This picture is all I wanted to post.
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Somewhere out there, something American started playing

anyone know how to see pictures on here using the app?

You gotta click on my post. I posted it with the app

No. I need people that post ACTUAL posts and they come up when they should! No secret security! If your ******* **** doesn't come up, then it is because YOUR ******* **** doesn't come up! Plain and simple!
As far as I'm concerned, until you fix your issues, there are going to be NO NICE GUYS giving you feed back. STOP BLOCKING! That is purely YOUR FAULT! Get a handle on it!

Lol amazing xD

LOL! That's great!

hehehe... where can I get one? :)

I do not know what you mean! You are showing a beautiful profile pic! Why change it?

Thank you haha, I'm not changing it though, I just wanted to post another one

That is a great sign!!!

Very clever campaign poster.. Lol