D) Is there anything wrong in killing someone? It depends on the context. You forget that there are a lot of ****** up people in this world who enjoy doing harm to others and don't really care about the effects made by their actions. We are all capable of doing horrible things to one another, but it's our decision not to do so for whatever reasons we may have.
E) Is it wrong to steal from the rich to support a family? If the purpose of stealing is made to help people, is it all that bad?
Take hitler, stalin and Mao. The three big guys in history to commit mass killings either as a direct or in detect action. They didn't commit these things personally, they got people to do these things for money. Promises made that were never kept. If you were in similar conditions would you not take that option?
F) Free speech should be a universal thing, however, most of the world doesn't allow the same free speech the USA has. Free speech should cover all types, including hateful speech.

You just gave a lot of opinion.

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Usually people free American pride or American unity through a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

You remember Katrina right? Now let's fast forward to Sandy. Huge differences in public vs govt reaction. We also have American terrorist groups so who attacks who ? What are we talking about 9/11?

Katrina was worse than Sandy, sandy only killed over 100, Katrina killed 1,800 and cost $125 billion dollars to repair damages and people are still cleaning up over Katrina, Both hurricanes we devastating, but one was clearly worse than the other. Also there are both American terrorist groups as well as foreign terrorists but Americans feel more unity when the Boston bombers killed 4 people or 9/11. I am not saying Americans are any better I am just stating a fact.

That just proves racial problems in America...and that's the point . Katrina attracted more immediate public attention and not enough govt funding . Sandy received lots of money to rebuild and little public reaction. Although Katrina was clearly worse and they are still in recovery .

I'm pretty sure this app is not meant to be used to berate people or call them spoiled brats. If you can't relate or dislike the post, move on to another one.

Lol it's okay the people who oppose with their childish arguments and emotional upset make me look better

Haha true. I just hate seeing people being mean when this is supposed to be a safe place.

Using your 1st Amendment right to vent about your issues with the country you live in...okay cool

Yep .

Thank you Vets for that right 🇺🇸

thank you

Ehh...maybe the dead .

i realy feel sorry for you

Same to you . You seem like you're bored . You're far too involved in my beliefs right now lol

...the ones that are still serving thank you then

I would thank them for something but not the first amendment ...

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The more countries I travel to the more I appreciate what we have as a nation. Yes, crime is a draw back but we have modern technology that people take for granted, stores to buy food. We really have more choices.
Go to China and see what communism is. They cut off hands for stealing. Phillipines have tsunami's, I should stop.

Why would I go to a 2nd or 3rd world country...to live.. If I already live in a 1st world country?

I didn't insinuate you should live in a 3rd world country so why would you ask a question that has no connection to the conversation? I won't even repeat what I said in hoping you might have something to contribute that would be relevant. Maybe you missed something or don't have the ears to listen and share ideas?
So you bang your drum but really have nothing to say but your actions repeat obstinance.

Now that statement is relevant!

2nd world country...communist country . Term still used today . But America technically isn't communist anymore so you're right .

I meant China .

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They still want to move here because in their opinion, it's better than where they come from. In your view, what country has a culture. Other than a country that practices Sharia Law where is immorality not idolized.

Lots of countries have culture but America is a melting pot. America has no culture. I'm not talking about Haitians and Greeks. I'm talking about Australians and Swedes . Like why would you come here besides for finances ?

It is that very melting pot that started the American culture. There is no land or country that doesn't have a culture. Even countries that has little immigration has varying groups of it's indigenous populations, they are quite different from one another. It is that blend that makes a culture. As you seem to have an issue with the US, regardless of how you feel. A culture this country has and has always had.

I don't have an issue with the U.S. really . I just use that word to make things more understandable and firmly stated . They are more like concerns and everything that you just said there is an opinion to me .

sure, there's American culture and heritage. and there's a lot of positive aspects to it too. government/business is a lot more transparent here than in other countries, so many different cultures/ethnicities live here peacefully, freedom of the press, etc. traveling helps with defining what American culture is.

American culture does not exist because of the mixed cultures and our freedoms are up for debate, our racial integration is too. Those are not the positive points of America to me .

culture is a set of learned beliefs. sure, there are a lot of mixed cultures that bring their customs with them and there is variation within America, but there's also a lot of customs and beliefs that unite Americans, all the public holidays, an education system that values creativity... sure, freedom isn't perfect, but it's a whole lot better than in other countries.

