born this way and will always be. fricken foreigners go home.
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Such an articulate post... It contains an astonishing amount of well thought out arguments and rational analyses... Xenphobia is such a brilliant concept!

Obvious troll is obvious.

Your ego is about to burst!

Haaaa :) do they still teach that in kindergarten? Don't worry u go up one grade 😘😘😘😘

Unless your a pure blooded native....I don't think you have **** to say about foreigners....ill help you pack though.

Ok just tie me up and send me home lol

And here goes another ignorant person
If only you knew what foreigners suffer to come to this "great nation" and in the end have to endure people like you and their bullshit
Most of us come here to work and make a living same as everyone else here
We're just trying to get by

Haha 😂😂

U know what it's ppl like u that make me want to leave u probably racist af too although I'm white I still don't like ppl like u, and also there are not many ppl who are true Americans remember that ur ancestors came here long ago so maybe u should go home too and get off the land of native Americans

Hey, get off our channel rusky! ;)
Don't be like pushing yo sense of dignity-for-all, when you can't even be a wolf! Or an American!
How would you like it if we all changed our name to TheBearOfAmerica? XD

Lol ud be the dung bugs of America of anything cause u ****

Do they have dung beetles in Russia?
I understand my humor was lost on you, but BearOfRussia was only poignant because of the Russian bear. But if there was a dung beetle that represented Russians best, I guess that would work. :)
It sounds like more of an Egyptian name though. :D

U r legit too stupid to insult

or you just haven't got a grasp of the English language yet. Fear not, you will get there.

Dude I really doubt that I don't have the grasp of the English language I'm one of the smartest people in my English class

Aww do you go to class with rocks?

oh nice, a devilish ray of sunshine. :)
And I was having such a cloudy day before this comment.
Thank you.

I'm sorry I don't talk to *****

Ohhhhh! Did you just drop the mic there? :D

Europeans and Australians love to drop that 'C' word. Though not usually to underage kids, because that would be tasteless.

I don't usually drop the c word it's only if some dumb ***** decides to say something stupid and also when they insult my friends she called my friend who is probably 12 times smarter than her a rock

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I seriously find it funny how you only hear this from Americans no other country ever talk about this stupid **** and for a teacher you really like that word huh **** **** **** wow hate to see the kids you teach probably a bunch of delinquents

Unfortunately there are all too many American teachers who push their retarded views on the students. Not many intelligent people want to enter our educational system (on the public side) anymore. The teachers union makes it near impossible to teach anything that matters.
So we're stuck with people who could not make it in life and settled on being a teacher.
My kids have a teacher that has her doctorate degree and loves to rant about being the smartest and highest paid teacher. She may be highly paid for a public teacher, but she's clearly not the smartest. Even the students know that. And why would anyone get a doctorate degree to teach high school? :D

Lol so true

Would the children of immigrants be considered foreigners?

Sh-it, that's makes my kids anchor babies!
I married a Cherokee! Are we deporting 4th generation Irish American Born?
I'm starting to feel like the constitution isn't being read anymore. History is being ignored and Fox news is training a whole new breed of angry women.

To be fair, I'm sure by "foreigners," you mean illegal aliens or those overstaying a visa. That I agree with. But not legal immigrants. Immigrants who add to the life of the country, do not take jobs from native-born Americans and who assimilate are welcome. We should set a quota for immigrants like we did in the '20s, but "foreigners" is too broad a concept.


How can you agree with this statement

It was my friend



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Stop sticking your American noses in other countries affairs you are just as bad

It's to late young lady. I'm white British and have spent fortunes holidaying in your identity less country so does that apply to me?

If you actually are an American Indian, I assume you're talking to 99% of the people who call themselves "Americans", whose ancestors hail from Europe? Are you 100% Cherokee, or have your ancestors mixed with Europeans? Is there a certain percentage of American Indian DNA that one must have to not be a foreigner?

So, because of an accident of birth you consider yourself more entitled than others? What a petty and inconsiderate person you are.

Do you really fear religious persecution in America?
Because if that were true, you would be talking about removing religious decisions from our government.
Think about it. If we get a surge of crazy religious immigrants who eventually get their American-born kids to become senators and maybe even president... They could use our government to do things like make new holidays! Ones that we may not want to celebrate, and then more days off work! (God forbid) Or make their new churches exempt from taxation!

Where DO you get your irrational fears from? I feel left out here. I want to fear something irrational too! I'm offended that I was not given irrational fear!

You completely ignored what I said.! What a truly horrible person you are.

Would you have a problem with a foreigner if he or she was in US legally and was a productive and a contributing member of the society no matter where he or she is from?

Oh your giving her way to much credit! She can't possibly have that much depth to her thoughts!


Just trying to give her an opportunity to tell her story. There may be some very personal reasons why she feels the way she feels...we all should make a little effort to understand each other. It doesn't take much.

It can be infuriating to many people when they read a post like this. I expected to see the haters support this post and the rational ones defend it. I didn't expect to see your post though, so even even-hearted. Well done.

