To The Veterans

I was having a pretty bad day today at work. Everything that could go wrong seemed to be happening and i was cursing my job and thinking how much i hated it how badly i wanted to find another job. Then i saw a banner hanging over the interstate welcoming some troops home and i stopped to consider how much worse things could have been if not for the efforts of our military men and women here in the U.S.A. I have the right today to choose my own career path, and people in some countries never had that option, one day a government official looked at their school transcripts and decided for them what they would do for a career. They never had a choice. Here in America we decide for ourselves what we are going to do for a living. Sometimes we make the wrong decision but it was OUR decision not some government officials and we have the right to change our career if we decide it is not what we want to do and many people around the world don't have that option either, they may want to work in an office but are stuck driving a garbage truck because the government said that was what they do well.

I know that was a long way of getting to this point but i wrote this to thank all of the armed service members both past and present who have or are fighting for my freedoms. They don't know me and likely never will know me but they are willing to lay their lives on the line to protect ALL of our freedoms. American troops have died all over the world protecting the freedoms of Americans but not JUST Americans. Our troops have fought for the freedoms of people all over the world and they do so willingly knowing full well that they could die in this endeavour.

November 11th was Veterans Day in America. A day set aside to remember and thank our military members for the sacrifices they have made to protect us. Sacrifices of time, time spent away from families and friends, and sacrifices of lives. I wish for the safety of all our current military serving in warzones around the world right now, and i wish to thank them and all of the veterans who have served in the past for my freedom. Thank you all so much.

As a little side note i would like to thank the families and friends of those members of the armed services for the sacrifices they have made as well. Their sacrifices are often forgotten or neglected. The time they spend wondering about their loved ones, wondering if they are alive or dead. Hoping for the best but fearing the worst, raising families alone while their husbands or wives are serving. So thank you as well.

Thank you all so much. (Sorry if this rambled a bit)

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
46-50, M
Nov 11, 2009