I Am :-)

I have been in accounting for over ten years...thinking of changing careers and obtaining my BSW.  I want to help people - not just their poketbooks.

hmmm.....maybe I should become an accountant for a non-profit society??


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If you are interested in helping someone for the sake of just helping, I'll be your first case. I'm trying to prepare for a college course and can use all the help I can get. My first question would be about owner's capital on the owner's equity statement. If a person starts a business and initially uses $1,000. of his own money, how would that be listed on the owner's statement of equity at the end of the year. Would it be listed separately, first and then any additional investment listed below it before withdrawals are listed? There are many things about the problem I'm doing that I don't know how to determine. I have a ook but it's hard to understand. I hope you will explain in terms a beginner can understand if you are willing to help me.<br />
<br />
I'm very anxious so I can make some progress. Thank you so much

Good tips! Thank you CPAguy! :-)