I Am Wearing Diapers

This is my first story. Enjoy
My name is Eva I am 18 year old and i am an only child. I am rather small for my age i could pass as a six year old if i tried.
It was a summer thursday afternoon my mom stopped me on my way up to my room and said that i will be home by my self for a whole week and that they will be leaving tomorrow mourning. I told her that i will be back. I have to go pick somethings up at Walmart. So i went up to my room and grabbed my car keys and purse. I got to my car started it up and headed to Walmart when i got there i picked up 3 packages of Tena maxi slip ultra size small, baby powder, baby bottles, baby formula, a pacifier, a changing mat, and a couple bottles of prune juice. I walked up to the counter my heart racing and i was thinking of what i was going to say if the cashier asked me who they were for, so then it was my turn to pay for the items. She looked like she was 25 years old. She said missy you and i both know that its for you don't we i shook my head yes and she said if i need a babysitter to call her and she will be over so i paid for the items and she wrote her number on the back of receipt and i told her i will give her a call. Then i left and went. When i arrived at home mom was in the kitchen making dinner so i took my items up to my room and put them in my closet. Dad arrived half an hour later mom called me down to eat fifteen minutes later. After dinner i went up to my room and logged on to my computer for a hour. I got out the changing mat put it on the floor and opened up a package of diapers and laid open the diaper and put it on the floor i then started taking off my skinny jeans then came my panties. Next i laid down on the diaper and sprinkled baby powder on my **** and bottom i then pulled the front of my diaper up between my legs and taped it up then i took my shirt and bra off and found a cute little shirt that barely covered my belly button and a pair of short shorts and them on. I put the supplies up in my closet and went to bed which was at 9:30 that night. The next mourning mom came in and woke me up at 8 am and said that she and dad were leaving and there is money on the counter and she left the room and a few minutes later i heard a car pull out of the driveway. I pulled the covers back and noticed i wet a little in my sleep i got out the baby food, baby bottle and baby formula and took it downstairs to the kitchen i got a spoon and opened up the jar of sweet peas. It was nasty then i fixed me a bottle of formula and warmed it up then finished it and then i went upstairs and called the number of the girl and she said she would be right over. She arrived fifteen minutes later with a diaper bag and a stroller and asked me how long my parents would be gone i told her that my parents will be gone till wednesday she said she will watch me till wednesday. She then said she need to check my diapers so she pulled down my short shorts so i was only in in diaper and a shirt. She started to put a finger down the front of my diaper my diaper and i started to protest but she gave me a glare and i stopped so she checked my diaper and i have never felt that embarrassed in my life she pulled her finger out and said i was soaked . She then asked me where i keep my supplies so i showed her she pulled the changing mat out along with the supplies and told me i need to lay down so i laid down and when i did lay down she put the pacifier in my mouth that was with my supplies. She then took my diaper off and said that my pubic hair needs to be shaved so i asked why and she said baby's don't have body hair so she took me to the bathroom grabbed shaving foam and a razor after all my pubic hair was gone she took me back to my room and rediapered me. She then grabbed the bottle of prune juice and bought me down stairs and turned on the tv to some child cartoon barney was on so i sat and watched while she was in the kitchen. She came back and switched the pacifier with the bottle of juice she bottle fed me and about an hour later i started to feel pressure in my bowels when i couldn't even try to hold it in i started filling my diaper. I started crying she came in and checked on me gave me my pacifier and she went up to my room and grabbed the supplies and brought it downstairs and laid the mat down untaped the messy diaper and cleaned me up and put a new diaper on me it felt great to be in a fresh clean diaper and put me in a pink dress with fluffy cuffs around the arm bands that barely covers the diaper. She said we were going to the mall and she packed the diaper bag full of diapers and the other supplies she brought with her. It was pink and had a teddy bear on it. The next thing i know i am being put in a stroller and were off to the mall which is about a 30 minute walk when we arrived i messed and wet my diaper she took me to the restroom where she put the me on the diaper changing table and then she untaped the diaper cleaned me and pulled out three diapers 2 thin diapers and a thick diaper and locking plastic panties. She then let me down and i was put back in the stroller and headed to go get me a crib so i can sleep in it since I'm being treated like a baby. We got to this store that sells cribs. She asked the man if it can be delivered and the man said yes and he got a high chair to that would fit me and a changing table and she bought it with her credit card and she asked if they could have it delivered by 12 that day it is only 10 and the man said yes. So i was wetting and messing my self without knowing it because she had given me a muscle relaxer with the juice. We were headed home after that once we got home it was 10:30 and i was getting hungry so she breast fed me till i was full then she checked me and i was wet so