Edward Grey

Years ago and it doesn't matter how long I ran into Mr. S as I like to call him on here. As A lot about him I still don't know.

He told me to go and get the Secretary and I did watched and started to see my life and it run along aside each other. I remember thinking that my story would not end the same way that I in fact would be disappointed. I watched this movie recently and it made me miss him so much more and needing his approval and direction.

Which is why I am here years and years have past and I am so attached and drawn to Mr.S that I can not stay away from him and a talk to him, I answer his call and I am unable not to talk to him to ignore him. In this moment as I write about him I find myself slipping into place feeling his hand on me and feeling his breath on my neck and I feel strangely aroused by the idea of him alone. Even if I found another Master to serve I would never fully be able to be anyone else cause I know that I am his.... that if told me to come I would come.

I'd sit a desk for a month if I thought I could have him that I really could be his but I know better than to hope for that. I know that no matter what that our story will end sadly. I will forever pine for him and this chunk of my life will go back to being just secret place that the light of day never sees.

I want Mr. S more than the air in my lungs..... and yet I know I can not have him
Starbuck82 Starbuck82
31-35, F
Oct 9, 2013