Its All So Strange, Isn't It?

When I was a kid, I never imagined I'd be 33 years old, dressed like a baby and wearing diapers I later soil as I suck on a pacifier and play with dolls. But then again, the future brings many surprises. I do it cuz its a great relief, makes me feel safe and warm and cute. Any sexual aspect of it is to me merely an added bonus, and still quite enjoyable. Thats why i always loved to role-play this online with people, cuz even if he two of us are not in person, I'm still dressed as a baby and its still a relaxing way to feel a sort of fellowship with another weirdo like yourself, by sharing something that makes you both happy. People can call me a deviant or whatever, but I dont care, theres nothing wrong with it, and the whole thing just feels so....nice
JessicaLovey JessicaLovey
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2012

Jessica can we be friends

Me too, in fact I'll probably be doing that today at some point, after I do what I gots to do