Actually Obama is every bit as evil as Hitler. He is a muslim socialist which makes him a COMMUNIST for those who don't like to make the connection. His one goal is the destruction of America and the conversion of American from a Christian nation into a muslim state run by himself as a dictator.......not as an elected official. There is now serious talk about eliminating the term limit restriction which would allow him to run what everyone overlooks is that if the country goes into martial law (which is where he wants it to go with the race division and his NSA and Homeland Security buildup) all elections are automatically cancelled and he can rule as long as the "emergency" exists. To borrow a line from a movie called "The Fly" years ago..............."be afraid, be very afraid." Obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to America. He is more deadly and devastating than all the wars we have ever fought. And his sole power comes from those who are drinking his koolaid and from a liberal media that has been bought by his administration and refuse to tell the TRUTH about this monster. agree with me or not, but folks, the truth is the truth and will always be the truth no matter how you try to ignore or sugarcoat it. GOD Bless America because we sure need it. TIme to roll up our shirt sleeves and start cleaning house. Need to get back to the laws that say Congress has to live by the same laws they pass for special exclusions. Need to get rid of about 500 of those 535 officials. Of course, some 350 or so of them are socialists as well. (Again, remember that means Communist).
jasonBK1 jasonBK1
18-21, M
40 Responses Mar 26, 2016

I don't know what's funnier the post or the angry comments πŸ˜‚

Sorry young sir .. I totally disagree I love my president ❀️❀️❀️ and I hate to see him go .. I think he's one of the greatest president ever , not because he's black but because he has compassion , he brilliant and he's one of the best diplomats I've ever seen in my life ... He's the absolute truth and he's all about inclusion and fairness and peace .... Love him and his family ...❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

Cooked in the head

And everyone's a *****. Everything's got some truth it to. πŸ’πŸ»

To it* dyslexic here lol ****

I know you are entitled to your opinion, however this is why people think republicans are too extreme. I don't like Obama, many of his policies screwed over my family. But he's not hitler. He did not kill millions by genocide nor did he fix the economy of america. And it is for this reason i cant agree with you.

So a hitler socialist communist who's a Muslim dictator? That's every little thing that has been used to drum up fear in America to justify imperialism and acts of terror on the United States behalf. This is clearly used for the purpose of scare tactics, and the writer has zero intentions of being genuine.

Ow the ignorance, it hurts.

*double face palm*

I don't even like Obummer, but the sheer stupid of your post has given me a headache.

Muslim + socialist = communist?

Do you realize communism is anti-theistic and a fringe ideology in America?

And you got this disinformation from Glenn beck and Alex 'Jim' Jones?

TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP Make America Great Again!

He does deals that are **** for everyone but himself. Americas gonna be ****** up when trump gets in.

I think you're confusing Trump with the political establishment. Trump's tax plan will greatly benefit the middle-class and lower-class alike. Like Lyin' Ted, we Trump voters are not susceptible to your pea-brained lies.

Well said. Let's bring back term limits. They are ELECTED. if we catch them not following the campaign promises then we recall them. Get all them out.
Also all lives matter. Stop killing your fellow man and do something positive with your life!

I was thinking of putting all Muslims in a large pool of Nitric Acid, and building a border wall made of reinforced steel and chobham II plated armor with a large mine field on the other side but yeah that works to.

Socialist DOES NOT equal communist. There is a bloody difference.

And you'd be offending the largest muslim country in the world by saying Muslims are communist, because in Indonesia, Muslims were made to slaughter 1 million people considered communists on the basis that they didn't believe in God, the problem isn't Muslims or communists, it was Suharto supported by none other than the CIA, who carved up the country and covered it in blood. Capitalism and it's imperialist tendencies are the worst thing this planet has seen. Not communism and be damned it's not socialism.

Actually they are extremely similar. Socialism is economical while Communism is both political and economical. I believe socialism will always devolve into a communist system.

In America you get what you earn, not hand outs from other people, aka legalized robbery. We already have enough socialist systems if the deductions from my paycheck are any indication.

