I was born, raised, and live in the great country called the United States of America. I am a very proud American female citizen by promoting American values, voting, and flying my country's flag in my front yard of my country , I am primarily a conservative woman but liberal only in two areas. I served in the United States Air Force and am now a retired Colonel. I love listening to America's patriotic music and listening to speeches up lifting our country, attending and participating in parades, and standing up for what I believe in when it comes to personal beliefs involving America. God Bless America.
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Thank you for your service and commitment to America.

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Thank you for your services miss happy. Good for you. And what are the two areas you are most liberal in

I couldn't agree more Colonel! I also retired as an O-6 and feel the same was about our great country. I spent most of my adult life protecting in one way or another this great nation and the opportunities it provides its citizens. It pains me greatly to see the US diminishing it image around the globe. For those of our citizens that say America should not be the world's police force, I say look at the world today and you'll see what happens when the "police" are not on their beat! Thank you for your service Colonel! Aim High and Cross Over Into the Blue!

I do love your thinking

While I'm proud of your patriotism, I can't wait to have "God bless America" removed. Not only that, but removing any trace of religion anywhere that it is sponsored by the state. Meaning the Pledge of Allegiance, the national prayer breakfast, etc.

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Great post! Welcome here, Colonel. Thanks for your service too. EP has some similar but somewhat redundant groups. You may also want to join the I Am Proud To Be An American group. I post in that group sometimes, usually on historic anniversaries. Hope you like it here on EP.

It's interesting because "American values" can't seem to be agreed upon by Americans.....

Lol. Very good point. We are a very divided country and will fight over some minor issues such as the color of two dresses.

Me too, well almost ;) a woman that is. I am conservative though and love my country for the freedoms it gives all people. I have some liberal ideologies as well. I tend to believe that most good people conservative, liberal or some place in the center all want the same things. It's just that they have conflicts in the ways to achieve them. So if I may ask, what are your two areas of liberal ism being a conservative woman?