Something Nice To Say

A lot of people on EP think i am just a hater and that i won't give the president a chance. Today i will say something nice about him just to prove you all wrong.

I think what he is doing right now as i type this message is a good first step in getting healthcare taken care of in the best possible manner. I have never said that i didn't think there was something wrong with our system i've always maintained that what i didn't like was that we were moving too fast and that not enough voices were being heard in the debate. This is not something we need to get done for the sake of getting it done, we need to make sure it is done right the first time. The meeting he is having right now is a good first step as it includes both parties and they are both getting a chance to speak which was not always the case in congress. Both parties have made good points and he has pointed that out as well. This is something the democrats in congress have never done.

So today i say kudos to you Mr. you have set the bar for bipartisanship and you need to make your fellow democrats and republicans alike jump over that bar with you. Healthcare does need to be fixed but it needs to be done RIGHT not just FAST.

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8 Responses Feb 25, 2010

yes Toby people want healthcare fixed we all agree with that, the polls do show that people want something done. that being said the polls also show that the vast majority of americans do NOT want this plan. the polls show that most americans think they should scrap this plan and start over.<br />
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as to Tip i would actually agree with you on him, yes he was very liberal but he was also fair and able to get along with both sides to come to an actual agreement rather than doing what Pelosi has done and just tried to ram things through regardless of the ob<x>jections of the other party or even the american people

that makes perfect sense if your brain is fried by botox poisoning LOL

Seriously yes. Nancy Pelosi is definitely a reptilian. They're going against the will of the people and they know it. Nancy said, "We have to pass this bill so we can find out what's in it!"

well with the latest threats being thrown around by Pelosi i've resigned myself to living in a dictatorship. this idea of "deeming" the bill passed is just scary. i know its been done before but never on an issue of such magnitude that so many people care about. <br />
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the democrats keep saying that the polls show americans want healthcare fixed which is certainly true and as a conservative i wholeheartedly agree! however the polls also show that 61% of americans want Congress to scrap this bill and start over! retrospect it seems to have been a dog and pony show. Oh well. I no longer wish to contribute to the "us against them" mind set. I think that's what the evil reptilian aliens want us to do.<br />
Divide and conquer, United we stand divided we fall, and all that good stuff.

like i said he needs to follow through and prove this is not just an effort to placate the people who are against him....he needs to show he actually does care what the concerns of republicans are

Amen. Thanks for sharing.

I am listening to it right now. It makes me proud to see things being worked out the way they are. This is a good day.