Nothing is real. Time is a human made concept. Everything you learned in school is wrong? Remember learning about Thomas Jefferson? Well he's made up. He was actually a dude named Badger who the illuminati used as a figure head to spark the revolution. Why did the illuminati want to cause a revolution? Well some think it's because they wanted chaos, others think they did it because they wanted to continue the strength of the transatlantic slave trade but do you want to know the real reason? Beets. No not beats like as in "these beats are dope" -Kanye west. No beets as in the root vegetable. It is not very well know but in northeastern Pennsylvania there are a number of large beet farms run by the Pennsylvania Dutch families of the Scranton area. So why was the illuminati so interested in these beets? Well it turns out the heads of the illuminati at the time were really into the delicious beet wines that the Dutch Scranton beet farmers made and bottled on their farms. So why did the illuminati start a war?? Well the illuminati knew that if King George kept control of the colonies that he would eventually discover the delicious wine and order the farmers to make it exclusively for the throne. This is why the illuminati hired badger to start the sons of Liberty, start the revolution and make America independent. It was all about the beets.
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Uh Huh? And what did the voice of Dog (God spelled backwards) tell you about James Madison?

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