How My Life Started...

On January 10, 1996 in a suburban hospital near Chicago, Illinois was born a baby girl. Her new family welcomed her into the world. They had such high hopes for the girl, but like many families, they could not begin to imagine what the girl would go through in her life.

She was a mistake, an accident, a one night stand that came about because of one fun night that involved alcohol. Her mother didn’t know what to do; when she found out she was pregnant with her first daughter. Just out of high school and barely making ends meet, she could not afford to keep her baby. Her alleged father who denied he was just that, the father. The father of a girl who needed a strong male role model in her life. Who would teach her the things a father should. Instead he abandoned her, and her mother. Denied any relationship and went on with his merry life.

The mother had nothing, but the support of her own mother. Abortion was an option, but not the road she took. She made a choice, which she thought was the best for everyone. Adoption.

A husband and wife who already with two adopted children, longed for a third. A son. The doctor said she would be a boy, the soon to be parents to a third child were excited. But that night, January 10, 1996 “it’s a girl” the doctor said. Disappointment might have been the first thought of the adopting parents, but that’s a question for them that their future daughter could never find the courage to ask. The doctor asked the new parents right there and then if they still wanted the baby girl. The father answered with a simple “yes” which was the decision that led her down her life. So many things could have changed if the answer were the opposite. But the girl now had a father who actually wanted her.

Her birth mother couldn’t let her go. She loved her. The baby girl’s new mother told the crying mother’s mother, that she could not take this baby. That it would hurt too much, to take away a women’s first born daughter. But the grandmother insisted and said “You have to, she’s made her choice, and she knows it’s what best for everyone.”
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Mar 17, 2013