I Am An Electric Person

 Ok, so all my life for as long as i can remember... i have always burnt out light bulbs. Semi-used ones, a brand new one i am replacing, will magically burn out.. i grab another to replace that one, and it burns out too. Street lights seem to have dimmed as i pass them, not all of them in rows mind you, but certain ones, usually the same ones over and over, even when the city just changed them. I can't wear watches, because they continually die on my in a matter of months. It would be simple i if i could simply replace the battery in it to restore, but the watch is always dead.

I always joke with people that i burn out lightbulbs, and half expecting nobody to believe me, and my husband who i have known now for 5 years, and married for 4, finally believes me. Especially when it costs him money.. LOL

I have a huge static electricity problem. It has always been semi bad, and the worst for me was when i moved to Arizona last year... holy Lord, i couldn't touch anything in that state. And the shock strength was increased highly and the shocks were extremely strong. 

Now, most of us remember as kids running along the carpet in your socks rubbing them so hard and fast so that you can go touch someone to shock them... Right? We all did it. But i have to say, i have always wondered if there was something wrong with me. It wasn't until tonight, when i wanted to research it further on the net that i think i found out what i had hoped to find.. some answers.

It began with me trying to find out about me putting out light bulbs, and tying it in with computers. To me, logically, if i touch something, like a lightbulb or my watch, it makes sense if i have more electricity in me.. but a streetlight? I am not directly connected to it..i don't get it.... And now, tonight my search was trying to find the connection , because my laptop i am using right now, is my husbands old computer. Mine died, and so he gave me his and bought a new one for himself. He had it about a yr and ahlf before i got it, and never had to replace the battery in it. i have had it less than a year, and have had to replace it twice, and about to replace it again, because unless plugged in, this fully charged computer, dies within 2 min. It is ******* nuts.

So i found out there is something called ELECTRIC PEOPLE... and it seems that it is describing me..Laptop battery, light bulbs, computer's crashing or freezing all the time (and i have a Macintosh, so it is NOT a PC thing) if i go near the radio sometimes, a perfectly clear station is playing a song, and i take my hadn from the dial, and it goes static haywire until i touch it, if i keep my hand on it, then the song will play fine. My old cell phone would die (the battery) quickly... and my husband and i had them the same length, bought them new, and his battery would last for days.. Just weird stuff.

I can also read people's pictures. If you send me a picture of anyone who you know, and i don't, and they are above 5 years old, (their facial features are defined by then) I can tell you what type of person he or she is. Thier characteristics, etc..People test me on this when it comes up ion conversation on the spot.

Anyhow, i wondered if anyone had anything to say, some input, or stories of themselves, or anyone they know who seem to have weird abilities like this.. Electric People.. I am hungry to learn more....

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I did once burn out a light, I was stressed and breathing in an unusual manner so perhaps it was static electricity buildup.

Wow, that's wild! I'm kind of that way too but can't say I burn out light bulbs.... my mom was, too, & when I'd kiss her goodbye we would often each get a very painful shock accompanied by an audible pop! When it's dry I can't touch anything metal--that's really shocking. Be sure to release the static electricity before you put gas in your car---you could blow up!