I hate it when people try to put down our military. Yeah, maybe Britain and the USSR could've beat Germany without our Lend Lease or troops. But definitely without us there in postwar Europe, the Soviet Union would've steamrolled over Europe cause that's what they did up till they met up with our forces and couldn't conquer anymore without fighting another war. And though Europe at that time, did for the most part, cater to their own defense, the United States did help them to defend from the Russians. Now it's almost expected for the US to be there for Europe militarily, while they spend the money they would've spent on National Defense on Socialized Healthcare or whatever. The go around and condemn the US for the size of the military. I for one think we should downsize the military, mostly for economic reasons. But then we'll see how safe Europe feels without their "World Police". And when it comes to bullshit about Iraq and Vietnam? We win almost every single time we go up against a sizable military force. Sure we lost Vietnam, but we also not only won, but decisively won every single major battle. How many other countries have lost a war but won every battle? When it comes to our politics in these countries that's what looses us wars but the military itself really is the best in the world in terms of reach, power, technology, and funding.
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Wow kid, I've no idea where you get your history but you have been listening to the wrong people.
WWII was not that long ago, they show documentaries on it all the time.
Nobody questions if the US saved Europe's butt.
The complaints really didn't start until Bush jr stepped on Iraq.
He, like Trump said he would do, listened to his military advisers without question.
When you are charged caring for a forest, you don't ask Paul Bunyan what to do with it.

Stop getting your "news" from Fox network.
The world is not that simple. Although I will admit, I wish it was as easy as you say... Our people's lives depend on the rest of the world too.
War and killing is easy, peace is not. Everyone thinks they are a better president or quarterback, but it's all part of politics. By the time you learn politics, you won't like it any better.

Personally I think it's no other country's business how much we spend on our military. They should just shut up and enjoy the fruits of our help. If they don't want our help they should elect leaders who they can trust to uphold their best interest.

We did not lose the war in Vietnam. American troops pulled out in 1973 after a negotiated peace agreement. The South Vietnamese government lost the war in 1975, in part because of corruption and mismanagement.


And besides germany nearly conquered all of Europe had not been for the military moron hitler was they would have

Hitler was a politician. Had he listened to his generals, he may have survived. Well, maybe for another year. :)

I always forget he was a politician thx for reminding me

are you planning on joining our military? and yes, I'm retired