I Am Marlowe

Acting is getting away from home without really going too far... It's an outlet for me. I've been ranked one of the top stage actors in my province. It's good, considering I'm not that old and haven't been acting all too long. I've played large parts in theatre plays, and small parts in movies. I've been voiceless in commercials, and faceless on radios. I've been interviewed in many papers, and background in many photos....
But that's not important.
As big as I am in my little world, I have the rest of the world to conquor.
I am Mitch Marlowe, my real name doesn't matter. My friends and relatives tell me I'll never make it.
I'll never be a comedian, or an actor of any sorts at all...
I'll be unsuccessful...
I'll show them. I'm gonna make it further than they ever thought possible. I'll be the next.... I don't know..... Laurence Olivier or Lucille Ball... maybe... well, they're the best ones I can think of.
Does anyone think the same thing?
Are you going to shine? Going to flourish and never die?
Are you going against your parents wishes to pursue what you want, and suceed at it?
I know you can, and you will.
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3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I have the same life goal as you but I want to be an author. My family felt the same thing. For years, they didn't believe I'd actually make it but last year I submitted my manuscript to a few publishers as a test and I got back some positive feedback saying my manuscript was accepted! Best feeling of my life. I only wish the same happens to you and others like us! Good luck!

I share the same dream as you! :) best wishes for both of us huh? :p

Good Luck Sweetie -- you are so much braver than me. I'm too old to take a chance like acting but it's always been a dream for me. Hope you make it big time!!!

It's never too late and you won't know for sure unless you give it a try!

I suffer from major depression. It's too much of a wicked business for me to attempt. Had depression since I was a young girl. I'm alone but not crazy. Have good friends but can't depend on them for happiness. I want to die so badly