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I was born here, and was a small child in the turbulent 60s. I have joked before that I am the kid on the Woodstock album cover. I'm not that particular kid, but that was my young childhood. I was born, and lived in the Los Angeles area then, and I saw everything going on around me through the wide open eyes of a child. I saw Hippies for peace and love and riots for civil rights. I saw protesters beaten bloody by Daily Cops on TV. Before I was ten years old, I had witnessed a steady stream of good men gunned down for reasons unknown. The old men said sternly, "Love it or leave it!" And the young ones cried, "Hell no, We won't go!". I remember being eight years old, and asking my Grandfather if I would have to go to Viet Nam when I grew up, he said, "I hope not..." 

All these things are American

Woodie Guthrie said it best long before I was born:

This land was made for you and me...

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In time, the reasons and true perpetrators of the crimes will be exposed<br />
Long after those involved are dead...<br />
<br />
I do have my thoughts on it all, <br />
and I think it was the same group of interests that causes trouble in the world today..

".. for reasons unknown" must be something demoralized for every troops sent out as much as the one gunned down.. What do you think A, is it possible to make things clearly known?

I'm glad that others share my view of the US. It is, after all, a country formed by an armed revolution.

CV: Glad you are enjoying your time in this country, Wish I could spend some time in Monaco ;)<br />
Mister Stoner: I thank you ;)

Well said AS.

Those times indeed shaped me, <br />
and gave me the backbone I have today.<br />
When I was a child I saw people stand <br />
up for what they believed in, at all cost.<br />
And today, I find it hard to sit idle while <br />
thing begin to fall into disarray once again.

It's one reason I love EP so much. I believe it epitomizes what American freedom is all about. We can state our opinions and beliefs, share our knowledge and experiences. We know there will be those who will argue and fight against us. There are those who may unreasonably attack our point of view, but that is the nature of freedom. We have to be willing to stand against the storm.

I've been feeling a bit defeated lately, but this picks me up. We are still using our right to speak, by writing here...

And in this country we are supposed to be able to speak up and out and express ourselves freely. I am happy that you are not afraid to do so.