Hey there slugger,
I've been inspecting you for a while now, and my fellow comrades and I have reason to believe that you could be a Mexico. Now, I'm not racist, and I'm not saying that you're a taquito-eating, siesta-taking brown person, but ya do have skin darker than mine, and I think you need to check your priviledge. WHAT PART OF AMERICA DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? GET THOSE FLOUR TORTILLAS OUT OF YOUR DIRTY EARHOLES AND LISTEN UP FU'CKFACE! IF YOU DON'T CONFESS TO BEING A MEXICO, I'M GOING TO DIG UP YOUR GARDENING ANCESTORS AND SHOVE PESOS UP THEIR UR'ETHRAS. I'M GOING TO TAKE YOUR S'HIT-STAINED MARACAS AND STICK THEM IN YOUR BURRITOS. I'M GOING TO SQUEEZE A FAT MARIACHI BAND INTO YOUR AN'AL CAVITY. So, I'm going to ask again- are you a Mexico?
jasonBK1 jasonBK1
18-21, M
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Wow. For someone who's not racist you sure have a funny way of showing it. If your comment was to the general public then screw you, if it was to me then when and where would you like to settle this.

are you a Mexico ?

Like I said when and where would you like to settle this *****.

oh Juanita here is mad

So instead of being a man you run like a *****. Let me ask are all cracker ******* as scared as you. For real you talk a good game but when it comes time to back your play you fold like a cheap tent. So are you gonna man up or run away. I'm still waiting for the time and place.

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