Now Thats What I Call Devoted

So here i am sitting at my pc studying and writing a paper for college.
more specificly for the class i have tonight.
Im about half way through my paper when the urge to pee hits me, and of course i didnt choose to wear a diaper today....
anyway the urge hits me and i think to myself, i can hold more paragraph
i finish the paragraph and the need isnt so bad anymore so i keep writing.
2 more paragraph down and it comes back this time super hard super fast
i have to grab my crotch just to hold on.
low and behold thats not enough either i begin to **** myself mid sentence but i have to get this paper done so i keep typing.
To be honest it felt wonderful and made me extremely horny.
I finished my paper
and am slowly pooping myself to top off my mess.
its times like these i wish i had a mommy to help me out.
megadiaper megadiaper
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 29, 2011

I be ur mommy and clean u with my tongue.

Hi mommy