Most Men Do Not Know What They Are Getting

They think I am a typical woman, looking for a nice man to date and **** and marry. Not so. I am looking for a Man who can make me surrender to Him...

Most men think they can do that... but they can't. They try, really rather pathetically try, I might add, to do this, but all they do is issue me a challenge. I then make THEM surrender.

Some of the men drop away quickly....

The others learn something about themselves -- that they actually LIKE being humiliated.

They thought they were getting a soft, pliable woman... they were Actually getting a Domme.

SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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I no longer have any bois... but I still know that many males NEED female authoritarianism. I feel for these males... and try and help them, without accepting new bois for myself.

So you discovered your true nature - on your own. You can live without your "bois" but not without your Man so that, out of the two roles, the Domme and the sub, it is the latter than represents your true self.<br />
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What does your Man say about you having had, or still having, your own subs? I'm guessing that he will want you all to himself. You've turned over a new leaf, Sabrina, and, to be honest I'm surprised you still choose to act the Domme here on EP.

I do not deny it. I can be as willful as a teenager at times. But i was already out of being a Domme when He found me. I was letting my bois go, and searching eagerly for a Man.

Yeah I can well believe it made a world of a difference. He found a Domme and put her in her place: at his feet. <br />
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Sometimes over his knees too when she needs it. And, lets face it Sabrina, you won't deny that sometimes you do need it.

I was searching for Him when He found me. THAT made a world of difference.<br />
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I am now going to call Andrew my 'Nilla wafer too!

Andrew, non-submissive and non-dominant is known as 'vanilla'. ;) thought you might like to know. :)

I am aware there is a Man in your life, Sabrina but it was he who found you not the other way round. It's not a play on words - he saw you and decided to have you. You accepted but did you really have any choice? When you felt your knees melt and a flutter of excitement in your stomach, did you have a choice?<br />
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I think not Sabrina. He found you and took you for his own and you should realise what's happened. It explains why you are now an owned woman.

They were bold and they were true. But now i have found my Man.

Your words are very bold, Sabrina.

It seems to me you're a submissive authoritarian LOL

would like to meet first.

Yes, i do... but it'll take the right man to give it to me!

ouch :-)

Yes I have had the chutzpah (don't use Yiddish if you don't know how) to slap a man in his balls... I have done it with my hand, with a hair brush and most effectively with a ping pong paddle. I LIKE to see him wince.

You and Rex have a thing going on. I love it!<br />
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Have you ever actually slapped a man in his balls? I mean, I dont know many women who have that much hutspa. Is that the correct use of the word? Hutspa? I commend you if the the brass ones to actually do that! <br />
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I know I am bringing in bits from another post. Is that allowed?

You may have won round one.... but....

I would think that most would find me spicy... but for you I will still be prickly I think....