Can an adoption be reversed ?
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Yes it can be reversed if biological parent can proof their fit to take kids back.

Oops - just saw your age...I'm guessing you're the adoptee?? There are different options for either independence or different guardians for you depending on why you would want un-adopted....
Sorry about my first response, thought you were a regretful adoptive parent :(


Yeah but I'm just not happy. That's all, other people say that I should consult a social worker. How am I gonna get that ? And I want to change my birth certificate I want my mother back. I misunderstood the meaning of adoption because i was so much younger when I got adopted.

She doesn't let me se my fanily

Ever since I got adopted, the family contact cut off. Internet is Internet, I was nt face to face contact

My best recommendation is that you talk to your adoptive parents and ask them to take you to a counselor. A counselor will be able to help you talk to your adopted parents about your needs/wants and will help your adoptive parents communicate with you.

If they won't take you...

Kids have more rights than you know.
You can access a counselor without parental consent in most states - if you have state insurance (Medicaid), that will cover financially and if you don't, you can look for a "community metal health center" which will operate on a sliding few scale and had grants for people who don't have an income.

If you were adopted trough the state, get in touch with the state for children and family services, your city/town probably has a local office.

Contact your local court and them how you can get in touch with a "guardian ad litem" or a "CASA".

A school counselor may be able to help you sort your way through some of this, too.

AND your birth mother is your mother forever; you can change prices of papers but you can't change genetics.

Your adoptive mother is also your mother forever...because she chose to be.

Hang in there!

Pieces of paper - sorry. There are other errors too - texting likes to autocorrect and sometimes scrambles up the message :/. But I think the gist of it is there.

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No. You can relinquish custody to the state. But it doesn't erase the adoption. It's a form of abandonment. Your adopted child has already been there and done that. Please consider understanding that there are no guarantees ever with parenting - not your biological child and not an adoptive child. A parent's job is to love it is not a child's job to return that love. Hopefully they do but if they don't, your job is still to love.

Please talk to a counselor who has experience with adoption and families. They have seen it all and can help you through whatever hardship you are and have been facing.