Honestly, I would rather live next to a whole family of Syrian refugees than next to one Islamophobic American who thinks we should leave the refugees for dead. What the **** is wrong with you all, seriously.
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I'm sure the vast majority of these Syrian refugees are genuine, good people - I saw a story about one in Germany that as a way of thanks is making Syrian meals and distributing them among the homeless in Germany (who took him in).

However, and this is the big but, after the events in Paris two weeks ago, you can't blame anyone for being suspicious, especially when the marauding gangs of refugees seemed to consist of young, fit men, without a woman or child in sight and the running battles that are being fought across all of Europe right now. And the simple fact that ISIS said they'd take advance of the refugee farce in Europe to get sleeper cells in, which they have done!

I'm sure you'll be safe though - Obama and Turkey are funding and supporting ISIS. They'd be nuts to bite the hand that feeds them!

I see it this way. People say that most Muslims are racist and homophobic correct? People say that Muslims tend to not like Americans correct? People say that most Muslims show no compassion to Americans correct? Well lets say that all of those turn out to be true. A lot of them may be racist, homophobic, and may not show any compassion towards Americans. But here's the thing, if we show compassion towards those refugees and let them in our country, then who's to say those people wont change their minds about us? I don't know about anyone else but I think letting those refugees in our country when they need it the most [while also acknowledging the possibility of one or two of those refugees being terrorists], will surely prove to those who don't like us that we're better than them. You're telling me every single one of those refugees will bite the hand that feeds them? I don't think so. My neighbors are Muslim and they're the nicest people I've ever met. Of course I'm not saying all Muslims are like them, but I'm absolutely sure a number of those refugees will think of us differently and quite possibly respect us a bit more if we help them. Hell, we were accepted into this country by the natives and yet we were the ones who stole their land. And yet, we choose to show zero compassion and let those refugees suffer simply because the tables have turned?

If people don't give up their religious beliefs, then it's very hard for them to give up their homophobic ways.

We have a ton of homophobes in America, (my parents for example) but a number of them nowadays tend to look elsewhere when it comes to watching anything that has to do with homosexuality in public. Obviously that doesn't go for all homophobes though. There's always going to be people who think differently about life, you can't just force everyone to think and act a specific way that you prefer (speaking in general terms, not necessarily towards you). We have Muslims AND Christians already living together in America. Like I said before, my neighbors are Muslim and we get alone very well. You don't have to give up a religious belief just to respect someone as a human being. When you look at America, it shows that you can indeed live around many different beliefs and mindsets, so as long as you ignore those differences and treat everyone with respect


Nobody thinks that refugees should be dead.

Oh, no, people are "Islamaphobic"! They're afraid of a violent and oppressive religion which is based on lies and bullshit. We can't have that.

With people like you around, there's still hope.

https://youtu.be/PzusSqcotDw everybody should listen to this man speak!!!

I agree however some people may just think that because they don't believe we have enough resources (I'm not trying to defend but I'm just pointing something out that might contribute)

I understand where you are coming from. If California for example said, "Hey we can't take any refugees because we're in the middle of a terrible drought and we have no water to provide them" then I can understand that. But if a state isn't allowing them in just because they are Islamophobic racist shitheads, then that's not okay.

I completely agree with you why do people have to be ********

Good on you! :)

Islamaphobic Americans? Don't forget the Homophobic Muslims.

Under Sharia Law, homosexuality is a crime. It's also a crime in Syria.

Your argument is really weak. No American has said leave them for dead. There are other options, and other countries where they can be with people who share their ideology.

If you are willing to risk American lives, knowing very well that at least two of the attackers in Paris came in with refugees, then let's hope it's not you or your family when they attack us here

How about Homophobic Christians? Did you just happen to forget that the bible condemns homosexuality and that only up until recently same-sex couples couldn't get married or adopt in some states? You're really going to have to stop pretending that Americans are any better. Americans can be terrorists, Americans can and have killed other Americans, Christians can be terrorists. Any religion or culture has the potential to be terrorists so you need to shut the **** up about how it's just their culture/religion.

Do Christians put gays in jail or to death? Can a Christian leave their faith without consequences? Can a Muslim?

I am not a racist by any stretch of the imagination. I have nothing against any religion. It's their ideology I'm against. Sharia Law. Not all Muslims support Sharia, but a great many do, even those nice neighbors of yours.

You really need to start asking questions and do some critical thinking before shooting from the hip. Learn about Sharia, and how it's implemented in different countries. Just because a Muslim is not a terrorist, and most are not, does not mean they have the same ideology as us. Their belief system is at odds with ours.

Maybe you don't remember the time when Christians used to lynch African Americans, or hang them, or burn crosses on their yard, or how about the crusades, huh? Like I said, you need to stop pretending that we're any better.

I have worked with many muslims over the years, and I am yet to meet even one who agrees with, or wants, any part of sharia law. and have a look at Christians around the world, try Papua new Guinea, and look at some of the things that go on. Catholic priests abusing children for decades, and protected by the church, right back to Vatican City. don't blame Islam because a few of its followers are idiots. I promise you, there are far more crackpots in all religions, all the time, just that the most extreme ones at this point in time happen to be muslim at the moment. look back thirty years at northern Ireland, and what religion some of the worst people at that time in the world followed. all religions have good and bad people. and Americans by far kill more of each other every year with handguns, than ever died in terrorist attacks!!! something to think about.........

