America Needs More Than Ever


i think that it is meesed up that in america ui can not represent your country in the house untill you are 25 if i had my way id be running now!! .. ..but

remebr there is never an excuse to not vote, but voting is not enough for the politically active American u most do more, u must be the change u  wish 2 see make the leaders of our country know that they work for us. we are not going to stand idly by and do noting. we are not going to allow an other person to suffer any injustice,or worse because we as americans stood and did nothing...

think for a second about someone your lost in your life, how did that make u feel. remeber that, and know that every person thats dies in the world has family, they have friends, people are people no matter what. no  human life is worth anymore than anyother so it is important to do as much as u can when u can. WE AS AMERICANS CAN NOT LET ANOTRHER LIFE BE LOST BECAUSE WE DECIDED TO DO NOTHING, OR BECAUSE THEY MAY LOOK OR ACT A CERTAIN WAY.

ksutherland ksutherland
18-21, M
Oct 18, 2009