Baby Girl!

I'm a huge AB and a DL. I love being a little adult baby girl and I love wearing my nappies. They make me feel so comfortable and protected. Even though I do need them for a health reason, no need to not love them though. I always wet and poop them. Even in my sleep. I wear baby clothes, suck on a dummy, eat baby food, get bottle fed and have a 9:30 bed time! So shhh don't tell mummy I was on!

LittleBabyJess LittleBabyJess
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4 Responses Jan 26, 2010

There's no reason to not enjoy being diapered if you have a genuine need to be in diapers. I know because I need diapers. I also have a wide assortment of diapering supplies to include the "old fashioned" cloth diapers with diaper covers. I have never had a problem with the general public while diapered, with only a couple issues that were quickly resolved , and nobody has avoided getting up close to me and I do meet a lot of people with one of my activities that is very public and very up close most the time. So if your diapers are done well and there are few hangups with your personal feelings on the subject of being in diapers, life is as normal a thing for those who enjoy the comfort of diapers as with any other lifestyle. A side note: Like the Prince in the story of Cinderella, I too have a "Glass Slipper" of sorts that is waiting for the perfect fit. I have a hope-chest full of Little wardrobing supplies that will only fit a certain lil girl of my dreams.

Hope mommy is good to you

Great to see you making the most of what could be seen as an unfortunate situation.<br />
Way to go little girl, enjoy that protection and comfort (even when wet/messy).

That's cool. Apart from the 9.30 bed time. I'm a night owl never been good at going to bed early even as a kid. Especially as it was still light outside in the summer.