A basic summary of users who message me:
75% Indian
15% Middle Eastern
6% Australian
4% American...
.... What's going on here, guys? Hm? 😢 Why is this happening?
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i am american


does it make a difference?

What no Canadians?

Hi, Alaska here

Lmao...why such a low % of Americans?

Maybe your beauty is too much for them. Lol

What? No Canadians? ;-p

Message her Deg..then she will have to rewrite her story, and add .5% Canadians! Lmao


I did...... ;-p

Lololol...she's not budging on rewriting her story. You the man Deg.

What...Deg's had that little devil profile pic for years now..as long as I've known him! Lol

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!!!! True

Funny. That seems to be the same ratio of guys who pretend to be women online too

Don't know. Although I am not fully american, being born in Europe

That's funny, well I'm from the US so can count that higher


Considering 1/7 of the world is indian

How do you get these statistics? This is curious to say. Are you referring to them as brown skinned or literally from India?

Interesting. So if I sent you a message what does it say?

So, where's the problem? Unless you are looking for something more than some casual online chitchat, why does it matter where they are?

Add one more American to your list.

I know "American" includes more than US citizens, nevertheless, I have ancestors who served Union forces in the 124th Ohio Voluntary Infantry out of Cleveland for the Union and ancestors who served in the 1st Georgia Infantry Regiment out of Macon for the Confederacy... and ... Oh! and I am a direct descendent of SC Justice John Marshall's clan. I know my family tree back to the 1600's.

I was born and live in the midwest but don't feel I have really earned any right to call myself a U.S. American! I was just lucky that a couple of those ancestors had some fun between the sheets once every generation or so. Regardless, I wouldn't trade my allegiance to the U.S. of A. for anything. It's the worst country in the world except for all the others.

Hm!! Do I still qualify?

Wow, interesting mix.

And it might be your photo, that you look like their type??

I can't meet many people for Britain

Me : 90% of people out of Australia...

Maybe its the time that you're on. Most Americans might be asleep then.

Add another Aussie to you're Pussent !! 😘

I will help the American percentage, FL here. Love the name

Well .. They said its for everyone
Does it bother you ?

Well... you're on the internet, hun. It's this crazy thing called the "world wide web".

hello im middle eastern and spanish but I was born in texas

**** America Allahu Akbar 💣

I'm a Brit! Hello 😀

Pleased to meet you 💋

I'll up your American percentage.😉

I'll up that Americano percentage. Make me feel good baby

You can do more than that hehe

Oh my gosh so freaking true!!!

America also

Add another Australian haha

Very precise percentages

They are hoping you will be their ticket to America before the gates close.

A basic summary? Lol. That's a lot of work. :)

Gulp. No ma'am.

I kinda like it :) I get asked if I want to get married like all the time :p it flatters me then I get to play heart breaker by saying " sorry I'm already spoken for "

eh I went to a Buddhist temple as a teen so I learned real quick to understand broken english. speaking fluent typo also helps. but I,can understand why it's annoying to most people.