Will we fit in when we go to your country? We’ve been practicing your culture. (video) Im afraid that we were be awkward again. Last time we went to the USA, they thought we were weird and made fun of us for being Canadian lol. But like we want to act like Americans so they don’t hate us. There is a track and field invitational we got invited to like every year. So weve been studying your culture. IM in the striped shirt in the harlem shake one and then in the basketball jersery and then black tshirt in the blue hat in the neyney one

Like we live in Canada. Like to film that video, because everyone has 12 acre backyards, we had to friggen mini bike over to Henrys house to film that bad boy! We tried to dress like Americans dress too. Like I wore that basketball jersey and Eldon wore these Adidas pants. Lol for the harlem shake one that’s me with those super seductive thrusts. We thought we were so funny, but now I see how dumb our joke was. Anyways, when we go there will people start to neyney and stuff? Like we learned how we watched videos. Because one time on this dinner boat thing we went on last time, we didn’t know the soilder boy song or the soilder boy dance. And everyone teased us. But like we listen to friggen Dallas Smith, Shania Twain. Not friggen soilder boy lol.
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when i go abroad to other countries, they think me and my family are arabs, but we are Maltese, which means Europeans, but most Maltese look like Arabs (We are Catholic which is not like arabs since theyre muslim)