The last thing America needs is more Bernie, actually the second to last thing America needs is Bernie. Killary Clinton is the last thing America needs. The left is killing America, and the right isn't much better seeing as how the RNC (Republican National Committee) is a criminal organization.

The only way America goes on is with Trump. If not, then we wall fall into the 3rd world and you entitled ******* millennials will get what's coming to you when we are there and survival of the fittest kicks in. I don't think you leftists will know what to do with yourselves.

Leave the voting to people who have a rudimentary understanding of economics you DNB.

Oh and let them take advantage of everyone?

Americas economic crisis has come from exactly those people who play on the market. Play for personal gain, so when you say leave it to them, you mean leave it all to them to **** everyone over and then blame it on immigrants and Islam? So the country can be justified in its imperialist campaign?

Id advise you also to look further into workers councils, and learn about their dynamics, and how they have functioned. You will find that every workers council democracy has been infinitely more democratic, and beneficial for everyone except those who want to **** over the workers with military coups and all.

The problem is, capitalist overlords (and similar bureaucrats) aren't going to tell you that you can live a better life without them. And they'll do every bit they can to make sure people are "liberated" from workers council democracy, as they have in Russia, chile, Hungary, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Spain etc

Lol at blaming the economic failure of America on wall street. You're such a predictable Bern-out drone. The real problem is the poor trade deficit with other nations as well as Obama's ridiculous spending. Our forced because our politicians are bought by special interest(OFTEN FOREIGN.) Until now, if America finally rises up and votes Trump. Trump was in the belly of the beast, didn't like what he saw, so he ran for President to help the American people. You're an ungrateful twit. He could be "sitting on his *** making money" instead of putting his life on the like every minute. He really doesn't have a lot to gain by doing this and he's not taking anyone's money to do it. Americans will never get the chance to vote for someone like that ever again.

I think it's kind of safe to blame the economic hardship on those who have the most influence on it. It's not only safe it's the most practical conclusions the most logic conclustion. And the people who gamble on Wall Street as well as those who sell out to China. It's everyone who's right up there, they don't give a **** about America unless they can make money. It's literally a gamble, ask experts who have been there and turned away with disgust. Donald trumps racism is typical of upper class people who have absolutely no care whatsoever about every day people. There is absolutely no reason to oppress people simply because there's a tiny tiny risk. You probably increase the risk by oppressing them. Donald trump is simply an excuse for Isis to tell Muslims that America is against them. They just want to run society. He's been caught lying countless times and has been bankrupt countless times also. It doesn't matter who sits in the seat of president, America will still be a place of mass exploitation.

Donald Trump is bringing back jobs to America. He already got the Ford company back before he was even president. Donald Trump is the guy who is going to enforce free trade or cut ties with nations bending us over a barrel economically. Donald Trump is going to put a wall up so we aren't forced to pay 113 billion a year in taxes for illegal immigrants, as well as keep the hard drugs out, so people aren't committing crimes in order to get their next fix. Donald Trump is going to stabilize the national debt so we don't turn into a 3rd world country. Donald Trump is going to keep the "refugees" out so PARIS and BRUSSELS doesn't happen here, regardless of how much you want you hug the people with bombs strapped to themselves. Sometimes you just need someone to protect dumb ***** from themselves. That man is also TRUMP.

And you don't get what you earn in America, otherwise how the **** do business people make money sitting around not doing any labour?

YOU REALLY won't get what you EARN if you're part of the Bernie clan dumb ***. If you think taxes are bad now, you should actually educate yourself on his tax plan.

I know that his tax plan is better that what you have today. Regardless like I said, no matter who sits as president, no worker is getting what they earn

Um no, Bernie's tax plan would eliminate an estimated 6 million job, and hike taxes even higher than they are now for the middle class.

Trump's tax plan is actually beneficial to the middle class. Trump's tax plan is by far the best of all candidates. Probably because he's not a politician on strings, or in Sanders case, a "Democratic Socialist." We already have that. Modern leftist politics are a fail. Maybe you'd know that if you were able to pay attention to politics for the last 8 years, but, as someone typical in your age bracket, you're brainwashed.

