Just An Indian

If you're babysitting and our dad comes over, hide in the closet. I mean we live on his land and we can't have him knowing you're over here. After all..... you're just an indian. You know when my relatives come around I have to walk the other way and pretend not to talk to you, after all..... Don't ask stupid questions about love, after all, .... And the phone call at the Bible school I went to, well, what did you expect our son to do when he broke into your house, after all..... The boys folowed my daughter in their truuck to where the bus dropped her off and ignored all of the private property signs. They did not feel they had to listen. After all..... I was watched at work and accused of things I did not do but after all...... I stabbed a guy many times with the knife my grandfather gave me with the pearl handle when I was a child and a white man grabbed me and said he would rape and kill me. I can do those things if I have to because after all.... I'm glad I am an indian>
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sometimes life doesn't make sense, but we live it and do our best

Most of my friends have been through worse, and so has Jesus.

I write alot of poetry and learn from my writings and enjoy others as well. Reaching out to others in music, words, or my art is helping me to exist. God is the truest friend, that I know.

i've read a few of your stories just now. This one didnt make much sense so i had a quick read of your other ones. Neither of them make much sense..i think you're mostly just venting how you feel and not writing to get any kind of attention. It seems like you've had a very hard life. Know one thing... God is great but ultimately we have to accept and forgive whats happened in the past if we want to move on.