Your much more compassionate then I am. I believe knowing her story still could not possibly justify her ignorant out bursts! And then her claims of being Native American and a teacher. Non of it adds to anything that deserves compassion.

It's easy to react and make judgements on the first impression. We all do it everyday...if everyone made just a tiny bit more effort, then we might all discover that many of us have good hearts, have good intentions and have real pains.

How much effort do you give an isolationist who makes unsubstantiated claims and is vulgar and insulting in doing so. I'm sorry compassion can often be misplaced. When people where in disbelief she continued her ignorance. Perhaps she should have attempted an explanation shortly after her rant when most were down her throat. What would you speculate would be a reason for such venomous words?

And quite possible learn something worthwhile in the process.

I don't know...may be she has had some first hand experience and frustrations involving a foreigner, not that that gives her the right to be hateful or any other label you have chosen for her but at least I would have a better understanding of where she is coming from.

I don't have to agree with her and I don't even know if I'm being compassionate. I just want to understand better before I'm quick to make judgements and labeling her this or that based on a few comments, whether if that's her experience, upbringing, or whatever. That's the effort I'm willing to make. It's what's missing in the world right now. There is a learning opportunity for everyone if we understood each other a little more...

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Most "Americans" or their families, were foreigners!

The problem isn't foreigners it's a lack in the assimilation process. And a scoffing of our entry laws. Please, cutler, with an attitude to become part of the American way of life, that is supposed to be united and welcoming and most of all free! Is what makes us great!

I thought you said you were a teacher? I don't understand if that was a question or whether it was just an ignorant rant?

Is that was this is? The sites shutting down, so you get to finally wear your ignorance on yourselves in an attempt to fill it with your tiny ego?

Your not giving your concerns any credibility with anyone here!

No she's just trying to use intelligence and reason where it does absolutely no good. But i applaud her efforts, futile as they may obviously be!

Lady I don't give a rats behind about you! I care about what your words make your fellow Americans look like! If your even an American?

I want to apologize to the intelligent people reading my postings. I'm sorry I have a bad habit of quick spelling you are as your!

Unfortunately, if she doesn't understand that other than Native American Indians, we are all foreigners of the USA, then she's not going to know the difference between you're and your.

Lol for sure! I was actually speaking to the intelligent people in the audience! 😝

It happens to the best of us.

Listening dear :)

You're talking way over her head.

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Sounds like too illiterate and narrow minded. Pure american bred is a minority, only the native Americans. America is a conglomeration/mixture (in case you don't know what conglomeration means) of all citizens/nationalities from all over the world.
Your avatar looks like a white wrinkled old woman. Are you damn sure you are a native american?

Yes, i know what it means. You are a teacher? and you can't even write one good sensible thing.

A teacher?

What school do you teach in? I need to know if I have to pull my grandchildren out of it!

I doubt it! If your native to anything, it's probably the troll tribe. BTW! Looking at your profile, I notice that most of your experience depict how lonely you are. Gee I wonder way?

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Ugh just another small minded outlook. Some of the greatest contributors to this American way of life are the fricken foreigners. Also you want cheap produce? Guess what that's mostly an immigration labor force taking far less pay otherwise your apples will cost more like $5 each.

Amen to that

How is that amen you realize that you are technically an immigrate

I am? I don't even know what an immigrate is

Wow either your stupid or just ignorant *immigrant

Lol at least I can spell dickbreath

Your head looks like a **** 😂 and you got that like triple chin **** going on lol I don't gotta impress you buddy lol also yeah not the best speller but not really important honestly I'm Chicano so meh don't care

That explains a lot you dumbass

How am I the dumbass when you didn't know what immigrate meant

Every word out of that hole in your face proves how stupid you are lol you didn't make it out of junior high did you cocksmoker?

How do you smoke **** please inform me fat ***

Lol breaking you down ***** go to night school for 10 years or so and maybe you can get your G.E.D. you moron lol

Breaking me how lol you going to sit on me I'm so scared come on fatty run the mile

******* Jabba the Hutt looking mother ******

Lmao :) nan u ripped him by the balls 😂😂

He hasn't responded to me yet I think he's still trying to run that mile I mentioned

*** jabba the ugly looking mother ****** , omg that killed it ! I'm still in stitches, made my fuking day that :) good man , he ain't gunna show that face :) 10/10

Hey if you wanna read more I'm roasting him on his experiences

Il have s glance at some point :( dumb ignorant moron, doesn't look like he "went" to school , would u go??? Man that must have really dampened the dreams , well the American Dream


Btw immigrate is a word dippy haven't you ever heard of moving that's basically what it is

My bad

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I agree with you.If you try to changing the U.S. just leave.There other place you can go and live.May be you live there just go back .Don't change the U.S.. Change your own country and stay there.

All Americans were foreigners. Except Native Americans. Are you Native?

Lol 😂😂

Lol. Because I am,, maybe she should go home if not lol.

So so so damn true or the mayans lol

You tell 'em 😂

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