Hillary has 7 letters, Hitler has 5 letters
35 - 5 = 30
Hitler is a lvl 30 wizard
Illuminati Confirmed
Half Life 3 Confirmed
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Hitler and Trump are from the same family line. His wife is from Russia that wants to change America for to follow Russia ways closer. Hillary was born in America none of her family was born over sea like Trumps Dad was he was part of the SS His Grand Father worked in death camps Trump thinks anyone with lessor means should work for less just like you. That is what is wrong with the world Make less get less

balmynadin (a) g m a i l . c o m

What's between the lines is the same as what's between your ears: Nothing.

dude, is you okay?

You need to learn to count. H-i-t-l-e-r. Six letters!!!

Damn it, we've got the numbers, let's make them fit!!!!!


Go home you're drunk...

Wrong person you mean TRUMP racist prejudice like HITLER

Don't make jokes about thing that are gonna mess you up.




How much smack do you have to do to come up with that?

I don't get the logic. Did you make it up?

the logic is there, you just have to read between the lines.

Yes but behind every delusion is logic as well.

I am not trying to dissuade you but just to let you know it requires more than logic to draw the conclusions you have. Try to see it from a professors viewpoint if you handed that in. What would they say? They'd encourage your own thought, but would suggest you need much more before you give your life OVE to that way of thinking.

I don't see any logic at all. Just some highly contrived pattern.

Pattern- that's actually a good point. But he is trying to use logic to come up with that pattern. Let's say he came to the point if using sound logic to point oura pattern. It still wouldn't be evidence of its correctness. The issue is a lot more complicated.

Exactly. Correlation does not, contrary to popular opinion, imply causation. Oh, and he actually messaged me to say he was just trolling. I might have overreacted.

Ha I thought he might be serious. Lots of young people get caught up in conspiracy Theories, which is why I took the gentle approach.

Except that idiot doesn't know how to count hitler is 6 letters on 5


*not (siri ****** that up)

Trust me Siri has done much worse to me!

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