Mrs. Clinton: "Isn't it about time we had a woman as President?"

Me: "If our only option is you, I'm more than willing to wait some more."

Hillary Clinton supporters are either stupid or ignorant. Most, if not all, of them seem to support her simply because she is a woman. To those people I ask this: Do you really want HER, of all people, to be the first woman President? Most Hilary supporters can't even name a single thing that's she's done right during her time as Secretary of State!

Hilary Clinton is what I would call a political chameleon - a shapeshifter - that constantly changes her views to fit whatever is mainstream at the time. When the majority were against same-sex marriage, she was against it. When the majority wanted the war in Iraq, she wanted it. When the majority started accepting same-sex marriage, she accepted it. When people thought Iraq was a mistake, she claimed that she never supported it (which was a lie). When the feminist movement had a strong political voice, she claimed to be one of them because the majority of voters are women. Does this not say a lot about her character? She doesn't have any true idea that she feels passionate about. She doesn't have the charisma to sway the opinion of people who don't agree with her. No, instead, when someone doesn't agree she attacks them by appealing to her mob of mindless, idiotic followers that would applaud her simply because of her genitalia. In other words, she doesn't give a d@mn about the issues you think she cares about. She only spouts off about them because it is politically convenient.

You have the Benghazi incident in which Hilary completely failed in her task as Secretary of State. She blatantly lied to the American people about why it all happened despite most of us knowing that she wasn't being honest. Then she claimed that she simply didn't receive any requests for more security, it just never got to her desk. Could you imagine if a President said that? "Oh, I didn't know that these people, who were in a hostile environment and surrounded by people that want to kill them, needed security. I must have just missed it." The people would be completely up and arms!

She is possibly a psychopath. When she was discussing Gaddafi's death. For those of you who don't know, he was dragged through the streets, beaten, and lynched. Now I'm not saying that Gaddafi was a saint, but Hilary was joyfully laughing at his death (which wouldn't be the last time she's laughed at other people dying). Is that what you want in a President? Someone who not only causes death but joyfully laughs at it? Not even Trump would act like this.

When asked what enemy she's most proud of, she stated, โ€œWell, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians โ€ฆ probably the Republicans.โ€ I don't know about you, but no leader should be proud of getting near half of country to hate you. Even people on her own side are wary of her. Not to mention the whole email scandal and her stealing money from a charity.

Hilary Clinton is quite literally the human incarnate of everything we hate in a politician: manipulative, greedy, selfish, spiteful, corrupt, and apathetic. She only cares for herself and will say anything to get ahead. She'll either lie to the people to push her agenda, or lie to the government to save her own hide. These people rallying behind her are nothing but flies caught in her web of lies so devious that it would make the Devil shed tears of joy. She'll drain everything from you until you are no longer of use (when she's in office) then throw you away like trash.

If history repeats itself, and it always does, Hilary will be the Nero of the United States. America will burn under her leadership while she laughs away in her palace of gold that's been built upon your suffering.
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And now there is a "special place in hell" for all women who do not support HRC. And any woman who supports Bernie is just doing it because "that is where the boys are"... Amazing.

I cannot believe people haven't had enough of that woman

I agree she's a politician that changes her views based on what's popular, like most big name politicians on both sides of the aisle she is merely a puppet of the corporatists. That's why the Democratic debates are being held on the weekends, so voters won't bother to tune in so they won't get a chance to be impressed with the most promising anti-corporatist candidate in decades, Bernie Sanders. I agree, I think it's terrible to laugh or express joy over any other human being's death, but I disagree that that's something Trump wouldn't do, and many other Republicans, too.

Now I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter, but congress refused to pass funding for more security at Benghazi because Republicans wanted to cut spending.

Over the last several decades our political system has evolved such that politics are now based on principal. It wasn't always the case that all liberals were Democrats or that all Democrats were liberals, nor that all conservatives were Republicans or all Republicans were conservatives, but now that's how it is. Liberals and conservatives follow different and in fact opposite codes of morality, and often it doesn't make sense for either side to try to compromise. That said, many politicians on both sides of the aisle would be proud to make enemies of roughly half the country, and that's not necessarily such a bad thing. It's almost inevitable.

In summary, no, I don't think Hillary Clinton is quite the devil you're making her out to be, but she is a product of a broken political system that can be bought by the wealthiest corporations.

God bless you !

an actual fact-checked quote from Donald Trump from People Magazine, 1998 -

"If I were to run, I would run as a Republican. They are the dumbest group of voters in the country. They love anything on FOX News. I could lie and they would still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific."

That quote has been proven false multiple times already.