Big accusations, "you're brainwashed", just shows how thick headed you are, and only reveals so much about yourself. You're lucky I'm willing to keep this discussion up.

So what! if Donald trump is bringing back jobs, Bernie is brining back jobs AND raising the minimum wage. And I have never heard of this "middle class taxing", I thought he was chasing the tax evaders? Spit up the evidence mate?

Go look at his tax plan, if anything he's making things fair. Capitalism rewards people for luck, and the family they were born in with greed.

Besides all this useless crap, socialism has absolutely nothing to do with what's happening in America atm. If you want to know what socialism is, read some Marx or Engels literature. It's not just a utopia, it has existed for brief periods in the past. Sad to say every single time it has, capitalism or state capitalism has came and imposed its rule on people who had become socially advanced because of the new form of society they had.

No, they simply get all the commodities made by the workers and give them back a small fraction of what that commodity is worth.

It's kind of obvious that the worker doesn't get a say where the commodity he produces goes, which is just crap.

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Who has brain washed you with so much ****

So, you say socialism is communism?
Them why aren't Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Britain and all of those socialist countries helping North Korea, or at least endangering the American Dream somehow?

Only a matter of time before the Mooslums take over. It's already started. Your men are too soft to protect your women from the refugee rape epidemic which has become the social norm. How embarrassing. Western Europe is going to **** and will be there within a decade.

the problem JasonBk1 is that people are uninformed...Which is why you have people laughing at you and making fun..Honestly, I don't agree with everything you said, however, you are probably closer in reality to what is going on that about 99% of the bloggers on this site that are heckling you... ;)

Wow !!
I think Obama himself didn't know he wanted that.
Try to be rational and put your personal feelings towards him aside.

Obama is great.

What bullshit have you been eating XD

This is a ******* bunch of bullshit. Lmao the **** that come outta people's mouth. Smh

You aren't african American

You're literally an idiot lol. I laughed throughout this post.

Ignorance reigns supreme.
Socialism is NOT communism. Neither are they fascism nor a dictatorship. You are confused. You skipped 7th grade social science class or slept through it.
You want to depose a president without due cause and allow an early election? Who would you put in charge in the mean time? The military? (Martial Law).
You want to sweep out all but the few ultra conservatives in the House that you agree with...(Dictatorship).
If you understood what our Constitution clearly says and what the third branch of our government, The Supreme Court, is duty bound to uphold then you would understand that a third term or suspension of a vote is not possible.
I find that I loath myself for having to agree with you in only one thing. That all government, appointed or elected, should have to live by the same rules as us for all of their lives. Primarily the pension, immunity and healthcare benefits that they receive after they serve.
But be clear on one thing. If this country took your radical advice we might rid ourselves of government gridlock which frustrates us all but we would fall into a Military Junta which would never end.
For almost 250 years this nation has passed peacefully from the hands of one publicly elected leader to the next. No one of those leaders, including President Obama, has been enough to bring ruin to this nation.
Often our Congress and Senate have gotten to the point of deadlock as they are now. And in the last presidencies since the 'Executive Order' was conceived during George Washington's presidency (issued 8) and peaked during President Franklin D. Roosavelt's presidency (issued 3522 Executive Orders) and has actually been only moderately used by our current president, Barack Obama 224 times as of the end of last year.
I'm no fan of the Executive branch acting separately from the whole of government. There is no Constitutional basis to allow it legally. Yet it has happened over 13,000 times and our government hasn't fallen!
Let's wait for November and see if American Republican Democracy yet again survives the rigors of a single president's agenda.

Thank you. I practice here for debate team. I'm not sure what to do when they shut down.

Are you on nuts?

RAHAHA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Omg thank you for that. I was having a crappy day until I read that hilarious ridiculousness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I'll be good now lmao - whenever I can stop laughing, that is. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thank you so much. πŸ˜‚

Who told you that?

