I like the naked female body as much as the next guy, but I don't understand how taking topless pictures of yourself champions the idea of feminism. I don't see men ripping their pants off, blurring out their junk and posting it to social media, talking about how empowering it is. Kim Kardashian is a fool, and 21st century feminism is a self-indulgent license for acting like a fool.
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it doesnt

I'm a feminist myself, but I have never taken topless pictures of myself and shown everyone. What does that prove exactly? You know what's empowering? Rising above asinine, narrow minded asshattery and that doesn't do that. Sure, they can do it if it makes them feel better, but how does it stop people from sexualising women? Treating them like objects? It doesn't. Some men still act the same way and if anything topless pictures makes it worse. Also, Kim Kardashian doesn't speak for us, people like her do it for publicity, so that they don't fade into obscurity.

Sounds like the explanation I get from religious people when they appraise the validity of a denomination of their faith; Everyone isn't a true Christian or true Muslim

You think she cares about women in Africa or men's custody rights? The difference between this particular example and most others is that everyone knows she doesn't care about such issues. If she cared, she'd tell that ******* of a parent to get her **** together. She'd be openly demonstrating and lending her voice to real issues, with her clothes still on. We all know that the Kardashians do everything to do to keep their fame. If they didn't stir **** up, noone would follow them on Twitter or watch their show. Anyway, it seems you missed the actual point of my response, which was that the free the nipple movement is ineffective and pointless.

I'm not saying that she can't, I'm saying that Kim K doesn't unless it gets her publicity.

I'm not saying she does it. Read my words. She does it for the publicity, if she even does it at all.

I beg to differ, her life is on show and she welcomes it. Her private life, like all celebrities is extremely public.

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Kind of agreed 😂👏🏻

Glad to hear it; go preach it.

It doesn't it just earns her more celebrity and more money....and that's all she really cares about....

I completely agree. Free the nipple is stupid.

a dumb choice.

How are you and hope all is well with you? You are certainly obsessed with Kim Kardashian.

I think you're about as smart as you look.

Speak the truth!

Most women's body's are beautiful 99 % of men are flat nothing to look at but women come in all shapes very small almost flat to larger what is wrong is most people are a shame of what is given so they make you cover it up

Have you seen a California Beach, or a dance club - the millenials don't really care about body shaming.

I can't stand women who are easy and just have sex with anybody and claim that it's good for them to do that no it's stupid for you to do that your decreasing the value of sex and your decreasing a woman's value and you're making it hard for women who actually have values and want to wait because many can go around get it for free

Well I think there is a hair to split on that. A woman who ***** anyone is surely degrading herself by not placing any tangible importance on that realm of her life - a realm which men seek almost by nature. But on the other hand a woman should be able to **** whoever she wants and she can deal with the negative or positive outcome after.

well I agree because great is her right but it's not good for the rest of woman because it makes it hard


You seem very mature for your age if in fact you are in the 18-21 age range your profile states.
I actually hate feminism and believe in very traditional gender roles.

oh it's absolute f****** nonsense. And if I decide to take care of him and then I'm treated like s*** by other women because they tell me that I'm not supposed to do that type of stuff. I like to cook and I like to clean because I love a man and I want to take care of him. You can be a b**** and you can argue with him and you can talk about how you're a feminist and you don't want to clean the dishes and blah blah f****** blah but not mean

I didn't understand any of that. Hahahaha! I don't push my beliefs on anyone else. I just live my life the way I feel is appropriate.

I'm kind of an a****** about it I can't tolerate most women I don't want to speak to them

Wait. It should* be a choice, the problem is, for many it is simply NECESSARY to work outside the home.

And, while I believe in traditional roles, I do feel those women that WANT to be in the work force, should have the right to be there.

Media is twisting it and ruining it for everyone, the pure concept was a good one- starting with the right to vote.


Ha, thanks - as 21 year old it's nice to receive such an appraisal from an older woman. But I do share your contempt for feminism, so long as it remains a redundancy in feminine culture. I'm curious though, what is a traditional gender role to you?