she cleaned up and pulled out a diaper and threw the dirty one away, and put it on me. She told me that i have been a good baby girl. I felt happy to hear that, and i was getting tired so she put me down for a nap she put the pacifier in my mouth and i fell asleep instantly. I woke up crying in a crib that was my size and noticed i was in a nursery she came in and comforted mei woke up at 3 in the afternoon. I was wet she took me over to the changing table she untaped the diaper cleaned my **** and bottom clean got 2 diapers normal size she took the dress off of me and let me run around In a diaper only i was given a bottle of juice and we went outsideto the back yard it was time for dinner an hour later she fed me a jar of applesauce i still had some juice left so she took me t I needed a change she changed me and she went into the kitchen with a clean diaper in one hand and a dirty one she threw the dirty one away and went into the bathroom and came out with her panties in the hand she had the diaper on but i paid no attention i was busty watching sesame street i watched a couple more shows after that. Then i was carried upstairs and put on the changing table and she checked me i was wet and she put it in the pail and put a new one on me. She put me in my crib and came back with a bottle of formula she put it in my mouth and i held It like a baby would. It was about three in the mourning when i woke up and felt a warmness spreading through my diaper and i started crying she came in and started talking like a mother would to a baby and i calmed down right away she took me to my changing table and changed my diaper. 7 in the mourning she came and woke me up she put me on the changing table and changed my diaper. She put me on the floor and told me to crawl to the living room as i was crawling i looked up and seen a diaper under her skirt and it was wet when i got to the living room the tv was already on and barney just started as i was watching barney she was making me breakfast which was oatmeal she came and got me and put me in my high chair as she grabbed my food i asked her if she was wearing a diaper she blushed and said no. The oatmeal tasted great but i thought it was because i never had oatmeal before i was done eating she cleaned me up. She took me in to the living room where i continued watching tv she came in and said it was time for me to have some formula so she went into the kitchen and grabbed my bottle cleaned it out then made me a bottle of formula she came back in and bottle fed me. Thats when i peed in my diaper without noticing it then i got this feeling thats when i realized i had to poop but i couldn't hold it in it just came out i was so upset i cried she soothed me and put my paci in my mouth and took me to the changing table and changed my diaper it was 11 am. She said took me to the living room and had a diaper in her hand and said she had to go to the bathroom so she went to the bathroom and came out without a diaper in her hand she came into the living room. I asked her what happened to the diaper she had in her hand she said she didn't know what i was talking about thats when i reached over and pulled down her skirt she was so embarrassed she wet herself with knowing it i said i think you should wear diapers she looked down and realized she wet her self she broke down crying thats when i heard a knock at the door i grabbed her skirt and put it on and answered the door. It was the neighbor next door she asked if every thing was ok i said yes thats when we heard crying coming my my babysitter she asked why is she in a diaper thats when i said i was babysitting her because her parents could not trusts her and they put her in diapers and contacted me and asked if i would babysit her i needed the money so i said yes. My neighbor said ok and left i was relieved i started help her get up and take her to the changing table when we got into the nursery i shut the door and took off the skirt right then i noticed i wet myself pretty good so i decided to try wearing panties i went into the living room and grabbed her panties. I went back into the nursery and took her diaper off of her and powdered her and then diapered her i got her off the changing table i got up there and got the diaper off of me and put the panties on i put the skirt on when i felt a warmness spread down my legs so i said diapers are fine so i pulled the panties off and skirt off and put a diaper on then we went out into the living room i told her i would be back i had togo up to my room when i was in my room i grabbed a pair of jeans i put them on then i grabbed a skirt that came down to my knee caps. I went back to the living room and put the skirt on her as i got the skirt on her. I found out that she had regained her composure she was wondering what happened so i told her to sit in at the table and i asked her if she wanted juice she said yes so i got her a glass of prune juice and me a glass of water she finised it in a few seconds. So i started to explain what happened when she started pooping her self and she didnot notice it i sniffed the air when i realized it was a poop smell so i felt the back of my pants and i felt no bulge so i went over to her and as i got closer the smell got stronger so i asked her i f she pooped her self and she said no i went a head and and checked her and she was still pooping herself so i told her she was pooping herself she stood up and thats when she said it could not be possible
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Nice story, keep 'em coming :-)

Nice story I wish I had I girl that would Brest feed me and Chang me . And back to the part ware she shaved you all girls should be hair free down there

Nice story! That made me feel so warm and comforted.