Come now, if you recall Hitler was responsible for engulfing the world in the most horrific war in mankind's history. Uncounted millions lost their lives due to him, not to mention the evil of the holocaust. Comparing Obama to him is grossly unrealistic.

What fails to sit with me is that somehow he's a Muslim nazi communist socialist dictator, who's bombing Muslims in an imperialist campaign...

Socialism, nazism and communism are contracting ideologies, and I'm sure you don't go and bombard Muslims or support apartheid against them in Israel if your interests are to implement shariah law...

So basically this mystery Obama doesn't exist

Also alien abduction and illuminati

You sound deluded.

Omfg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this genuinely made me laugh! How the actual **** can you compare hitler, a narcissist who killed millions of people, to Obama who wants to give you free health care. πŸ˜‚ and no socialism does not equal communist, that's like me saying republicans equals nazi fascists. The logic is bullshit.
Please tell my you're a troll?!?!?

Ask yourself what is a COMMUNIST... Have a little read of marx and youll see its bot a bad idea. Th "communists" you know that exist today arnt actuall communists but dictators etc. If obama is evil the god is a homosexual black woman and jesus is a transgender muslim -- see .. Ridiculous

Socialism and communism are very different to Stalinism, which is what ended up occurring in Soviet Russia after a genuine workers revolution occurred and was basically destroyed by civil war. Socialism wishes for successful workers control to succeed, communism is a word so distorted that i just don't use it do describe anything...

Our President drinks beer, eats pork, believes in church-state separation, is pro-choice and pro-equality...doesn't sound much like a Muslim to me, let alone someone who wants to bring Sharia to this country.

Also, if you hate socialism so much, you should recuse yourself from garbage pickup, stop driving on taxpayer-funded roads, and decline snow plowing services.

Are you being serious? Obama is a great guy. Donald Trump is the modern day Hitler with all his idiotic ideologies.

Um, no. Hitler had 11,000,000 innocent people killed for stupid reasons. All Obama did was set up an insurance requirement and drone some brown people to death.

Please educate yourself and stop watching Fox News...

1. Church and state are suppose to be separate... So even if he was Muslim, which he is not... It shouldn't matter. America is NOT a Christian nation. American is a melting pot of diversity. I pray you are not a Christian because if so all you are doing is promoting hate... Very Christian of you...

2. We've now had 71 straight months of economic expansion.

3. We are currently enjoying the longest period of private sector job creation in American history.

4. Unemployment has dropped from 10.1% in October of 2009 to 4.9% by early 2016.

5. The Federal budget deficit is shrinking. It’s been reduced by two-thirds since 2009.

6. Under President Obama, government spending has increased only 3.3% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president.

7. Dependence on foreign oil has shrunk due to record domestic oil production and improved fuel efficiency standards.

8. At least 18 million more Americans now have health insurance than before.

9. The Affordable Care Act has added years to the life of Medicare.

10. We currently have fewer soldiers, sailors, and airmen in war zones than we did at any time in the last 12 years.

11. Since Obama became president, our economy has gone from losing 750,000 jobs per month to adding 250,000 jobs per month. That’s a net improvement under Obama of about 1 million jobs per month.

12. In just 7 years under Obama, there were more than three times as many jobs created as there were in the whole 8 years under George W. Bush.

Apparently, some people think peace and prosperity are the worst things that have ever happened to America.

Please show me statistical evidence that support your claim and the source

Only because a black man made it possible ...⭐️smh ..

Socialism works great until you run out of other people's money.

Yes! I agree 100% :)

I agree **** Obama and the hole Democratic Party that's why they call it the left wing party I say I u want a communist government take your *** to Cuba or China Korea don't **** up our country

Trump for President

pappito - I am sure you can find a good theocracy elsewhere too. Opposing an authoritarian government IS what America is all about.

