and I am SCARED AND FED UP with this country we call "the best country in the world". Look around, who runs the country? All the rich ******* who are behind the millions of ADS that are directed to your brain can't escape it. Wanna watch a short 30 second video on your phone? Please enjoy this minute long ad for chemicals concocted into "fresh food". America, why the **** do you think it's SANE to charge 1$ for a ******* burger and seven times that for some lettuce? Do you think our country wants to solve the huge problem of obesity? "Michelle Obama is trying to help!"

Okay, but look at what is still happening. Our healthy food is expensive as hell and we can barely afford it so we can't help but turn to the alternatives.....because the corporations that produce all that food will lose so much money. We need to fix healthcare....BUT those insurance and medicine corporations will lose all that money.....we have all these solutions that will eventually fix our biggest problems but the problem is that it'll hurt our corporations...THE ONES THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THE PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So while they're sitting on their high stacks of money we are all sitting here working 2 jobs and asking ourselves what the **** is happening. And most of us just conform because "that's the way you gotta live to be successful" well have you ever reminded yourself that it never was like this back then? Or even in some other countries? Do other countries have the same numbers of people becoming bankrupt over their medical bills? NO. It doesn't have to be like this. But we're all too ******* hard headed and brainwashed to realize it. We feed in to the corporations. They rule us. They have money, they give it to our "leaders" for bribes, and they get power. We are fed chemicals, bathe in chemicals, breathe in chemicals, we are being harmed physically and mentally by these people just because "that's how America is".

Ok rambling rant over. I hate America and I proudly say it, because we have turned into a monstrous, power-hungry corporate run country with "democracy" attached as a fluffy label. As a 20 year old it's ******* hard to escape this no matter how much I want to. I'm concerned for our future and planet and I know I'm not the only one out there.
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I hope you can get out soon, I also feel bad for every American who can't escape and doesn't know

Not even flotus is trying to help. Her little school lunch plan cost the US 7000000000 dollars. Her plans are doing way more harm than good.

where have you been? lol who has the money has the power itwill always be like that. no matter where or what happens


The Illuminati runs the country and one the the ring leaders is that scumbag George Soros brainwashing the people. They are behind putting this ******* in office. and this is how the brainwashing is accomplished. Newt Gingrich explains that only Donald Trump is capable fixing this corrupt dyslectic government. This gentleman explains it well.

conspiracy theories OO

Fact, not conspiracy theories.

Barnum said..."There's a sucker born every minute"...LOL

Yes, that's how we got Obama.

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