Nobody Knew She Was Pregnant

The birth order goes like this:
#1: Girl. Kept w/the help of her parents. Father unknown.
#2: Girl. Given up for adoption. Father a well-known man about town, married w/a wife and several other children. Baby wanted, adoption forced by parents and father of child.
#3: Girl. Me. 1973. Given up for adoption. Nobody knew she was pregnant. Because she was a big woman, she never had a problem hiding it. She drove to a town about 45 minutes away when she knew it was time, gave birth and went back home. The doctor who delivered me knew a couple who was unable to get a child through normal means because of the husband's violent history, so he made arrangements w/the local judge for them to adopt me through a private adoption.
#4. Boy. By this time, she had married. This child and the rest would be w/the same man.
#5. Boy.
#6. Girl.
#7. Girl.
#8 & #9. Twin Girls.
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mummy let me be you baby too

What an amazing story.....u r very blessed!

Look to a brighter day. Life will get better. A smile to cheer you up. : )

If i were a writer, I could probably not even make it up!