Blood Type Personality Traits....

Okay, here are some interesting traits outlined by blood type.

 Blood Type O +
Creative, confident and quite popular, they enjoy being the centre of attention.
Type O positives are also outgoing and very social, though mostly initiators, they may never get to finish what they start.

 Blood Type O -
Usually born leaders, they are the genius of the all the blood groups with their high intelligence, inventors, entrepreneurs, spiritual and artistic.
Often admired by their peers for their knowledge and wisdom.

 Blood Type AB+(-)
Trustworthy and honest, its being said that they seem to have a split personality!
Type AB blood group like helping people, they are outgoing and confident but they can be shy too. 

 AB-The same as AB Positive traits.
DreamWizard DreamWizard
51-55, F
Aug 5, 2013