America is an oligarchy

Glenn if you really believe he's a racist u got issues u feel into the bull **** that the media is serving u my Mother is X CIA he's not if you want to know more I can show u u can look it up on the history channel he problem is that both side have sold out to the Tri lateral board or illuminati or who ever u want to call them but the big money of the world so to the Jews . Trump will not be a sell out like the rest of the politicians if you read his plans they are brilliant starting with his import X port laws he want to fix so us Americans stop taking it in the *** so much u need to know its crazy like look this up in the history channel the JKK and Democrat party , this is so crazy how they say they back up trump lies who freed the slaves? Lincon a Republican the south wanted them as slaves as did the KKK so the lynched both whites and blacks for voting republican making blacks vote democrat knowing that people vote how mom and dad voting they the blacks have all fallen into the white mans trick and to ******* ignorant to study and learn shame look bro I am American my family is from Cuba if I were a sell out I vote for mark Rubio who I know we both grew up in Vegas we both come from Cuban family's I'm not voting for him or CRUZ who is Cuban to they all sell outs to the Board did you know what Fedil Castro campaign was CAMBIO that in English is Change its a famous communist campaign

You actually got two people to heart your post, now that's scary! Obama has 9 months to turn America upside down and into a communist socialist country? Someone missed their political science classes and has been inhaling Fox News and online right wing propaganda. Either that or you're crazier than a shithouse rat. Have you ever heard the saying, "it's better to remain quiet and let people think you're an idiot than to speak and prove you're an idiot." I think we can chalk this post up to youth and ignorance but that really doesn't explain your delusional thinking. Take a deep breath and investigate every point you tried to make in your post and then redeem yourself by posting something based in fact and not in delusional hysteria. You're behind the eight ball here and most people your age are more educated and open minded than you.

Where is yours. I think they hit it on the nose. This is coming from a kid that don't know what the **** he is talking about. No one can change America into a communist country. Really people that's some ******* bullshit. Obama is AWESOME not to mention he's the first black president and the haters are just jealous. Oh and he was born in Hawaii that's what I'm from and bleed Hawaiian blood πŸ’―

See the good thing is it America the land of free. So you have your views of him and I have mines. I think and feel the republicans are the worst ones to put in power. It's always a war that they want to solve problems. I wish he could run again gas is cheap, houses are selling, people are back to work, unemployment is at its lowest since that donkey bush ****** America up. Barak Hussain Obama I salute you and everything you did for this country.

Yes that's true. Best wishes to you to. My apologies

It already is communist. Many Americans are just too dumb to realize the Washington Establishment controls everything and you are devoid of an actual vote regarding your president. If it wasn't for massive voter Fraud Donald Trump would already be the elected GOP nominee. The fact is electronic voting machines are being easily hacked to change votes as they go through to reflect the person THE ESTABLISHMENT wants. That is a dictatorship. That is communism, or a combination of communism/socialism under a thin veil of the illusion of freedom. Capitalism is, Conservatives are doomed cause a huge portion of the population is brainwashed by WMDs (Weapons of Mass deception) aka: The Main Stream Media. And the leftists will help their masters that they don't even know they're serving destroy America just like they are doing to Europe.

PEOPLE need a major reality check, and a major REBELLION if they want control over their governments back.

Brilliant!, my thoughts exactly as I read through the post, but you expressed it very eloquently my friend.

And I don't even live there!

Thank you!

Ok I thought you were joking until I read your other text. When this guy posted the rediculous rhetoric that has no foundation nor is there any reference to source material it just doesn't hold water.To refute such outrageous claims is a complete and utter waste of time. The division in our country that you mentioned is certainly a fact but that division didn't just suddenly appear. Police officers didn't just start shooting unarmed African Americans but the media has gone to great lengths to expose the unjust use of deadly force but this has been happening for years. Most police officers are brave dedicated professionals who have an incredible and unappreciated job to do. President Obama is a decent and faithful man and has brought honor to the White House and deserves praise for stopping another Great Depression and so many other accomplishments that are too many to list here.

