Adrenaline... The Wonder Drug!

It's kind of odd... I never went seeking for it, but it just found me in life. I was always that kid that said, that looks dangerous and could surely hurt me! Then jumped and hoped for the best! My mother raised me and my siblings by herself, so between the numerous jobs she had to work to support us there wasn't really a lot of supervision and we tried our best to keep her fainting, though not on purpose. Just the occasional phone call to her job needing a ride to the hospital for a broken bone or concussion. Strange thing is, as much as I love jumping out of a plane or racing along on a motorcycle at high speeds... I just as much embrace sitting quietly in the woods and watching some little bird in a stream, or a turtle navigate a log in the swamp. I don't know how normal this is, most people I know are generally all GO GO GO trying to kill themselves or an extremely passive or "safe" type of person.  I have some of both in me, but boy, sure love that adrenaline when I get a shot in me.
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In like Flynn... hell, I'm flying the plane - tying the bungee off and sleeping in the tree all night! :)

*runs to Spring... big hug*... I've missed you, girl!!!... *grabs Spring and goes to a bridge... ties cords*... we'll do bungee jumping first... this is in my bucket list... then we'll do your plane thing... and then we'll climb trees... I do this a lot anyway... we can go up my tree in the backyard... *shoos away the crows*...<br />
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Wanna come, Jar?... oh yeah... *snickers*... this is your story... *whacks forehead*...

Hang on... you have to teach me those extreme high-fiving... <br />
<br />
You might make money on those... try selling in San Francisco... found lots of hip stuff there! haha...

*high five returned... then an around the back low five and a back-flipped five-five!* Sorry, couldn't resist the adrenaline opportunity of "extreme high-fiving"!<br />
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It's great isn't it, to be able to enjoy both... I think people who never take risk's really miss out on life... and likewise, those who don't use their noggin at all though sometimes really cut theirs short!<br />
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I believe in the "happy-medium"... I think I'm gonna sell t-shirts and coffee mugs with it imprinted!

*high five Jar*... I have been nicknamed here as Tiggerbell... a mesh of spirits of both Tigger and Tinkerbell... and they always say it's hard to catch up with me... funny really... who can ever catch a faerie?... I'll be giving them *whacks* before they even attempt...<br />
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But take me to nature's wonders and my jaw would just drop and be awed... perhaps the only time I could be quiet really... that is after I shrieked seeing the wonder... haha...