When did I say it wasn't ? And your definition of freedom and mine are a but different. I don't know what education system you've heard about? What holidays unite us and are actually American?

you said there's no such thing as American culture. there are learned beliefs/customs we have in common, thanksgiving, memorial day, etc. that's all part of culture. it's pretty widely know that american education fosters creativity. just look at how many start-up companies we have here.

I was referring to your past statement..what are common American beliefs. Thanksgiving is not about unity. I'll give you Memorial Day and Labor Day too while I'm talking but it but Americans don't celebrate either accordingly and American public school can't afford to foster creativity. People have always been inventing and starting businesses....land of opportunity

there are many beliefs. separation of church and state is one example. there's a difference between choosing not to celebrate a holiday and not celebrating because you don't know it exists. when i'm talking about starting a business, i'm talking about places like silicon valley, where people with a high-level of education innovate. if you're really interested in culture, take an anthropology class in college.

I'll have to end now, it's obvious that you have no idea as to what culture is. Good luck with what ever issues you have with America.

When were you a part of this conversation...? Oh okay but Thank you .

Separation of church and state.. One nation under God to fight communism... Nd how can holidays that aren't widely celebrated unite us? A lot of people can't tell you what those 2 holidays are . I'm not interested in things that don't exist ....like American culture.

where i live religion isn't imposed on me and thanksgiving and memorial day are widely celebrated.

I never said religion was forced on anyone I pointed out the hypocrisy in American history. Never said people don't celebrate thanksgiving but that is not a holiday that was used to unite . Memorial Day I'm surprised. I've only seen people barbecue but that's not a proper celebration

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That sounds a little bit like radicalism

Lil bit lol

see that is what is wrong now people saying there is no American every one is looking back 400 years ago they need to look at right now and think about how would it be if they were living in the country they say is so much better than here

I would be living in a country so much better than here....Id probably live longer under a more informative government and my children would be more intelligent but my taxes would be higher and the racism would be equal or worse .

check all the other countries laws

Have you heard of Canada? Check out their laws before you spout nonsense.

I have . That's why I know that leaving America is not necessarily the solution because we're not the only ones with big Government issues but maybe it is because a lot of our issues are growing

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It seems that you are one mixed up liberal who has been brainwashed by the education system.

Nah . A lot of my more personal views are conservative . I'm not mixed up . I just know right from wrong and I don't believe in living in denial . I went to public school so they taught me nothing but conformity and Pro-"American" views

you most not have much feelings for are veterans. i am one of them and you sound like a spoiled brat

Okay . Feel how you feel about how I sound . I have family veterans . Exes that joined the military . I don't agree with the military . I don't respect murder or constitutional infringement but I do respect someone doing something that they believe is right despite the risks.

i will not say any more cause i see you do not know what you believe in good luck

I do . But you don't understand my beliefs and you don't have to do thank you

I was in the USAF and if it wasn't for the military, we would still be living under England's rule or Germany's rule now. As I stated you are a wrong period. If you don't like the USA then get the heck out. I am sick of people like you Aly. You have been brainwashed by the liberal education system.

amen if do not like it leave

You're so emotional. I'm not wrong . That's your opinion period. Don't speak hypothetically and talk to me with your stereotypically ignorant patriotic garbage .

what have you been thru go fight in a war no you can not do that cause you are scared

I'm not afraid . I just don't believe in the cause strong enough to risk my life . Like I said I respect someone who thinks that they are doing good . Stop taking it personal.

You must be the only person here that 'hearts' your own statements because no one agrees with your statements. So who's in denial? Are you a picky eater too?

I don't heart my own comments and obviously I can't heart my post 20plus times so.....

This kind of response is what makes people hate Americans.

why cause some of us are proud to live here

I love America, but I hate what America is becoming. Just because herself or myself have a different opinion doesn't mean we don't like America? That's why America is so nice we're all entitled to our own opinions

it is becoming the way it is cause every one thinks some one owes them something

I'm not for or against that point because it has some legitimacy. But I have to go back to work

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