With sarcasm dripping from your mouth you actually believe you're right. You get your information from Fox News I take it. I also watch Fox News but also cnn, msnbc, nbc, the ap, the bbc and hln. Review all of these sources and then make a very informed decision on what's right and what is bullshit. Look up the president's accomplishments online. This president can actually leave this country and not be charged with war crimes. Ask these folks from other countries how they feel about the president and you'll find most give high marks. History will be very kind to president Obama and the world and this country are better places as a result of his presidency.

Trump couldn't tell the truth if his family's life depended on it. He's so full of **** his eyes should be brown. He doesn't have a foreign policy and he qualifies his answers by saying they're great, terrific, the best, you know, dumbing it down because he can't find words in his vernacular that can better describe what he's trying to get across to his audience. He's a billionaire who has the middle class interest in mind?

I agree it's a choice of lesser evil.

The quote "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Is by Abraham Lincoln...a favorite president and role model of mine.
This is the second time I've seen this non-sense posted here. And since this is 'Experience Project' I have to assume that the author here is living in a fantasy world where facts are unnecessary.
The political facts are wrong. The ideologies are wildly inaccurate and the author doesn't understand his political subject matter.
This is a discussion best left ignored.

Sounds more like unifying to me.

Now sf I find it hard to believe that you know any atheist or at least acquainted with atheist to make such an all inclusive indictment of atheist being liars. Atheist I know, and especially sunny, thrive on truth and facts and evidence and principles and integrity and rational logical thinking. To question everything especially authority and to never be a sheep. To hold people to the same standards as we do ourselves. We're like Muslims once you get to know us your fears subside and you realize we're not who you thought we were.

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In 2015, toddlers were responsible for the deaths of more Americans than foreign terrorists.

As far as terror attacks go, Americans are far more likely to be killed by angry and delusional young American men.

Please don't try and be rational or logical . It totally defeats the purpose of extremism (as in the posters') and might shed light on a part of the psyche heretofore never accessed by a lot of people . This could result in a sudden crash of all functions .
It's always better to banter back and forth , without the knowledge of statistics and empirical data, regarding this topic .
Your attempts also deflate the whole "Muslim / Christian " argument and blame game . This derailment could lead one to investigate the actual numbers of "terrorists" who are also Muslim ; whether there has ever been terrorism perpetrated by Christians (even Buddhists have radical lunatics ); how actual "homegrown" violent criminals compare to this "terror" threat from this ambiguous geographical location (in most western mindsets). This could actually end up sparking a rational discussion on the matter . Pondering ideas such as , "what does being a terrorist have to do with the religion one claims to be fighting for ?" . "Does that make the entire faith culpable ?" ." Who are we to judge or evaluate anothers' religion by our own limited ideas of religion ?".
I mean seriously , do you see what could happen if there was intelligent dialogue ?

"Socialism" is sometimes used interchangeably with "communism" but the two philosophies have some stark differences. Most notably, while communism is a political system, socialism is primarily an economic system that can exist in various forms under a wide range of political systems.

Both terms have a multitude of twisted meanings, it's best to define what you mean by them before you draw conclusions. Overall your point can be agreed upon but some socialists are similar to Bernie sanders and others are for the overthrow of capitalism and workers control in industry. Communism can mean state control of industry and workers or mean a utopian world where no one has to work at all I society.

You must also believe President Bush hated America! When ever anyone runs for President in America The person in charge must Vent the incoming President So you do not get the real history of America Then Stupid pigheads hate is follows you every where I feel sorry for you!

I love Obamaβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

Me too. Republicans always hate any president that is a democrat. I will love to watch the Republicans eat crow when Hillary Clinton wins in November. Obama has been a great president and the Affordable Care Act is a great accomplishment.

Oh God I hope Bernie wins!

If Bernie gets the nomination, that would be fine with me and I will vote for him in November.

Whoever wins has my vote...much better than the alternative!

