Good evening, everyone.
My name is Jason, Dr. Jason McGregor. I'm here in the capacity of the chariman of the national task force against homosexuality in Uganda.
We are making legislation to make sure that sodomy and h'omosexuality never sees the light of legality in this land of the part of Africa. I've taken time to do a little research to know what h'omosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom. One of the thing they do is called a'nal licking, where the-, a man's "a'nus" is licked, like this, by the other person. Like ice cream. And then what happens, even poo-poo comes out. The other poo-poos out. And then they eat the poo-poo. The other one they do, is they have a s'ex practice called fi'sting where they insert their hand into the other man's hand and it goes all the-, into the a'nus all the way, and it is so painful they have to take drugs. But they enjoy it. Now if we have any children, please step out. This is a parental guidance moment. That child can be moved out. So, I've done research. This is what they do: Number one, you can see a man here having "sucked" the other person's rectum and the other person is poo-pooing, and this one is eating the poo-poo all over the place. Tell me, when you have a law against homosexuality do you say accept eating poo-poo? I mean look at these guyses here. Bishop. Aaaah, stagafiliza. Huh? Hajat? We do not want this sickness. This is sick, and it's therefore deviant; we do not want it.
Now, they start off by touching each other's "genitals" and smearing each other. Then this one smears the poo-poo all over the other person's face. As if that is not enough he puts the hand deep. Africans want to ask Barrack Obama to explain to us, is this what he wants to bring to Africa? As a human right to eat the poo-poo of our children?
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I am a 14 year old bisexual girl and this ****** me off beyond belief. You understand that not all gay couples are like this right? and its ignorant to think so. Instead of thinking of it like that how about you open up your eyes and think " why don't we bring the beautiful belief into Africa that all love is love and when people love each other it can be an amazing thing regardless of race, GENDER, ext." Why don't you teach them that instead?!?! Not to mention all the crazy kinky **** that straight couples do that is way more disgusting. So if your gonna do research why don't you research everything that all couples do so you don't end up sounding ******* stupid. With your mind set, you should be teaching people in Africa to just not love.

I heard this speech before and I still don't understand why he ask the children to leave after the drugs and other details other than the reason that he's stupid.

i don't know either, he's from a third world country, so their views are different than ours.

I have a question? What are you on? I want to stay away from it

LSD mostly, i also use MDMA, Adderall, and sometimes methamphetamine, Weed, and heroin.

Wow. The matter speaks for I self.