And Proud

I am a Proud Gay American.  Where in the world can you have Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Travel w/o the passport, and I mean by that state line to state line.  We as Americans, have the Right to Worship, were as others can't.  We, have the Right to bear Arms, were in other countries cannot, but th damn Government is trying there Best to take that right away from us, But I can tell you one thing and that's"they will have to pry it, from my cold dead hands".  But you know why I am Proud of begin a Ameriacn, and that is because, of the MEN & WOMEN  OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  if it was not for YOU, we would be in deep ****,  I THANK YOU, so much for doing your Job in keeping us safe, secure, and begin around whn it come to diasters, here in the US.  We know as Americans, that you have to be away from your families, your homes, and your jobs.  Be, we All, pray for your Save return, some of you don't, because you have became Our Hero's, and as God said, "there is no Greater Love, Than To Give One's Life, For, Another". 

Ladies & Gentlemen:  If your Loved one is in the Military, and you come one Here to read these Stories, I want to THANK YOU, PERSONALITY, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, that your Loved one is in our Hearts, our prayers, And , always on our minds.  We ask God, to watch over them at the dinner table,  and any special place of public events, there are always there.  We remember them in pervious Wars I, II, the Korean, Vetinam, Dessert Storm, Dessert Iraq Freedom, And now in Afgahnstan.  We, here and abroad Thank You For the well Deserving Job You  All Do For Us  And We Love You!  Peace will come one day....

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2010