I Love Accounting!

I know this is probably the strangest thing to hear, but I honestly do.

For me, accounting is a wonderful system that calls for balance, equality, and consistency.

When I'm doing problems for the books, it feels great when things equal out. It's a wonderful feeling to solve the problems presented.

... It's almost zen-like, when you think about it~ <3

I'm presently attending a private college for my degree (with scholarships and loans), and have an estimated graduation date of Summer 2013.

I'm not really sure what I precisely want to do with my accounting degree, but sky's the limit, right?
Hejji Hejji
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

It isn't strange at all to me, and that thing about (balance, equality, and consistency) OMG, did you go inside my head? I sometimes feel thrilled as am solving certain problems and it so nice when things balance!

You have plenty of options, you can work in the accounts/finance dept in about any place, or you can join an audit firm. Since I have experienced the latter, I wouldn't suggest it but I know that everyone is different so perhaps you will like it. All the luck, I see you are graduating this summer!

hi heiji.... may i ask what is accounting journal entry for the bribe?

Umm bribe isn\'t allowed? I am suggesting if you are receiving a bribe you debit your cash but I wonder what the credit will be, perhaps we can create a bribe revenue account in your chart of accounts in which we can credit? But then when the auditors come, they wouldn\'t like it much! O.o