America. I'm American, born and raised.
this country is feeding people unhealthy food. Its highly unfair, racist and discriminatory. It's rude, the people are rude and the so called fair rights seem to no longer apply unless harm comes to a white person or someone with higher power. Also the educational system is very very slow. Majority of the countries that are doing well money wise, is a few years or so ahead of our education. Plus many things are poorly made and over priced. Food for example, If I want organic meet that hasn't been shoved into a cage its whole life and fed properly, I have to pay extra. If I don't want to pay extra, I get meat that has been shoved into small cages in which they can not move more than a few centimeters and fed improperly often eating its own feces because it is hungry or being fed the wrong food because its cheaper. And clothing... They slap a name on something but make it poorly then Jack up the price. As soon as I'm 18 or 20 I am leaving this backwards country that lets people drive before they can drink so they get drunk silly when they turn 21 then die in a crash because they dont know what their limit is.
America is known for (by every other country) poor food quality along with education, then it goes to the people. I've done my research. I've talked to people that live there and have travelled there (the netherlands).
Many family members fail to realize this. I just pray that me and the ones I care for are out of this country before someone realises that this country is useless. Its built on the backs of natives and Africans, is that a good message? No. It says the settlers are lazy. They have no compation. But sadly, that has transferred over to the present day.?
any rude comments will be ignored. ive spoken the truth, if you dont like it? not my problem. some of this is just based on my state, the racism part. thank you for reading. let me know if you agree or disagree and why. ?
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first off you need to investigate your history the first slave in America war a Irishman and he was owned by a black man. Irish were the first slaves here next were the Chinese then Africa. black slaves were brought here by the French who purchased them from black slaves masters in Africa. yes the food here is bad but we are one of the few countries that don't eat horses cats and dogs. next for you to live in another country as in move there you need a skill. also slavery still exists today most in the Arab world but also some still in Africa. Netherlands have you looked at the taxes there I believe it is 60% payroll and a 25% sales tax meaning you make 50 k a year 30 k goes for just taxes then that leaves you with 20 k but everything you buy has sales tax puts you at 15 k to pay for food clothing and shelter.

Just shut the **** up. Go live in a ******* dictatorship.

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I somewhat disagree.

It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 93, you haven't had time to meet 300,000,000 people.
Believing the first thing you read is not a good basis for fact or evidence. I can't speak for your level of research or your state, but I can tell you that there is truth in what you say, but it's not fair to say it as fact.
Yes, the things you say are true. But they are not America and do not represent the American way or the whole population.
While it is a fact that large industry does push too much weight in out politics, government spending and regulations, we as a people get to decide where we spend out money.

You bring up a lot of nasty truth and it's not easy to defend in one post. But I think I can help bring things into perspective. If you were 35 or older, I would dismiss your frustration as an angry rant by an underachieving woman going through a mid-life crisis or something, and not bother with a reply. But you are young, smart and clearly interested in your country. So here I go.

America is HUGE. It is not fair to compare us to Sweden or even the UK. You could compare an American state to a European country though. For social issues, always look at population and geographical locations. That helps us see the problems associated with numbers and distribution. Population density (people per square mile), is usually a huge factor in social programs.

Our food industry is highly regulated for safety but remember, we're feeding a global market. We feed our 300,000,000 people and we export as well. Of course we also import foods too. So when you look at meat specifically, animals need space, lots of it. If you are trying to farm chickens near a city, land is expensive and you need a lot of it. That either drives up the cost to produce, or you try to cage them into a tighter area. Because if the meat is too expensive, it won't sell.

Which brings me to the next point. There is no such thing as "overpriced". If something were to really be overpriced, it would not sell. You may not be able to afford it, but if someone else buys it, it was priced right. That's a capitalist system.