Trophy Hunting

I haven’t done any protesting since Nixon tested the nuclear bomb at Antetichka. (I even had the poster)

For the last couple of years I have been thinking I should do my duty and be come an activist but couldn’t seem to find a cause. Until today when I seen on the news that they are trying to stop trophy hunting in BCs - Great Bear Rainforest. I was shocked and appalled (at myself) because I had always presumed that hunting wasn’t allowed in the Great Bear Rainforest  let alone trophy hunting. They showed a clip of a guy shooting a bear and he had a scope the size of my leg. So not much of a chance for the animal   So tonight I‘ll have to get a good nights sleep because tomorrow I become an Activist. Cheers!
Nanoose Nanoose
61-65, M
Mar 18, 2009