Yeah People Are Dying... But At Least It's Not My Family

We live in a world in which we have so much even throughout this ecomonic crisis, yet we hardly give anything back. We see people dying everyday on tv, but think nothing of it, I mean it's just the life cycle people die and people are born. We always see stories of people who are dying, but I do not know them so why should I care? Most of those people are from other countries that a large mojority of us can't pin point on a map. We always hear about how 40 or 50 people were killed, but I guess 40 or 50 is not a big enough number. So how about a 100, a 1,000, a 100,000, or a 1,000,000. How many zero is too much?


See 911 is viewed as an international crisis by the western world and only a little under 3,000 people died. Memorials, concerts, and many many tears came along with 911. It is true that it was a sad event but let me ask this question, how many people in the western world knew and cried for other crisis right when it was happening? Crisis such as the Bosnian Serbs that systematically selected and then slaughtered nearly 8,000 men and boys between the ages of twelve and seventy-seven in an effort of ethnic cleansing, or the 600,000 peple that were killed by Suddam Hussein, or the 1994 Rwandan Genocide that resulted in a death toll between 800,000 and 1,000,000, or even the on going Darfur struggles that estimates the death of over 400,000 people and some 2 million more have been driven from their homes. Who was crying for those people at the time of those events, family members? No, not family, they were all dead. Friends? No, they were too busy trying to save what family they have left? Neighbours? No, they were on the run, trying to stay alive.


A person told me why should a Canadian, American, or a UN soldier give up his/her life when those people are not helping themselves? When I processed that question my head told me to scream "WHAT HAVE OUR WORLD COME TO? HOW MANY VICTIMES OF GENOCIDE DOES IT TAKE TO EQUAL TO A LIFE OF ONE SOLDIER? HOW COULD WE AS A SOCIETY TURN OUR BACKS TO A FELLOW HUMAN IN NEED?" But I couldn't, for at that moment was when I realized that we as a specie are heading toward the dooms. When we got to the point where the figures on tv, internet, newspapers, and magazines were just numbers with no faces, and our compassion stopped at our borders, that is when our end began.


I couldn't answer that person's question, I mean how can I? What gives me the right to say to someone to sacrifice their mother and father, son or daughter, wife or husband in order to save hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people that they don't know. How can anyone ask such a thing? Well lets look at the bright side at least these madness aren't happening here and let's hope it stays in third world countries so we don't have to worry about it. I mean yeah people are dying but at least it's not my family, right?

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You are right, we hear about events after it happens or made into a movie. This makes me wonder what event is going on right now that we will hear about after thousands and thousand people are killed? I mean how many people know about the Silent Genocide against African women mainly in DRC?<br />
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I'm not saying everyone should go run and pick a gun or a rock, I'm just saying people should do something, anything. I myself not only write about it, but I take a action against it in the form of peaceful protest and marchs. At the age of 15 I helped organize my first peaceful protest, and from there I went on to organizing and/or participating in several marchs for Darfur and DRC, putting events and raising money for schools in the countries such as Uganda and Haiti. <br />
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Everyone does not need to do exactly what I'm doing, writing a letter or raising awareness works. By spearding the word of what is going on people like me will take a stand, get people together to protest to our governemnt we elected. If we bring enough people together there is no way our democtaric government will ignore us. People forget that our government work for us, so when the government forget that fact, then it's time to go put our shoes on, step outside, walk down the streets with signs, and remind the government who they work for and then tell them what we want.<br />
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Regardless if you see yourself as revolutionary, humanitarian, an activist, or a patriotic, we all still all fall collectively under the category of humans and we must not forget that. Being human means that we know the difference between right and wrong, it also means not standing by while our fellow humans are slaughtered like animals.

We kind of talked about this in one of my college classes. How somewhere along the way our soldiers became troops. Somehow when I think of troops I don't see people my age dying its so ambiguous. I think sometimes its easy to say this many people died without really thinking about the affect. That these people have families and are missed by someone in the world. Or even worse not even knowing about world events until after its all over or made into a movie.

I find that I am a lot happier when I do not read the newspapers because a part of me cries for every fallen member of my human family. <br />
I believe that I am more of a revolutionary than an activist. I believe that no soldier should be more compelled to secure my liberties than myself. I think that if there is a weapon for one in twelve people on the planet then we need to figure out how to arm the other 11. Take careful aim and squeeze the trigger on tyranny, Hell with the diplomacy I don't need a debate or a caucus to figure out who's killing who. Just a high powered rifle aimed at the most convenient dictator, and the person on my left trained on the person at the dictator's right.