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I have been a long time actor through my life.  I have acted pretty much every day of my life since I can remember, just doing different improvisations in my daily routines, changing my voice doing imitations, re-enacting parts from movies or plays.  In high school I joined the thespian and theater department.  I enjoyed every aspect of this, wasn't on stage but was performing as a theater tech through the last year of high school. It wasn't until that summer that I had landed a job as a theater tech for a local community theater to do some sound and lighting.  When I had done this I decided I'd try and audition for a production that was coming up.  It was called "Big River". I had landed four roles in this play.  I was Sheriff Bell, the school master, an overseer, and a mourner at the funeral, along with some back stage vocal sound effects.  


Well that was years ago, and now I'm really busy working two jobs to make ends meet.  For the longest time I've wanted to get back into doing stage work and acting.  I still am a dramatist off stage and love messing with people everyday.  I just don't know where to start.  I'm 30 years old and feel like maybe I let my time slip by me.  Am I too old? Is there still a chance?  I don't know. 

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

join a local theatre..hit up local casting. every big city has some sort casting office