Well....I believe in women being submissive. I believe in men being the leaders of the household and the "breadwinners". I believe in women taking care of the children and house and cooking dinner. Haha.

can I get a amen!

I see, and I may not be too far from that frame of life. Evolution has drummed certain physical characteristics to each gender, so one is intrinsically better at doing certain things for the family. When you say submissive though, do you mean in the bedroom or in general?

I agree with you that each gender is intrinsically better at doing certain things for the family. I am also verrrrrrrrrrrry strongly against women in any position of authority, and specifically POLITICS. Women have no business being in that role. And if I can help it, I prefer not to even work for a female boss.
I believe in women being submissive in AND out of the bedroom. Men should be the leaders and final decision-makers in the household. He can and should ask for the woman's opinion and input, but the man has the final say. (Just as a side note, I happen to be VERY into Domination/submission in the bedroom, but I think that's more of a coincidence. Haha!)

On the political position I'd disagree, because I don't think we had enough female leaders in human history in order to conclude that they can't handle that sort of power. Also because we've had many males, who have incidentally started brutal and pointless wars in terms of foreign and domestic policy; women seem to be more diplomatic than men and sometimes that's what a nation needs leading them. But on bed room submission you and I are certainly in agreement, as it's almost like the female body is made to be dominated by a male body.

Oh for sure about the sex thing! Very sexy.
I believe women are far too emotionally driven to make any good business decisions.

That may be true, since women are usually more emotionally driven, but sometimes there a women who have masculine traits; perhaps even a duality of traits. Same goes for men.



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I am sorry to say this, but who gives a rat's pattutie about feminism. Feminism in one sense was a valid movement for equal treatment before the law, and it succeeded. On the other hand, Feminism was a movement of lesbianism and anti-male sexism that was offensive to everyone but the radical feminists who pursued it.

I agree that the Kardasian are all fools -- but they are very wealthy fools who take their foolishness to the bank. Anf finally, if any attractive woman cares to bare her chest and post it to social media, I simply will enjoy the view and give no thought to political corrrectness.

Hear, hear...but it's still worth noting that subscribers of feminism do the most redundant things while using the title of feminism to make it seem righteous.

I'm glad that so many openly talk about how ridiculous feminism is at least now. The irony of the situation is that the poster of feminism the symbol of feminism is the Rosie the Riveter right and that poster is government propaganda and World War II to get women to go into the workforce just until the boys got home it's really really ironic and I think that encapsulates the idiocy of that movement the fact that propaganda is a symbol of free thinking just shows how limited the thinking is I think feminism destroyed American culture and the American family.

Do you think it was ever relevant?

Maybe you all miss the point?
Real feminism was about equality. The idea that a woman can do anything a man could do in the workplace.
The key word being "can". I think the bigger issue, the one you sidestep, is that we now need 2 working members of the family just to pay the bills. THAT is destroying family values. Because we are paying other people to raise our own kids!
Should a woman stay home to raise the kids and cook/clean? Maybe not, but one of the parents should!

Too true

we're going to go back to it we're going to go back to Old traditional roles

"we're going to go back to it we're going to go back to Old traditional roles"
that requires restoring the health and vitality of marriage, which certainly should be done, but it's a tall order.

Happy April fools lol

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You're painting with a very broad brush here....I think you have a Kim K problem.

I have Neo-feminism problem - if you followed my words.

" I don't see men ripping off their pants , blurring out their junk and posting it on social media" ??? How does this equate to a picture of a woman's breast ???

Men don't really do things like this while letting it fall under the guise of sexual freedom. Have you seen it?

Get a grip....

I was anticipating some amusement via loose babble, but I guess today you'll just settle for passive aggressive aspersions. Nobody is impressed, ****.

Your Mom was certainly impressed....Thank her for the Pics !

my mom is dead

But the guys in the pics were from BlackLivesMatter.....WTF ?

Settle down you two- isn't worth it.

Few of us remain, let's get along 🌺

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