**** homophobic christians too! Just because someone is not a muslim, doesn't mean they are a christian. I am an atheist and find both fairytales: Islam and Christianity to be equally disturbing and stupid.

hey reefturtle, until you came across this, even people who thought differently to the question asker could express themselves with decency. have to agree with the author, **** off, and come back when you learn how to have a civilized conversation...........

sorry!! that was meant to be inder reefturtle post!!!

I'm uncivilized? Lol you are so ignorant. Bye.

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People are scared. You can't fault their emotions. When people are scared they react. Reaction to an action. Fear is not rational sometimes.

It's not fear, it's blatant racism.

If people say I wish all Muslims were dead or I hate Muslims etc then yeah that's a racist.

Then we'll send you to Syria. Problem solved. Tree hugging liberal. Lol.

I find it ironic in the extreme that any Americans, living in a country that was built by immigrant labor, should adopt these No Nothing attitudes. I actually had one guy write to me, "Other groups weren't bringing their terrorism with them!" Ignorant ****! As if every immigrant group hasn't been accused of bringing a set of attitudes with them that would lead to rampant crime, bring down the country, and foment revolution. It's only been a century since Sacco and Vanzetti. 50!years since the Rosenbergs, for ***** sake. Every time I have to listen to some dumb ******* spout off against refugees, I actually want to shoot him in the face! I'll show you some terror, ****!

I feel the same way. They seem to forget that Americans can be terrorists too. God forbid if something ever happened in America where Christian extremists murdered Americans and we needed to flee to other countries for safety, those countries would probably slam the figurative door in our faces and be like "Remember how you didn't help us? Well **** you"

My new neighbour is a Syrian refugee

I honestly totally agree, some people are such heartless jerks

Yep, totally agree. Maybe the Donald should go live in Syria and take Paul Ryan with him.

As long as it is not your daughter who got her head blown off while having a cup of coffee, who cares? Import everyone, like they have done in France, and have them move in next door to you.

And so now you feel safe?

I coach soccer here inAustralia, and work with many muslim refugees, and they are the most peaceful and beautiful people who I ever met!! I get sick of people who believe Islam is all about terrorists. They are no worse than any other extremist religious group, of which all religions have...........

Thank you for the beautiful comment (:

Do they support Sharia? Do they live in accordance with their faith believing that homosexuality is a crime, and should be punished? Ask them.

You can get off of my post.

You can insult Americans, but cannot have a rational and adult discussion. You throw it out, but can't take it. How immature.

No, I'm asking you to leave because I'm not going to tolerate your Islamophobic, bigoted bullshit on my post. I absolutely will not allow you to use my post to voice your discriminatory and racist opinions. So goodbye.

I will leave because your ignorance leaves me speechless. I bet you support gay rights, yet you would rather live next to those who condemn gays than people who are only concerned for their safety.

Bye *****

I have asked them. I'm not religious myself, but love to learn what people believe in, and why. not a single muslim that I have worked with, wants anything to do with sharia law. they believe in living their own lives, and letting others do the same. making the presumption that they all support that, is like saying all catholics believe in the old testament way of living. have a look at turkey, muslim majority, and has had more female leaders than anywhere else. Indonesia, the largest muslim population in the world, yet they live quite happily with other religions, and their women are equal!! those things you talk about aren't a muslim problem, they are an African problem. Many people believe female genital mutilation is a muslim problem, and yet the two countries with the highest occurrence of it, are Ethiopia, and I'm struggling to remember the other country, but both are Christian countries............

FGM isn't part of Islam at all. It's a cultural problem - not a religious one.

I couldn't agree more!! did you see the video of Reza Aslan on CNN?? I posted it later on this stream.........

Yes I have multiple times. I agree with what he has said :)

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Amen. I agree. America is bogus AF ,well our leaders at least

I read that out of the 27 states that have closed their borders to the refugees, all but one of them has a Republican senator. Not to push my political beliefs on anyone, but I think that really says something.

Perhaps it says that some of us have intelligence....

Or that Republicans are racist bigot fuckwits

If you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell you....

Lmao it's true though. Republicans are literally the worst people ever

And the democrats are such wonderful people. Folks like Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Reed, and Nancy Pelosi are outstanding pillars of decency and morality.

Lol and look at the fuckwits you have... Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, **** Cheney, GEORGE W. BUSH, DONALD TRUMP. Not to mention the other dumbasses currently running for president. Dear god

For sure. All Michelle does is adopt children into her home, Kennedy kills his girlfriends, Rush donates millions to charity, Bill and Hillary line their pockets with donations to their "charity", Donald employs thousands while Nancy imposes legislation that exempts her employees from making minimum wages, Woodrow segregated the government and the military which took 45 years to undo....nice bunch of people you have on your side of the wire.

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Who is my neighbor? Anyone in need.

Thank you, friend! Glad to see not everyone has lost their sense of humanity or had their heart turned to ice.

I personally welcome them. My city was made and prospers because of immigrants.

Thankfully I live in a state that hasn't closed its borders to the refugees. Probably because I live in a democratic state and we're not total monsters.

Our Mayor is actively trying to attract them. Coincidently he happens to be a democrat.

The good news is that the other governors can spew all the political rhetoric they want, if you live in the US regardless of how your got here you can move wherever you want. They are just trying to get the islamophobic group to vote for them.

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