Experience of a Sissy Diaper Lover

I have read several posts and stories in many different areas of this project about adult babies and diaper lovers and some sissy adult babies as well. There is a theme common to most and that is a desire to have or find someone to share the fantasy with, someone who is supportive and loving and won't ridicule you.

I have been married now for 30 years to the same woman who knows all about my fantasies. the AB ones, the DL ones the Sissy ones and the Sissy Baby ones. I have posted notes on several stories trying to share how the relationship I share with my spouse developed. I will post that here so folks can see it and maybe take some of it to heart and apply it in their lives. What have you got to loose?

I met the woman that I married over 30 years ago and we would go out dancing, dining, to parks, kyaking, and all sorts of fun places. We talked together, laughed together, made love together and become very close friends. We also fell in love with one another.

Throughout the courtship I kept the fact that I enjoyed wearing diapers and water proof baby panties very much a secret from her.

When it seemed like I wanted, actually it was more like needed, to spend the rest of my life with this woman there was no way I could marry her or even ask her to marry me without telling her of my diaper wearing.

One day I told her I loved her, that I very much wanted to be with her forever and marry her if she would have me, but I couldn't because I had been holding something back. I told her if she knew what I was not telling her, my dark little secret, it could be enough to drive her away.

She begged me to tell her but I couldn't. I didn't have the courage. I was afraid, like many AB/DLs, I was afraid she would reject me and then ridicule me and then leave me to be alone again. I did tell her that it was difficult to just come out and tell her but if she guessed or even came close I would tell her everything.

Boy she guessed all sorts of things; that I was an escaped convict, that I was a murderer or a rapist, that I was wanted by the police, that I was a drug fiend...she guessed things that even worried me. Anyway She didn't come close and one day she said I had to tell her because it was driving her nuts.

I took her to my apartment and pulled a box where I kept my diapers and baby panties, a bottle or two and the rest of my infant paraphenalia and set it on the bed. She looked through my collection of items and stories and then looked at me and laughed. She asked if that was my deep dark secret. I told her yes, that I enjoyed being babied and pampered. She told me to get over to the bed and she proceeded to ***** me naked and then she pushed me down and diapered me. All the while she said that it was no big deal. She said she was afraid of something dire and much worse and that knowing I wore diapers was almost a relief. I asked her if she could marry a man who wore diapers and after she pulled my baby panties up she leaned over kissed me and said YES.

The point is there needs to be a relationship outside the AB/DL stuff FIRST and FOREMOST. Women are natural mothers for the most part and as long as they can talk to you about anything, laugh with you, cry with you and be your best friend there is very little they are unwilling to do for you including helping you live out your fantasies. Of course as an equal partner she will expect, and rightfully so, the same support from you.

So, start a relationship first. That is my advice.

I have been with the same woman now for 30 years and she is my wife/lover/mommy/mistress and all around best friend. I have yet to imagine a fantasy that she hasn't helped come true as best she could. I couldn't ask for more.

Sissy Baby Amy

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You are a lucky man (if any of that is true). I say that without regard to what it is that you need to hide from the cruel world. Afterall, I'm not a diaper freak. Some people will never find what you have.

It's so nice to read all these stories and comments. My wife also supports me in all my fantasies. She even encourages it; I see her face light up when I come out of the bedroom in my favorite dress.

you (aldiaperboy), must not have read my comment completely. in it, i mentioned that i have been happily "married with children" for almost 17 years. so, no, it hasn't been all that difficult having kids and being diapered all the time. we consulted our pediatrician for advice, back when they were about to be around potty training age. and, it was the doctor's recommendation that we hold off potty training, until the kids got old enough to understand why they saw me always being diapered, and why they could chose not to be in diapers anymore.<br />
<br />
they're both teenagers, and there's still no worries about them walking in on seeing me getting diapered. mainly because, they still enjoy being diapered too. and, according to our family doctor and my wife's therapist, there's nothing me or my wife can do about it. <br />
<br />
if you want any clarifications on our diapered family situation. feel free to email me direct. i've worn diapers 24/7 all of my life, so i'm not ashamed or inhibited.<br />
<br />

That's awsome man you are one lucky guy, it might get alittle dificult when yall decide to have kids you don't want your kid walking in on yall when you are getting diapered could bring up some problems.

hi,<br />
<br />
i grew up into diapered lifestyle. so, my experience had more of a challenge. nonetheless, i've been happily "married with children" for almost 17 years now. and, my diaper and sissy and crossdressing and a/b interests are also a part of our marriage.<br />
<br />
in my case, it was my diapers sticking out of the leg openings of my shorts, that caught my wife's attention. just like when you see someone's zipper down, or slip showing. she was nice enough to bring it to my attention. when i got up and started adjusting my diapers back inside my shorts, i started thanking her for not being like most people, who would rather stare and giggle. having said that, she felt comfortable enough to ask me why i needed to wear "that kind of underwear". so, i started telling her. and as i was doing so, she also began to take a closer look at my face and body. it didn't take her long to put "2 + 2" together, and realized i wasn't a real (gg) female.<br />
<br />
but, the fact that i didn't run off the minute she came up to me, nor acted weird or scared or ashamed. and because i was so confident in how i came across to her. all of that, as she would later share with me, not only intrigued her, but it also gained her respect. which in turn, brought her around to asking me one question after another. <br />
<br />
two hours later, she was asking me over for dinner. and ten months later, i was asking her to marry me.<br />
<br />
after spending over 30 years, corresponding and meeting with so many other ab/dl's. i've learned much about why many of them have either ended up only wishing and hoping to "meet/find" someone, or worse, got caught wearing or hiding their "things" by their wife/significant other.<br />
<br />
i whole heartedly agree with the previous comments made here. and, i likewise offer to help anyone interested in enjoying their diapered interests in a healthy relationship. feel free to email me direct at: alanalicescott@netscape.net and ask anykinds of questions. if you take a look a the photos i've posted here in my profile, you will realize i'm not ashamed, nor embarrassed about who or what i am. just happily "married with children"....and well diapered too.<br />
<br />
God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
<br />
a. alice scott

Amy: I am glad that you could put that into words. I met my wife 25 years ago and i couldn't tell her while we were dating. As things progressed I felt the same need....If I was going to spend the rest of my life with this woman, she had to know. I finally told her (well, showed her about like you did) and she was very happy that I shared my secret with her. Whe has a strong maternal instict as well and was more than happy to help me with my fanstsies. But you are absolutle correct in saying that it's a two way street. She has fantasies as well and I know that I like to make her dreams come true. Most of the AB's that I talk to want to be "full-time". Not exactly condusive to a healthy relationship. It is totally give-and-take. I get to be a baby on the weekends and I make her dreams come true during the week. Works out perfect and creates a very strong bond...emotionally and sexually. <br />
<br />
Thanks for writing that story.

Great story. It's a shame I will never have the courage to share my being an AB/DL.

You are one lucky guy.