Baby Food

I love eating baby food have been eating it on and off sense I was maybe 15..
Lately I been eating it twice a day for a month.. And it gets expensive ,., I am going to still get them in the fruits ,but the vegies im going to get a puree machine and fresh veggies and make my own I want more greens I like collard greens and things like that, I never seen my own green poopy diaper.. the baby food now does turn it kind of yellowish brown. As far as formula Im not going there tried it and too nasty my stomach wont handle it. Baby bottles I find not too interesting some times I drink out of one. a nukie hurts my teeth.. My teeth are bad becasue of the disability I have made them go bad ,, until I can get them out I cant even eat anything harder than a piece of loaf bread or muffin.
allwaysindiapers allwaysindiapers
36-40, M
Jul 20, 2013