Woman, you don't know the HALF of it! There is NOTHING she won't/or hasn't lied about. And when they were in Arkansas, those who opposed, or were a problem, met untimely deaths. Trump is no bargain, he's full of himself, Carson has no experience at all. Bush is another bush. Kasick, smart or not, doesn't stand a chance. I think Carly Fiorina is the only way to go. She is a woman, she is a business woman, she never went bankrupt (like trump), and she BELIEVES we should have guns for self preservation. Oh, and she "ain't stupid," either.

I want a woman too sooo bad but I have been really disillusioned by Hilary. I can't do her at all and I'm not a fan of Bernie either so I'm kinda screwed


You know how they hate a woman with a brain!!!!

You're awesome!!!!!

Wow!!!! Very well written. You have a wonderful gift for the written word. You state your case so well and pulled me in.
Oh, BTW I agree with you!!!

Hillary is still better thn Trump. If trump wins America will die

If Bernie sanders doesn't lead in polls, then I'm definitely casting my vote for Hilary, as the country does not need Donald Trump.

Hillary will say or do anything to get elected. Too bad the left doesn't have any other choices. Sanders will never get the nomination.
Heaven help us if she gets elected because she is no more qualified to be president than she was as a senator or Secretary of State.
If she hadn't been married to Bill Clinton no one would even know her name.

My one great fear in life is waking up in the morning, rolling over, and finding Hillary laying there....

I would immediately sneak out and set the house on fire !!!!!!

Now that sounds like a plan!

It's funny because I did agree with you but I respect your thought out opinions ..... Whereas you immediately state that I'm " stupid and ignorant " ......... You are exactly why the political system is at a standstill ...... You hate too much

I'm not hating anyone. I said most of Hilary's supporters are either stupid OR ignorant. Do not misquote me. And that statement is completely true. They either don't know anything about Hilary and what she had done (ignorant) or they know everything that she has done yet still support her because she is a woman (stupid).

I've even seen interviews with Hilary supporters that stated they they'd never support someone who opposed same-sex marriage, supported the war in Iraq, and caused pointless deaths. Hilary did ALL of that, but when they found out, they said they'd still support her. Why? She's a woman. That's stupid.

You don't know everything about Hillary supporters. All the people that support her aren't voting for her just because she's a woman. Some are yea, but some people are voting for trump cause he's a racist a hole. A lot of people are voting for Hilary because of Bill. They feel like this will be another Bill Clinton presidency. I personally don't want Hillary in office but I wouldn't vote for any of the psycho republicans either.

"You don't know everything about Hillary supporters. All the people that support her aren't voting for her just because she's a woman. Some are yea, but some people are voting for trump cause he's a racist a hole. "

Pretty every person who has been asked why they support Hilary don't even mention Bill. In fact, all of them say something along the lines of, "It would be nice to have a first woman President." And I agree, most Trump supporters only like him because he is inflammatory. However if you do a little research on his policies, he actually has plenty of ideas in his head and is backed by a successful business career.

"A lot of people are voting for Hilary because of Bill. They feel like this will be another Bill Clinton presidency. I personally don't want Hillary in office but I wouldn't vote for any of the psycho republicans either."

Then vote for Bernie. He actually believes in his policies and has the mind to get them done. Also I doubt that Hilary will let Bill run everything. At this point, she feels like she is entitled to the Presidency. She won't let someone else run her show.

America does need anymore socialist ideas have we not gone far enough in that direction with the current presidency.

And the political system is at a standstill because the Dems and Reps can't compromise and are constantly fighting. Hilary will only make that fighting worse. So if you're voting for her, you're the reason the system is at a standstill.

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For you being so young, you realize a lot more than most people your age or most Americans for that matter. Keep up the good work!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰

That's all politicians, not just Hillary. Whoever wins will do the same.

What a cracking post, most of the politicians in this country are corrupt, with expenses etc, they all have their own agenda and it's government by consensus, the spineless bunch have more faces than a dice, there are a few exceptions, and dare I say it, some are very principled, even if we don't like it or agree with it, look at the new leader of the opposition in the UK.

I agree with you to an extent, but there have been some principled politicians that have risen to the top and did great things for this country. Today there are still politicians with principles, they just can't fight against someone with bloody hands.

You must really hate her to write something so long against her. No maybe you should write this in the form of a letter and send it off to the president so he can choose a different secretary of defence

Love you

Arent all politicians this way? Hmmmm giant douche or turd sandwich

No, they aren't. Granted you can't be a politician and expect to never make a mistake or have a clean record, but Hilary is proud of the disasters she has caused and poorly lies about it. She may go down in history as one of the greatest political criminals of all time.

Obama seems pretty bad

Obama actually tried to reach a middle ground with the Dems and Reps, but they ended up not compromising. Thus nothing got done.