Speaking of lying and blood. Bush lied about weapons of mass distruction and as a result caused the death of thousands of Americans for and over 100,000 Iraqi people. That is a lot of blood. What lie did Hillary say that lead to the death of over 100,000 people and the crippling for life of thousands of US soldiers. Talk about discusting. I am on Obamacare and if I wasn't I would be paying 400 dollars more a mint for my health insurance. That is not a lie, by the way. If the Republicans had anything on her, they would have pressed charges against her. And speaking of idiots, if the Affordable Care Act is repealed do you think that companies will hesitate for a second to drop their employees health insurance with the mandate gone? Do you really think, it will be replaced with something else. Only an idiot would believe that it will be replaced. Go ahead Republican, defend Bush' s lie about weapons of mass destruction and don't say it was because of faulty intelligence that he received. Their was no intelligence. Only a lie by a curse to this country. But thankfully, Obama kept us from getting cursed by another Republican who are bent on destroying the middle class and want everybody to work for no money and no benefits. The beautiful thing is that Donald Trump has already handed the Presidential election to the Democrats on a silver platter.

Benghazi would have happened no matter who was in office at the time. By the way, the numbers don't support you saying that Obama has hurt the middle class. Unemployment is low. Over 12 million Americans have access to affordable healthcare including me. The economy is doing great. But you never did defend Bush's lie that killed over 100,000 people. That's because you can't. The only reason you hate Obama and Clinton is because they are democrats, pure and simple.

If you don't have to defend Bush for lying about weapons of mass destruction and starting a needless war that killed over 100,000 people and crippled thousands of US troops for life, then I don't have to defend Clinton either. After all, fair is fair. Also, I fail to understand your logic that an American embassy would not have been attacked if we had a Republican Secretary of State and President. But, let's pretend for a second that your right. The people that were killed at that embassy pales in comparison to the number of people killed and disabled by Bush's big lie. But I guess that Bush is excused in your eyes for the "blood on his hands" because he is a Republican.

Taking up for somebody who murdered people with their lies shows how ignorant you are. Barack Obama has done nothing wrong. And neither has Hillary Clinton. If you think that Republicans give a damn about the military, you are the ignorant one. The war is all about oil. And at least 50 percent of Americans have figured that out. Speaking of vomiting, you will be sick in November.

Nothing has been proven. Republicans are haters, it is what they do. You would hate any democrat that ran for office. You, like your fellow Republicans are full of hate.

Untrue. Republicans radiate hatred.

By the way. I also support raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. And I've noticed that the Republican candidates refuse to raise the minimum wage by 1 penny. Strategically, the Republicans should have proposed a more modest raise in the minimum wage and their refusal to do so will cost them dearly in November. I also support the California teachers union and hope they prevail in the Supreme Court. I believe that is the real reason why the Republicans won't nominate a Supreme Court judge. If the California teachers union prevails in the Supreme Court it would be a great victory not only for Teachers, but also firefighters and police officers in California and the rest of the country as well.

Trump will do a better job I love him now

I like Trump as a person but not for President. I am a democrat but if Trump gets in he will be far better than the other Republicans that are running. I don't believe that he will do anything to help the middle class but he is not out to destroy it either. And that is why his own party is trying to stop him.

Ur not middle class why do you care? You are not any of those deprived of sunshine

Well we had a Democratic Congressman who served while under indictment for embezzling state funds...then went on to win re-election and serve another term all while serving time in Federal Penitentiary after being found guilty...
Why not a President?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have not been convicted of anything. And they have not been formally charged with anything either. And neither one of them will be formally charged with anything because they are not guilty of anything. I hope that Donald Trump does get the Republican nomination because what his own party his doing to him just underscores just how corrupt and dirty the people trying to hurt him are. Besides, it will be fun to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate each other.

Hi SweetDreamsRubi 🌞 Great to meet you here,on EP/Me Too 🌞 Well said & ditto...President Obama is doing the very best he can for the U.S...just the press love to hype things up.As a UK citizen,when I listen to speeches from President Obama...he speaks with feeling,no airs or graces...whereas with our Government,it's just fighting,arguing & a Prime Minister,who is failing miserably!!!

Don't listen to silver fox. He is an idiot

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