The Quiz

 [x]Wear a diaper

   [x]Wear a diaper to work/school

   [x]Wear just a diaper outside

   [x]Wear just a diaper in front of someone

   [x]  (not exposed underneath clothing) Wear a diaper in front of a family member

   [x] (parents only not siblings)Told a family member you wear diapers

   [ ] ( i am not at that age yet, only 18 yrs old. someday though when i get there) Told your spouse or S/O that you wear diapers

   [ ] (read response above) Told your spouse or S/O you like to wear diapers

   [x] (he was a DL too though.. we went to the same school does that count?) Told a close friend you wear/like diapers

   [ ] when i was a baby but, feel if this question is regarding now so thats a negative. lol) Have your diaper changed by someone of opposite sex 

   [x] ( i have met an AB Daddy, he diapered me) Have your diaper changed by someone of the same sex

   [x] ( i don't like hair down there. nice and baby smooth for me)Shaved your pubic area

   [ ]Shaved someone elses pubic area

   [ ]Shaved someone elses pubic area

   [x]( my friend up the street threw a party, a lot of friends were there too i was nervous so i left somewhat early, i live down the street from where it was at) Gone to a party wearing diapers

   [ ] ( would like to do someday)Gone to a party wearing just a diaper or baby clothes

   [x]Wear disposables

   [x]Own a cloth diaper(s) 

   [x]Own a pair or pairs of plastic pants

   [x]Own and wear infant/toddler clothes, (ie. onesies, rompers, shortalls)

   [x]Own a pacifier

   [x]Own a baby bottle

   [x]Met with other diaper lovers for an afternoon/evening

   [x]Spent a weekend/overnight with other diaper lovers.

   [ ]Had a diaper leak in a public setting, that was noticable

   [x] ( Not A Fan Of. way too much work to clean up.) Messed in your diapers

   [ ]Messed your diapers in public  

   [x] ( i am the photographer though) Had a picture taken taken of you in just diapers

   [ ]Had a picture taken outside in just your diapers

   [x] ( this is um a yes and no, to be honest i feel that i shouldn't like this feeling because my parents tell me its not the normal thing, but on the other hand i like wearing them. -sigh-  :(    ) Desire to stay in diapers forever

Mental age of wearing diapers. um i dont really roleplay but if i could be a certain age i would say 3 years old to 5 years old.

bustersword bustersword
18-21, M
Jul 6, 2009